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Snakes in Dreams

Updated on October 19, 2013

What does a Snake Mean in a Dream

There are many types of snakes people see in dreams. Some are the standard brown, black, and green snakes used as movie props, and which we are more likely to find in the wild regions of western civilization. Others are more specific. What does a pure white snake mean? What does a rainbow colored snake mean? What does it mean to be eaten alive by a snake? These are some of the types of dreams posted around the Internet.

Primary Meaning of a Snake

A lot of people are not going to like this. But, the primary meaning of a snake is one which will bring protest from many dream interpreters, especially those who compile global interpretations and intra-cultural dream interpretation lists of symbols.

The meaning of a snake, which is an umbrella under which all other snake meanings are positioned is:

Something cursed.

Yes, a snake is something cursed. Of all the many dreams I had myself in the early years of my dreaming every night, making observations without influence of other authors, I cannot think of even one dream in which snakes represented anything positive or that should be desired by a reasonable person of average intelligence (not trying to insult anyone... this is borrowed from the legal way of saying "most people").

Of all the folklore I've read, there are not positive meanings of snakes. Of all the other dreams I have read, posted on the Internet, or emailed to me, none have positive meanings. Some of the original dreamers attribute positive notes to them (sometimes despite their own horror in the dream!). But, snakes are something terrible.

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Common Usage of the Word Snake

Language Reveals Meaning

Whatever a word means in the mind of society, it can be found in application. So, what are some usages of the word snake in conversation? Here are a few:

"He's a real snake in the grass." (He is deceptive, lying in wait for a victim.)

That salesman was a snake. (Again, deceptive.)

"The guy I met in the dance hall was a creepy snake." (This relates to a person who creates a negative experience within the fiber of another person, i.e., gives the creeps.)

snake oil (advice or promises that do not produce the desired or promised result, something which is a lie.)

Looking at the idea or objects expressed using the word snake reveals to us what it might represent in a dream. This holds true for symbolism interpreters as well as other interpretation methods.

White Snake in a Dream

White Snake Dream Interpretation

Most want to believe a white snake represents something pure. Those who practice magic interpret this snake to represent good, or "white" magic. There is no such thing. All magic is manipulation of forces, and is almost always actually working with demonic forces- though this is rarely understood by the practitioner.

The notion of white magic and white witches is simply a deception of dark power sources to ensnare people who consider themselves of a more noble character, a character which would never delve into black magic.

Remember- the basic meaning for a snake is something accursed (cursed), something wicked.

So, the meaning of a white snake in a dream is a dark force posing as a pure source. It is a deception.

White snake = evil disguised as good

Meaning of a Rainbow Snake in a Dream

What does a Rainbow Snake Mean?

The dream interpretation of a rainbow snake requires a bit of understanding about dream symbols.

Dream Interpretation Rule #6: Some sentient beings in dreams are not symbolic, they ARE supernatural entities.

I know this from experience. Sometime around the middle of 1995, I was attacked by a large black dog named Bhujjo. This dog was guarding a camp of evil, which I infiltrated as a spy. I was unable to outrun this dog, which never touched the ground. It ran on air about a foot above the earth. I could not outrun it, and it bit my left ankle. I woke immediately- with real pain in my real ankle.

I limped when I walked to work. It continued to hurt. Somehow, I concluded I needed to find out about Bhujjo, and I would be able to clear the pain.

There was no Google then, no Internet search. I used microfiche at the library, and index cards. Finally, I found a short list of black dogs- guardians - from Hinduism. All three had names with the prefix Bhu-. The description said these dogs (demons, really) run not on the ground, but on air, just above the ground!

And, I read that to escape these dogs, one had to just throw themselves flat on the ground, because these black dogs could not bite anyone too low. The next morning, the pain was gone.

All that to establish a basis of support for this statement:

The rainbow snake IS a demon spirit known in certain tribal cultures. It is believed to grant healing powers to the tribes' medicine men.

And, there are varieties of snakes in different geographical regions called Rainbow snakes.

Meaning of a Black Snake

What does it mean to see a black snake in a dream? Don't interpret this one too quickly. Consider these notes:

Black typically represents a "dark force", the kind of evil that moves in shadows. It also represents demonic forces, forces of "pure evil."

However, is it better or worse to dream of a black snake versus seeing a rattlesnake or a brown snake or a white snake, or some other color? I think there is a difference.

One of the most powerful tools of evil is disguise, deception, and delusion. Demonic forces often masquerade as something else, especially something more trustworthy. They want you to believe that what is bad, is good.

So, if you see plainly it is a black snake -an evil deceiver- then it is very likely this person, force, or spiritual entity is not deceiving you. In your conscious mind, you may be blocking the truth about whatever is represented by the snake. However, at some level, you know.

Seeing a rainbow snake, however (the fantastical one, not the actual species) carries an element of deception. This dreamer does not actually know what they are dealing with. When you see a black snake, some of its power has already been overcome; it's power of deception has been removed.

Thoughts? Sound off!

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    • ManfromModesto LM profile image

      ManfromModesto LM 4 years ago

      @Snakesmum: This is a great point. All my writing on symbols is primarily just that- when what is seen is symbolic. Often the thing seen exactly represents itself. Very broad subject. All the readers thank you for the note!

    • takkhisa profile image

      Takkhis 4 years ago

      I don't have snake dream!

    • profile image

      gradientcat 4 years ago

      I have snake dreams, but I assumed it was because I'm afraid of rattlesnakes. Next time I'll try to remember more.

    • Snakesmum profile image

      Jean DAndrea 4 years ago from Victoria, Australia

      Actually, I love snakes, and have four pythons as pets. Can't see them as evil at all, and I've dreamed about my pets with no negativity or problems. Interesting lens though.

    • profile image

      ideadesigns 4 years ago

      Very interesting about the rainbow snake. I also think snakes are about deception or long "tales" It's almost always a negative situation. With animals in dreams, you also have to know whether the dreamer has that particular pet or is really fond of it, it changes the meaning. Only one other meaning comes to mind is wise as a serpent. That would be kind of rare meaning though. Mine have always been about deception (lying) or the enemy.

    • Nightcat profile image

      Nightcat 4 years ago

      Well I've got to admit the last time I saw a snake in a dream it was bad. Dambalah wanted attention and wasn't getting it. He is scary when he's angry. Jumping out of nowhere on me, too. Well he didn't bite, but honestly. You'd think the loving father of the world could appear as a man, but nooooo, he knows my soft spot for his snake form. I'm guessing for you though, snakes are bad no matter who they are. I feel the same way about a manner of creatures. Great lens, Blessed!

      PS That white snake in the intro is a dead ringer for Dambalah, right down to his lovely blue eyes. :)