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Worst Spiritual Myth of All Time: Thinking You can Skip Your Karma and Create Whatever You Want

Updated on April 18, 2011

It never ends. Inspirational speakers and New Age authors routinely attempt to get you to ride the “If you can believe, you can achieve anything” train.

“All you have to do is let go of your fears, work hard, and the world is yours,” say the best-selling authors (and the vast majority of their income is from the inspiration they sell).

They have existed since the dawn of commerce, and you’ll hear about magic wand solutions forever because people are hungry for quick-fix solutions.

Meanwhile, the tenets of fate, predestination, immutable personal adversity (the tough stuff in your life you can’t change or avoid), and karma are ridiculed by the New Age Elite as being “fatalistic” and “not congruent with the current state of the world since things are changing so fast.”

Does anyone truly believe that it’s fair to flat-out reject the theories of predetermination and immutable karma with little or no related examination?

Although it’s highly amusing, it’s also utterly demeaning to discount unique personal adversity and life circumstances and proclaim that anyone can have big-time financial success, for example. “Big money acquisition is a skill and anyone can learn it, just like I did.” All you have to do is diligently follow the “Internet Big Money Design” program and you’re set. Unfortunately, they won’t tell you how to manifest the lucky (predetermined) breaks the author enjoyed along the way, among other trifling details (magic wand sold separately).

It doesn’t seem possible to express a greater amount of conceit. There appears to be a great lack of humility in today’s New Age and Internet marketing marketplaces.

Our theory that at least 75% of the key events and circumstance in your life are predestined was solidified through over 25 years of empirical research. Although it’s not the most appealing spiritual tenet, we would much rather tell you what we believe is the truth rather than sell you illusion just to make a buck.

By all means, keep striving for your hopes and dreams, but it’s recommended to get to know yourself to the point where you are establishing realistic goals.

The Fundamentals of Your Future Are Fixed

Although we believe you have a good amount of freedom to create to your heart’s desire within your predetermined, karmic framework, our findings show very clearly that the core elements of your future are not “constantly vacillating, depending on your thoughts…”

Why is it fixed, you ask? Because your soul (not your personality) chose your main path in life, with all of its related challenges and rewards so that you would learn the lessons (we hope) for which you incarnated.

You Must Ask the Magic Wand Crowd These Questions

To those who claim to have miraculously deleted their karma without having to directly balance it, ask these questions: How did you measure it, how did you know it was karma, and if it really was karma, how do you know that the karma simply didn’t run its course?

Enduring karma is like drinking alcohol. Once you get drunk (incarnate on Earth), there’s no turning back. You must wait until the effects of the booze diminish, just as you must undergo the spiritual game-plan in store for you this time around (that includes rewarding karma).

Although most of us must continue the karmic grind, we propose to those who have advanced to avatar status (e.g., Jesus, et al.) to send healing illumination and Light our way so that we may always receive our spiritual lessons with infinite graciousness.

Copyright © Scott Petullo, Stephen Petullo


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    • Joseph Hollick profile image

      Joseph Hollick 

      7 years ago from Hamilton, ON Canada

      One way to reduce your karma may be by the act of forgiveness.

      If you can forgive both yourself (for bad things you may have done) and all the others that may have harmed you, you may not have to go through that karma.

      And if the other person can forgive you for the harm that you may have inflicted on them, your karma may be reduced.

    • SubRon7 profile image

      James W. Nelson 

      7 years ago from eastern North Dakota

      Good hub, Scott Petullo. You hit it right on the head that most of their money comes from selling their "inspiration" and "magic wand sold separately". Unfortunately, these guys will continue having a large audience, probably forever.


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