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The Slender Man Mythos

Updated on May 25, 2010

Something Awful This Way Comes...

Who is the Slender Man?

Well, he's a sharp dressed individual. He wears a black suit; black trousers, black jacket. White shirt. Tie. All of this extremely well-tailored, I'm sure.

He's a tall fellow too. Perhaps somewhere between seven and seventeen feet tall.

As his name suggests, he's also quite trim. There's no point in trying to lock him out, I would suppose he's slim enough to find entrance somewhere.

He's quite tactful. There's never a sour expression from this gent. He has no face to pull or eyes to roll.

He's very good with children; with long arms and tentacle appendages a-plenty to sweep them up into great big hugs.

His favorite haunts include playgrounds, long foggy roads at night, and the places where your eyes don't go. He already knows all about you, so let's learn a little more about him...

The Slender Man is the internet's very own urban legend. Something Awful user Victor Surge posted the first pictures of Slender Man in a thread entitled, Create Paranormal Images - You might have noticed that ol' Slendy bares a certain resemblance to the Tall Man from the horror flick, Phantasm. This is why.

From there, the legend took off; gaining popularity as an internet meme. With origins so clear cut, it's hard to be afraid of the Slender Man, isn't it? Kind of. Until you hear about the sightings. Until you hear about that impossibly tall man a friend of a friend spotted standing on the roadside on her way home from work. That's when you start to wonder if it isn't belief in the Slender Man that makes him real.

Do You Want To Play a Game?

Alternate Reality Game (ARG): an interactive narrative that uses the real world as a platform, often involving multiple media and game elements, to tell a story that may be affected by participants' ideas or actions.

The Slender Man has several of these games. The most popular of the lot is most certainly Marble Hornets, an ARG composed primarily of YouTube videos. These videos follow the plight of Jay, amateur film-maker extraordinaire.

Jay acquires quite a few tapes worth of raw footage from friend, Alex Kralie's student film Marble Hornets. When Jays asks what he should do with this tapes, Alex replies, "Burn them." It isn't until years later, that Jay takes a look into those tapes and discovers the real reason Alex abandoned his film.

The Slender Man, of course. And it isn't long before he takes a notice in Jay as well.

More information about Slender-Man related alternate reality games can be found here.

So, Have You Seen the Slender Man?

Sightings are piling up. Sometimes it's merely the sight of Slender Man photo-manipulation that reminds people of that tall fellow who stood for hours at the edge of their lawn. Sometimes it's being unable to get such a popular meme out of your head; feeling as if you're being watched, catching only glimpses of the long black tendrils retreating off somewhere behind you.

My favorite off-shoot of the legend is perhaps sightings of entities called "Travelers". Long-legged, impossibly tall men who stand on the side of roads, looking for a ride. As you drive by they use their long legs to walk along-side you, peering in the windows, imploring you to stop and let them in.

Is the Slender Man real? Who knows? I for one, always carry around an extra $20 just in case.


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    • profile image

      Gaming Hastası 3 years ago

      Slenderman senin ebeni sikem ama sen öyla havalısınki görsellerine baktım o kadar korktum ki altıma sıçtım Slenderman gerçekten bi çocuğun ellini tuttunmu

    • profile image

      BlueInTheHood 4 years ago

      i believe in slender man but am not an idiot cause i know I've have seen him taking my friend

    • profile image

      Mike Miller 4 years ago

      If you believe in this, you are impressionable and for lack of a better word, an idiot.

    • profile image

      Anonnomous 4 years ago

      forgot to mention, slender, he is no man, he is the devils servant

    • profile image

      Scythemystery 5 years ago

      Dreams are memories, stories came from our dreams, Slenderman is a story. He is real, people are denying his existence because they fear him. Whether they feel the fear on the surface it is still underneath and will strike back at a force unbareable if they remain in denial. Most of our fears are locked away in the blackest part of our minds, to keep ourselves from torturing ourselves, though it all comes back some day.

      Now I have been reading about Slenderman again, people are saying he will come after them if you beleive in him that you know of his existence. That may or may not be true, because we all probably knew of his existence already maby from a past life.

    • Rachel The Nobody profile image

      Rachel A. Dunham 5 years ago from Brownfield, Maine

      Meh. Seems Legit.

    • Rachel The Nobody profile image

      Rachel A. Dunham 5 years ago from Brownfield, Maine

      When I become a paranormal researcher, (which I hope is soon, But I'm only gonna be 15 this March, so I most likely won't) I will investigate this Mytho and try to find out if Slender is real or not by gaining factual proof and evidence. (PS: I call Slender Man: "Slender" because it sounds more logical, not because of the game: "Slender") But for now, the Slender Entity remains unknown with little to no evidence of His existance, other than a few videos (which may or may not be real) and photos. I hope by my statement, I have eased most of your freting over this entity. So let it be known that I WILL find evidence of his existance, and if neceary, kill this Slender Being,(if posed a threat, or if the Mythos are true). I refuse for humans(even the evil ones: Jeff) to become slayed by the hands of the Slender Man. I also refuse to run, or cower, when in his eyeless stare. I will protect and fight for the humans of this world by understanding more about violent paranormal entities and riding them of existance. I AM HUNTING YOU DOWN SLENDER MAN. SLENDERWALK WHILE YOU CAN, FOR I'LL FIND YOU SOON, I PROMISE.

    • profile image

      blondie 5 years ago


    • profile image

      Chloe 5 years ago

      Does anyone ever consider that he might just be looking for a friend, or even helping people(such as kids being beaten by their parents)? I think he is just lonely and when people ignore him and are afraid of him he gets angry. Just put yourself in his shoes, wouldn't you get mad if people ignored you, feared/ hated you, or hurt you? I know I would. And maybe he kills the people he is mad at because he doesn't know any better. Just saying.

    • profile image

      lane 5 years ago

      his weekness is knowing alot about him cause hes not supposed to be known if u can confront him but he will get angre if u talk to much about him to ppl and then he comes for u me and my friend clayton talk about him but not much cause we know if we talk to much were dead and this is no laughing matter and if u learn his actual name and say it out load it summons him and he gets u i think its allie furthlie something like that but its his demon name and i dont know how to pronounces it its weird.

    • profile image

      charlotte wolf gaz 5 years ago

      so you dont look out of the window and i found this thing online its called legend of slender man all he want from you is your money dun dun ddduuuuunnnnn??!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • profile image

      Micah P 5 years ago

      He is real he came after me when i ws working on my tree house. I cant tell my family cause they think im stupid for believing it. It was 8:31 and I looked out to the trees looked at what i was doing and looked back and there he was! I ran To my house and i triped and looked back there he was and i couldn't help it he pulled me to him and i almost hugged him when my friend calledme and askedme who that was. I took off running and he just stood there like he was staring at me. this was 2 days ago. tell me what to do and hurry though i need help fast!

    • profile image

      Nathan N***** 5 years ago

      Slender man is NOT real and the fact that you people are letting him strike fear and paranoia into your hearts means that you are all a bunch of mor enfuweaovjeiowjnmlonvikow;neinvVNK,


    • profile image

      Fear 5 years ago

      Maby he is just fear it self

    • profile image

      Slender Lover 5 years ago

      Rule #57 of don't get freakin' killed by Slender Man:

      Don't do anything the guy in this youtube video does.

    • profile image

      ManuTheBest :D 5 years ago

      Klar wen du das spiel immer und immer spielst siehst du ihn im gedanken und dan in real das sind halis :D aber es ist gruselig :O guckt euch lieber nich von dem so viel ab ihr seht ihn im echt weil ihr in in und auswendig kennt habt ihr in immer in Kopf und es ist unreal ;)

    • profile image

      ';..;' 5 years ago

      if he is real you cant stop him, he will take you.

      just keep in mind that fear will trick you into seeing him.

      there are allot of tall slender things everywhere not all of them are a man.

    • profile image

      Hahaha 5 years ago

      What a bunch of idiots.

    • profile image

      Slender Man 5 years ago

      Give me all your children.

    • profile image

      Thomas McGinnings 5 years ago

      I keep seeing the slender man. I see him at the edge of my house, I see him at the woods in my back yards, I see him on the road. One day he went in my room.... standing there.. then he said "Give me 20 dollars." so I gave him 20 dollars and I never saw him again.

    • profile image

      Fight for the Light 5 years ago

      Slender man is real ive seen him i took a picture of my friend in missipi when i saw a tall figure in the corner of my eye. I was the only person who saw him and after telling my friends and family ive been feeling like i want to throw up and theres a strange ringing noise in my head.

      A few days ago i was lying in bed reading a book when i heard creaking noises like the sound of someone standing on old wood so i went down stairs after a while round about 1:45 AM and I looked out the window to find a tall dark figure like in the picture i took in Missipi, he was tall with a black suit with no face and long arms. Tha That face will haunt me until i die.

    • profile image

      TYLERISSCARED 5 years ago

      I am scared now but slendy is actually nice i want to have peace aswell

      i like you slenderman

    • profile image

      Lyndsi1015 5 years ago

      Actually their have been reports of "Slenderman" or "Tree People" or "Tall Ones" since about the 1500's with this same myth. Luring children into the abyss or driving adults insane. It is similar to the myth of Lilith (the supposed first woman created by God that defied Adam and was cast out of Eden) Only she would come in the night to kill or take your children. It's like the myths of vampires sucking your blood, werewolfs coming in the night, sirens leading sailors to their death, or that the twilight movies were good. It's a perpetual fear of something that goes bump in the night, with plenty of stories behind it, but no REAL proof. So your mind wanders sometimes, even slightly, if it could be a possibility. Some say yes, some say no.

    • profile image

      jimbo smith 5 years ago

      i think that it is the biggest load of bullshit. i go bushwalking all the time and i've never seen a man in a black suit. i think u should all go out side and get some sun. how often do u read in a newspaper or watch on the news that some unlucky person has got killed by the slender man. NEVER .

    • profile image

      Shit im scared 5 years ago

      Ive read so many post about the slender man and im taking a crap right now its so scare DONT COME AFTER ME SLENDER MAN

    • profile image

      Oneechan 5 years ago

      Oh lawdy~ okay, I love Slenderman. Just researching him and all, I admit, it's not at all scary reading about him, but reading everyone's 'sightings', although likely fake or made up through paranoia, makes you doubt, somewhere deep inside - regardless of how stupid it might seem. Maybe you start to think of the possibility that through simply knowing of Slenderman, maybe you too will see it out of the corner of your eye - and maybe, just maybe, that's exactly what will happen.

      It'll just be nothing, a swish of black (maybe a dogs tail), a shadowed figure (a man in a hoodie), but just maybe, your mind will put a familiar identity on the figure: Slenderman.

      And it makes you wonder, if you think you see it once, wouldn't that increase the likelyhood of you seeing it again? I mean, he'll be on your mind more, and with each time, you'll start thinking about him more and more. You'll start getting paranoid, and maybe Slenderman will become real to you. You'll go insane, just because you knew.

      I mean, at the end of the day, this goes for anything. Ghosts, spirits, demons, werewolves...

      GOODNESS. That rant just happened. Out of nowhere. It's an interesting topic, though. Paranoia and insanity. And Slenderman, but he's just the modern day ghost. It's not him that I'm actually talking about, it's the idea of something, anything planting a seed of doubt in a person that really can do nothing but grow: the human mind is such a fertile ground for insanity to flourish.

      I'm not afraid of Slenderman, or ghosts, or anything lke that. I'm afraid that regardless of my clear head, I might be driven over the edge at some point in my life from simply... knowing.

      I don't believe in this ridiculous myth any more than I believe in god, ghosts, werewolves, or any other equally curious creations of mans' fevered mind - I do, however, believe in the power of the mind.

      You people interest me. :) But remember, kiddies: The more you know~



    • profile image

      Anon. 5 years ago

      Thousands of men, women and children die from war, famine, plague and disease every day. Fossil fuels are burnt while we ravage the land seeking only to indulge our possessive and greedy disposition as a species , and we poison our own atmosphere for petty gains.Yet rather than face these problems, we fear a fictional character who wouldn't even be known about were it not for a horror thread and a computer game, and lash blindly in the dark out of fear. Humanity is a cold, ever spreading, fucking, cancer.

    • profile image

      Voltel 5 years ago

      You know that he doesn't attack crouds right?

    • profile image

      Uhh 5 years ago

      Y'all need a therapist. Any sightings are from paranoia and any bodies hanging from trees completely gutted and put back together are clearly committed by some fucked up person trying to mess with your jacked minds

      But you never know. I could be Slender Man for all you know

    • profile image

      devlin 5 years ago

      just love slender man hes kinda cool achually i love hime hes awsome. if i did meat him i would be scared at first but idk. he might just be here to save us from are stupid lives i mean god we work all day long and stuff. id reather be dead then alive. if one creature was goning to kill me i would let slender man do it. i still would be scared though... ///. i am emo and proud


    • profile image

      Eh 5 years ago

      if you notice anything, whatever you do, do not turn around.

    • profile image

      Jomm 5 years ago

      The Slender Man's weakness is for you to look away. If you don't look at him he can't harm you but you MUST'NT LOOK.

    • profile image

      sara 5 years ago

      wtfffff is this real or fake

    • profile image

      Camryn 5 years ago

      I don't know what to think...

    • profile image

      matt 5 years ago

      we are less i am just wondering 1 time when i was sitting in my room thinking only about the "shadow people" for some very odd reason i started to hear kids screaming inside my head and some nights i can feel a presence in my room in the middle of the night so im just wondering next time you talking to them could you please ask them what they want please ?

    • profile image

      We are less 5 years ago

      @Anthony We advise that you try to communicate with him only if:

      1- You know he is truly there.

      and 2- He tries to communicate with you in some way.

    • profile image

      Anthony 5 years ago

      About a week ago I saw him in the cemetery across the street from my house. At first I thought it was my imagination but at a second glance I knew it was him. Since then I can feel something watching me and at night I can feel something is in my room.

      I hope this is all in my head but at the same time I'm terrified that hes coming for me.

    • profile image

      We are less 5 years ago

      We had a thorough conversation with him yesterday (We had to sacrifice one of our members sadly for the information).

      Slendermen do not like being called Slenderman, or Slendy. They prefer their original name "shadow people" because that is what they are. They got the name "Slenderman" because of their physiology.

      They told us that they don't "really" wear a suit. Or atleast they don't see themselves in a suit. They tell us that it is an almost permanent illusion. To trick people into thinking that they are formal beings. They tried to not be shunned by the rest of our society.

      We asked them why it hasn't worn off yet, and they told us that they can't change it on their own. They need sacrifices to increase their ability to change themselves. that is why they kidnap people. They aim at kids who are either shunned by society, or that live with bad families because they feel that "a fate with the shadows, is a better fate than a ruining family."

      They are also in a "civil war" of sorts. The original "Slendermen" only have 4 appendages, and match our physiology closely. The other type, has multiple appendages and match us in shape only. The "newbreed" as the shadows call them, broke off from the original Shadow people, to seek a new "ideal". This ideal, involves ridding the world of our species. The human species. They feel, that they are doing all shadow people a great service by kidnapping innocents, and destroying them.

      I'll add more as I get more information. Also, the shadow men are winning this war by a reasonably large margin.

    • profile image

      someguythatiscrazy 5 years ago

      it is the aliens!!!!

    • profile image

      We are less 5 years ago

      Slenderman... We haven't heard that name in a long while. We had to look it up in our predecessors journals just to find him. He's not a ghost, or an entity. He is an imaginary figure. People have started to believe in them so much that he actually manifested himself into a "true form" to put it simply. He doesn't only go after young kids. He goes after adults as well. We've seen him, but we have avoided him. We added him as our client recently.

      We talked with him, but it wasn't a normal conversation. He spoke, but he had no face to speak with. He spoke through our minds. Used our thoughts to talk to us. It was an amazing experience. We work together with the Slendermen. With the same goals as they have. Both of us want to rid this world of evil. We will succeed, especially now that we have increased our potential extensively with our new clients/partners. Our job is to take out the non-believers. Their job is to destroy the "corrupted men" as we call them.

    • profile image

      Audge 5 years ago

      I had a dream about slenderman and like, I saw him and pleaded out to him not to hurt me. It was so weird and like in the dream, he would still kill other people, but I wouldn't feel safe without his arms around was the weirdest dream ever Lmfao.

    • profile image

      Peaceful 5 years ago

      Maybe he is friendly and takes people to a nice place. Anyone think about that?

    • profile image

      Slenderman Researcher* 5 years ago

      This is a follow-up to my comment, I accidentally typed 'Tom' instead of 'Ted'. My apologies. If you would like more information on the SlenderMan, refer to this website:

      Although this one is a very good one, indeed.

    • profile image

      Slenderman Researcher 5 years ago

      In regards to the members who are implying that he isn't real, how many of you are Christian? There is less proof of your god than there is of Slenderman. There is less proof of your god than many things. Ghosts, Bigfoot, Slenderman, the list goes on. And how do you know he isn't real? Because you don't see him? You don't see god. Yet you all believe that god is miraculously real. Maybe god is just an urban legend that grew in the old days like Slenderman. You don't see ghosts. Do you not believe in them for that very reason? Then explain why you believe in god. I'm not saying I believe in Slenderman, but I certainly am not saying that I don't. Who knows whether or not he's real? And I doubt he was trying to save Tracy and Judi, he went to Toms horses and gorged their eyes out. Left them bloody and on the ground. If you go to youtube, you can find the police recording from when Tom goes in to tell the officers why he murdered Judi. Slenderman had her wrapped in his arms and she called out "SHOOT ME! SHOOT ME!" He saved her. Tracy was taken and never found to this day.

    • profile image

      Unknown 5 years ago

      I'm not sure whether to believe or not....I'm so paranoid...I wouldn't be so freaked out if I wouldn't have looked at "Slender Game Play". I seen on a website that He starts from far distances but once you notice him he gets closer and closer.....I live out in the middle of no where... near woods and I'm afraid to go outside. One of my friends said that she and her friends have seen him, staring at them and starts to follow them....She said that once she forgot about him, his appearances stopped happening. They say he preys on 16 and younger... The problem is, I'm 15...This myth scares me a lot.. people say he's real and others say not. I want to know so I don't have to worry any more... I seen all the videos by "Marble Hornets" but that friend I had mentioned said that all of those people were just actors.....Who knows?

    • profile image

      blarb 5 years ago

      You would think that people would give up on legends like these by now. Every thing i've heard of him has either not added up correctly, or it contradicts itself. One website said the bodies have never been found, one said the bodies were found impailed, one said they were brutally beaten to death. Then you have the stories of where he appears. Some websites, such as this one, say this skinny gent only shows up at night. Then they include the pictures of him, in the open, clear sky, and in broad daylight. As for the people who have "seen" him, why are you (a child, because all of these sites say he only goes after children) on the internet? And it just so happens you looked up "tall suit guy in forest behind my house" and this showed up? Gullible is what you humans are. Just like the rest of the urban legends, this is fake.

    • profile image

      The One 5 years ago

      Yes. He will come for each and every child within his reach, and yes, his reach is far. But I believe there is a safe haven against him. Alaska. If I can, I will show you how to defeat him, for he is a Tulpa, and as such he can be destroyed.

    • profile image

      Gorge 5 years ago

      i killed the slendrman dont be afraid he is dead i shot him with a machine gun and a kurki

    • profile image

      Ryan Houck 5 years ago

      I think that you all are just a bunch of little fakers. Grow up its just a internet meme and is not real at all so chill your nips. You people sound freakin stupid saying OMG IVE SEEN THE SLENDERMAN HELP ME BEFORE HE GE....... that sounds sooo gay and for the people that have "Seen hiM" and practice these dumb little rituals then go to hell because im pretty sure God didn't create such a thing to dwell on his earth. So go outside for once and get some sun.

    • profile image

      AcholateDeadly 5 years ago

      People, I EMPLORE you to make friends with Slendy. The concept that He is an imaginary friend is absolutely true. But he's a FRIEND. He's only a malevolent entity if you anger him. And it angers him when people fear him for his appearance without giving him a true chance. As for the story of Tom Henderson who tried to 'save' his wife and child from Slendy: Tom was most likely an alcoholic who beat his wife and kid. Slenderman was simply trying to save Tracy and Judi Henderson from all the pain Tom had caused them. Just try and make friends with him. Worst that can happen is that he holds a grudge for the rejection you've already given him. Then you're just back to where you started. But Slendy is honestly a quite benelovent entity :)

    • profile image

      mikr 5 years ago

      I'm panicking help me please. I can't live anymore

    • profile image

      5 years ago

      Doesn't just $20 bucks do the trick of getting rid of him??

    • profile image

      zan 6 years ago

      uh guys if it dont have eyes then how we'll be hypnoted

    • profile image

      drake 6 years ago

      wow matt that is fake

    • profile image

      matt 6 years ago

      please help me i am being stocked by the slender man im seeing him in my dreams now i live in the city and my friends are saying your crazy and im only 13 if any of you know how i could get him to OMG NOW HES IN GETTING IN MY HEAD THERE IS KIDS IN MY HEAD THERE SCREAMING

    • profile image

      anonymou5 6 years ago

      he doesn't like massive amounts of FIRE. like "oh sh** the building is gonna collapse" massive amounts. sure this is dangerous itself but hey, devil you know right?

    • profile image

      talis2 6 years ago

      i believe there is one way to beat him but im not sure i believe you draw a large O with an X in the middle and say their name 3 times and im not ssure what happens next so BE CAREFUL WHEN USING THIS

    • profile image

      slender man arch nemisis 6 years ago

      i know how to kill him draw a O put a X through call his name 3 times he should appear and then rip the paper(get to cover as soon as possible)he'll blow up as far as i know there are 150 slender MEN i dont know about women though as far i know ther's 15 Slaender WOMEN call out the number as well the name exapmle:(Slender man slender man slender man i call 150) and that ONE should come.

    • profile image

      the crow man 6 years ago

      The name you people are thinking of is Der großann I think that's how you spell it. Anyways its German in origin and started in southern Germany near the black forest. The tall shadow may be just your eyes playing tricks or a shadow person. Either way calm.down take a deep breath and look around the room with your flashlight hes not there. Just you and whoever else. Slender man"

    • profile image

      Anon 6 years ago

      Right this is were most of you have shot yourself in the foot with all this B.S people say "if he see you your dead you can't escape him" yeah if he has no face or eyes how can he see you idiots next up is the you can't get away from him well then look at what I've found several times "Most reports from survivors of the slender man say at night he shows up in open windows, dark open rooms, blank TV screens, and in large crowds of people. The slender man only kills kids younger then 16" what's that survivors wow though no one got away from him massive B.S he's a made up meme someone made to laugh at you all what you get shit scared and start posting things on websites right now their laughing at how easy you all got scared so all those who are panicking you can stop it's not really in the least the story is always changing and contradicting itself nothings after you now go out and have some fun instead of being scared of a clown also all you people posting B.S about facts you think our true making them get more scared grow the fuck up for god sake you have no idea how many people take shit they find on the Internet seriously some of them go as for as kill themselves, wonder if you could all live with the fact your B.S has probably made people comit suicide, their bloods on your hands you made them do it with the shit you posting so I say again those who are scared it's all lies and those spreading the shit grow the fuck up

    • profile image

      Jon 6 years ago

      He totally farted through my bedroom window. What a jerk.

    • profile image

      amber 6 years ago

      what makes slender man follow you???is it fear it self

    • profile image

      hdbsbs 6 years ago

      ndjsjsjjs jsjsn jwjsj?

    • profile image

      XJ 6 years ago

      Can't you tell?!?!?! It is Micheal Jackson!!!!!! HE LIKES KIDS!!!!!

    • profile image

      ThatKrowBoy 6 years ago

      you guys do realize that he will stalk you to make you fear him then when you're at the peak of terrorfied he gets you... his power is fear, i know this because if you outright do not fear him he can be quite the conversationalist, very unique individual they are when you treat them LIKE A PERSON not a freak of nature to run from hell he can't talk more over just send mental images to your brain, turns out the slender man only really want friends and get really pissed when you reject and run away from 'em or fear 'em go figure.

    • profile image

      saul varela 6 years ago

      the slender man is tall can teleport and is very creepy. hmmmm well gonna play minecraft just hope that those god damn tall ender men don't teleport to me in my house or i'm gettin my sword out haha stupid slender-ender wtf help please hes here i'm sorry dont hur.......

    • profile image

      emily 6 years ago

      as a child, I would wake up to an impossibly tall man standing in my doorway. my mom says she's seen the same. It honestly creeps me out.

    • profile image

      dantetroll 6 years ago

      he is here... he is always watching... all of the non-believers will suffer his wrath... only the truly faithful will survive his wretched onslaught...

    • profile image

      fifi 6 years ago

      Call Doctor Who! He would be able to deal with this.

    • kittythedreamer profile image

      Nicole Canfield 6 years ago from the Ether

      I think this is sort of b.s. Especially if it was originally made up for the internet.

      Love the article though! Voted up and awesome.

    • profile image

      austin 6 years ago

      wow this is definitley real and im scared 100% ive nevere seen hin but its interesting how many pple beleive in him i do 2 but dang hes really creepy

    • profile image

      OwenR159 6 years ago

      @no face

      Can you please describe what his face looks like. Yes, everybody says he doesn't have a face, but if you can see his head in the picture, what does it look like? Please include details. Is it a blank flat surface where a face should be or what?

    • profile image

      no face 6 years ago

      sorry to say all but it wont be long until im gone ive took a photo with my kid and hes stood basicly 6ft from my son, ive tried everything and nothing has worked. you will know when hes around,you constantly hear this ringing noise and a cold presence. good luck all

    • profile image

      julia diaz 6 years ago

      all of this is bullshit .. there is no such thing as the slender man

    • profile image

      Anon 6 years ago

      Harry, you can't make an electric guitar out of solid steel, you twit. It would electrocute you.

    • profile image

      OwenR159 6 years ago

      As of now, the Marblehornets series including the slender man as its antagonist has made a total of 50 entries. Yes, it sounds crazy, but I really think that the slender man is real! According to the Marblehornets video series, something called the operator has been stalking the cast for about 2 years now, and they've been suffering from extreme paranoia. Watch the first, oh i don't know, 10 entries, some of them actually look like they could be legitimately real. However, if you keep watching the series, you find that everything seems a little more scripted, especially entry 20, in my opinion. So yes, especially entry 1, i believe that that was raw footage of the slender man. But after that sighting they decided to get some popularity off of it. But don't worry about being followed by him! Think (this is an example) what would slender man want from a 16 year old boy in California? It's nothing to be scared over. Plus, if he is real and he gets you, what's it matter? He'll be the last thing you see, you'll be in a trance when he gets you, and you won't feel a thing......

    • profile image

      Merran 6 years ago

      You probably by now have rad all of the above, and are beginning to get paranoid. REALLY? Think about it. I'm not saying he exists or doesn't exist, but it sounds to be like you think to much about it, get paranoid like some people, and you may go insane and START to see him.

      I suggest you just think about what you have, make friends, talk to people if your disturbed by this. Phone people up on skype.

      One more thing, I'm not an entire athiest. I believe that there may be something, and other things in this world, but I have heard that the slenderman was made up for a contest. So don't worry.

      If you're really worried, I suggest you buff up. He's long, thin and slender. Doesn't say anything about muscles. Also, always keep something like a pocket knife next to you at all times. It'll make you feel better.

    • profile image

      UKGovernment 6 years ago

      "His myth has been around for over 1000 years and his case is one most people have heard about in America. But obviously he isn't global because most people i have spoken to in England where I live havnt a clue about him. So who is Slenderman. Is he the guy depicted in Doctor Who? Why does he want $20? And what is it about children he likes so much? I've never seen him, never dreamt about him, and I never will because he doesn't exist! What I've found out about him is that he was made up in the Something Awful forums. It's a load of garbage and stories. If you believe in him, your stupid. If you have dreamt about him, its because of the stories being told about him and your paranoid. If you have seen him, it was paranoia, not the 'Slenderman'!"

      This was written by Josey R*******. She went missing 3 days after writing this.

    • profile image

      Twiggs 6 years ago

      You people are ridiculous. You honestly believe he exists? They even said it was a meme created on Something Awful. I always sort of knew people were stupid but god damn you people have really raised the bar on stupidity.

    • profile image

      DarkBurn 6 years ago

      Then again, now that i think about it, Slender man could have existed for ages and this is just his most recent name. could give clues how to not die...or even how to kill it.

    • profile image

      DarkBurn 6 years ago

      These sightings are more than likely our eyes playing tricks due to paranoia about the subject. That being said, he may have manifested from so many people believing, i just recently found out about him and im scared out of my wits, but i shan't lose my head. neither should you or he will get you. He may not be real, but our minds are powerful things. Even with all this rational thinking im terrified to look out my window. Salt across your doors and windows keeps ghosts and demons out, hopefully the same principles will apply. keep iron and/or silver on you to defend yourself. If that doesn't work....hope you have no regrets

    • profile image

      vechi 6 years ago

      He's real. Look I know I know he's a meme but...last week I saw him. Not one of my friends playing a trick, not my family or neighbors. No. This was at 1:45 am. He just stood there, I ran to the door and yanked it open to cuss out this jerk and he vanished. Gone. Didn't run or hide, just vanished. I woke up this morning and found a piece of paper stuck to my window sil with tape. It read "DO YOU SEE US?" I think I saw him today, not sure.

      I'll find a way to fight this.

    • profile image

      angelic host 6 years ago

      if you see him at night and you are alone, run. dont stop just keep running

    • profile image

      SLENDY 6 years ago

      now all of you know about my existance, i`m coming for you

    • profile image

      Im s0 srs gaiz!!!!11 6 years ago

      d00d i saw dis guy in my front yard yesterday so i shot him with gun and then stabe him cuz he is bad guy and i kill guys like that. i m super hero with big powers and muscles and guns and i like to defeet evil monster guys. also i cud also see gostes wen i was a little kid. i reely feel like u guys get me cuz ur special and have powers too like me.

    • profile image

      BurningSky  6 years ago

      Mihawk13 , you're absloutely right, and yes possibly people have F'ed them selves over but I think it's more of an imaginary friend type business, if you've heard of him, and are afraid of him, he'll appear to you, it's almost like summoning him. But Maybe it's a form of spirit that's taken the form of him, and possibly a boogeyman that's felt the pressence of the imagination summoning him in a way

    • profile image

      abperrine 6 years ago

      well if you think about it there has only been one thing is stories that preys off children and doesn't like to be seen and that's the boogy man, from what research i have done theres even been stories of him leading back to medieval times were children would dissapear and people would go crazy saying they had seen a tall man take there children in the night...seeing as how it has a lot of similarities relating to the boogy man maby if theres a weakness for the boog yman then it would be the same weakness for this creature??? who knows maby there the same thing o.o

    • profile image

      mihawk13 6 years ago

      I can't remember the official name of a creature like this, but he fits the class of beings that are formed from the imaginations of people, and how much they believe in them as well as the positive/negative energy associated with them. For instance, when we were children and had imaginary friends, we believed in them. Some of us could see them, as though they were standing right in front of us. Some of them we could only see out of the corner of our eyes. This is the Slender Man. He might not have existed before, or he might have. Either way, he is real now because we believe in him. Or maybe it was just a spirit that decided to "become" the Slender Man. All of these theories are logical. So, in effect, you've all screwed yourselves over by believing in him. Congratulations.

    • profile image

      olivia 6 years ago

      I have never seen this creature but I always get the feeling something is watching me, and i have been getting this feeling senice 4th grade. Im terrified to look out windows, and im not sure if i can go into the forest with my friend now, as im typing this i look out the window ever minute! im so scared! is there anyway to make him leave me alone??!!

    • profile image

      Slendy 6 years ago

      lol i know what you'll find in the woods /// well as far as letting him into your house.... good luck

    • profile image

      BlackSky  7 years ago

      Ashley, I suggest using a Pentagram circle around you house or bedroom (having to top of the star pointing north, if it points south not only does it cause a demonic presence but it can also cause more problems!, if you can buy at least 5-10 red roses, hang the roses upside down by an orange string, they'll dry p and as they do begin to pick off each petal, as you pick them off place them somewhere where you think he'll walk into your yard, make it quick though, especially if you think he's gunna drag you in. If you can, Get some masks, any kind will do so long as it has a face,( particularly masks resembling ritualistic masks with faces.)keep them hung up on your wall, if he notices them he's likely to flee, and as for the woods, I would bring a bright light with you at all times and never go in there without a few friends who are also holding lights, if you can, get a knife blessed in holy water for extra care, you never know what else you'll find in woods.

    • profile image

      ashley 7 years ago

      my friends and i walk in the woods its called the trenches and i was the first to see him and now all of my friends have seen him. he almost took my friend skylar and whenever i see him i go into this catatonic mode. what do we do? its realing us in.

    • profile image

      DrOxie 7 years ago

      Just the sound of hearing a creature such as that makes the hairs on my neck stand up..

    • profile image

      Johnny 7 years ago

      ...if he does not have eyes, how can you make eye contact with him?

    • profile image

      thatgirlinthesweater 7 years ago

      WEll,Ive had dreams about him... some of it just cause i got freaked out, some of it , I think, from him. Ive seen him around places. But i think that u spot him, he'll go away for a while. He doesn't like to be seen.

    • profile image

      Someone Who Knows 7 years ago

      From what my friend has experienced, I won't name them, he has some weaknesses which you can exploit. The fact that he hates to be seen is his major weakness. This goes hand in hand with tribal rituals in Africa of putting on masks to ward off evil. This is why Slender man likes the night, shadows, densely wooded areas, and places your eyes don't normally wander. Also the main reason Slender Man chooses his victims is the fact that person had or has been lying to someone they care about. So tell the person the truth as fast as you can in order to save yourself. If you don't he will find you, he will take you, and make everyone around you suffer as you watch in a half conscious state. If that person has already died the only thing that may work is confessing to a priest, this is an untested theory, but its what i've got. In particular he likes children, this can be due to how innocence can be easily corrupted, and many of Slender man accounts are kidnappings. He tends to hate the light, so yes a flamethrower, may kill him. You could always try a silver blade or silver bullets that works against many creatures in paranormal lore. As for him haunting peoples dreams, that is just your paranoia setting into your unconscious. However, the hypnotic state that Slender man can put you in is completely true, so don't fucking look this guy in the eye, or it might be the last thing you see. If none of this shit works for you then i'm sorry to say your probably dead.

    • profile image

      some dude 7 years ago

      weapons don't work. a man shot him at point blank range with a 12 gauge shotgun. he simply walked slowly towards him as his friend watched in terror as he grabbed him and did his ability to so called teleport. his friend was never seen again. he usually teleports you off to an undisclosed location or dimension and kills you. You cant stop him. You cant escape him. no point in even trying to kill him. if you see him your fucked. The best thing to do is pray, say goodbye to family, remanence on life, and wait for death's cold embrace and wave to the big man in the sky.

    • profile image

      Harry 7 years ago

      He he comes at me I will kill him.

      Golf Club?



      90 pound solid steel electric guitar?


      IDGAF if he's as tall as godzilla and as skinny as paris hilton. Anything that moves, can die. Remember that.

    • profile image

      Matroyshka 7 years ago

      I hate this guy. I haven't dreamt abou him yet but i know he's around and i feel him watching in plain sight. He makes me paranoid and I CANNOT look out of my windows. especially not near the trees around my house.

    • profile image

      Nathalorial 7 years ago

      @Sara Idk if he has weaknesses, but he seems viny and all from the stuff I have read about him, So.... I suggest carrying a few lighters or matches around =/ idk, maybe keep a flamethrower at home. Ya, that's it, not much can stand up to a flamethrower. Oh, and don't make eye contact.

      But apparently, making eye contact, you get lulled into a hypnotism that leaves you helpless to do anything but walk into his arms. Bodies that have been found - have been impailed to broken tree branches with their organs dissected meticulously and then replaced again in baggies, but in the same spot the organs originally were.

      I know, I'm terrifieing y'all XD