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Solar Aspects to Our Zodiac Sign

Updated on April 4, 2020

What Is The Sun In Astrology?

The Sun represents the self or the ego in astrology. This is the self others know us by. In Western astrology, the Sun is the most studied planet. Most people know their Sun sign but may not know the rest of their astrological chart. Our astrological charts are more accurate when they include birth time. Without the birth time, a solar chart is erected.

This means that the ascendant is in the same sign as the Sun. This will not tell us much if we are doing predictive astrology. It is a shame that people who do not know their birth time miss out on these studies. Some professional astrologers can calculate the ascendant based on life events. Essentially they would be guessing the birth time.

The Sun visits each zodiacal sign for approximately 30 days. We know that there are 12 months in the year. In astrology, we do not determine the Sun by the month in which it falls. We trace it by the ingress into an astrological sign. This means that each year the Sun falls at the exact birth location at a slightly different time. Each of the twelve signs has different qualities that we can associate with personality traits. The traits which are assigned to each sign are often related to nature.

A Cardinal sign marks the beginning of each season. Fixed signs are when the season holds its ground. Mutable signs are when the seasons are giving over to a new one.

Astrology has been used for thousands of years. In ancient societies, astrology was not used to determine whether you were going to have a good or a bad day. Astrology was the precursor to astronomy. The heavens were studied and complicated mathematics was applied to these operations. This has been passed down to us.

Most people don't recognize that science was born out of astrology. Astrologers are often viewed as fortune-tellers. This was not true many thousands of years ago. Pythagoras was an important astrologer who we will remember him best as a mathematician. Many other lauded philosophers, mathematicians, and other important figures took astrology very seriously.

From a set of constellation cards published in London c. 1825.
From a set of constellation cards published in London c. 1825.

The Sun In Transit

The Sun travels through the 12 signs each year. This Sun itself doesn't actually move. It merely appears to from our earthly vantage point. There are forms of astrology which are heliocentric, but most astrology is geocentric. This means it studies the position of the planets from earth's perspective. Planets are called 'wandering stars' in astrology. These stars move because they are really planets. The Sun does not move, but appears to from the earth. This is based on an optical illusion.

The Sun takes 365 days to make a rotation. It gives us different solar aspects as it makes it's rotation. Aspects are degrees or angles between 2 planets. Solar aspects to the sun are calculated based on how many degrees the Sun is from it's location on the day of our birth. I will discuss the 5 main aspects used in predictive astrology. These are phases tell us when certain activities are favorable or would be badly timed.

Everybody Is Different

I have been studying astrology for many years. I got my first astrology book when I was a teenager. I used to go to the flea market here in Canada to purchase books. This was a weekly tradition. My Great Aunt Ruth would give me money to purchase whatever I wanted. Books were usually what I got. There was one weekend where I picked up a book on astrology. I remember sitting out in the warm summer sun reading this book.

This sparked an interest, but it wasn't until I was 27 that it became more of a passion. My friend had received a book for calculating natal charts on her birthday. I discovered many things which occurred in my life which were sync with astrology. I went through a major break up as the malefic planet known as Saturn transited my 7th house of marriage and relationships.

Many of you will understand that everyone has a different astrological chart. No 2 charts are the same. This only occurs when people are born at the exact same moment. Many astrologers wish to study this. It is difficult to compile a database of people who were born at the exact same time. These resources are not readily available.

My First Astrology Book

This is the first astrology book I ever purchased as a teenager. It made me understand that there was more to astrology than a mere fortune told in the newspaper. This book was published in the 1970s. It is an intriguing book and a fascinating read.

The Houses

There are 12 houses in an astrological chart. I am going to list out the areas of life each house pertains to.

1 - Self, Ego, Physical Appearance

2 - Money, Material Items, Voice

3 - Short Distance Travel, Neighbors, Siblings, Mental Energies, Writing, Speech, Thought

4- Land, Family, Home

5 - Creativity, Gambling, Love, Sex, Casual Relationships, Children

6 - Health, Service, Employment, Animals, Fitness

7 - Marriage, Partnerships, Contracts, Open Enemies

8 - Inheritances, Death, Regeneration, Sexuality, Birth, Mystery

9 - Higher Education, Publishing, Long Distance Travel

10 - Public Recognition, Career, Fame, The Outside World

11 - Friendship, Social Alliances, Wishes, Groups

12 - Hospitals, Secret Sorrows, Hidden Enemies, Prisons, Self Undoing

This symbol indicates a conjunction.
This symbol indicates a conjunction.

Sun Conjunct Sun

This aspect occurs when the Sun is within a 10 degree orb of the position it was when we were born. This occurs around our birthday. This is a time when we are in the limelight. The Sun is related to the astrological sign of Leo. Leo represents royalty, children, celebrations, and the ego. This time happens to be a positive influence for most people, but sometimes it can be challenged by other aspects. There are many people who have oppositions or squares to the Sun in their natal chart. When the Sun conjoins the Sun stress factors may be brought out. This is very complex. Never should you assume that a Solar conjunction means a happy time. This would depend on the other planets transiting in your natal chart.

Typically a solar conjunction means new beginnings. It is a time to look forward to the coming year. This is a great time to make plans for the future. You might want to outline things which you would like to accomplish in the coming year. This will help you understand astrology better. You can observe the different aspects by doing this. I want you to try this exercise on your next birthday. List out your main objectives. Watch as the transits occur how these things are made easier or more difficult.

This is the symbol indicating a trine.
This is the symbol indicating a trine.

Sun Trine Sun

Twice each year is the Sun in this aspect. The Sun will be 120 degrees away from your Sun in the sky. This is when the Sun is in the same element as your sign. The exact day of a trine would vary based on the degree. This is known as an orb. Many astrologers choose to work with an orb of 10 degrees. A planet is thought to be influencing another planet when it is within an orb. When a planet shifts out of aspect it is no longer impacting the other planet. A trine does not occur for the entire duration of the Sun being in the same element. This aspect lasts for a period of approximately 2 weeks.

A trine is thought to be one of the best influences. This is a time when good things are happening. We do not need to exert a lot of effort to get things to go our way. We may find that the things we wrote down on our list seem to be happening. We will meet helpful people with similar objectives. This will be a fruitful time when things go our way. There may be other stressful things in our life, but many of our objectives are working out.

This symbol indicates sextile aspects.
This symbol indicates sextile aspects.

Sun Sextile Sun

This aspect occurs 2 months before and after your birthday. It is when the Sun is 60 degrees away from your own and this influence lasts about 2 weeks. It is a time when events might go smoothly when a little bit of effort is exerted. This influence is not quite as fruitful as the trine aspect. There are 2 different Sun sextile aspects each year. The first one occurs 2 months after your birthday. This is a time to set things in motion. You will see an opportunity to put plans in action which you made at the solar return.

The later aspects is when the sun is beginning to return to it's natal placement. This is an opportunity to close up any loose ends which may need finalizing. You must understand that these things are of your own volition. This is not an aspect which comes without effort. Positive things are not merely handed to you. You must work for them.

This symbol indicates an opposition.
This symbol indicates an opposition.

Sun Opposed Sun

This solar aspect occurs once a year. This is when the Sun is opposite our natal Sun at 180 degrees. This presents us with a challenge. We may find that our plans are being opposed by an authority figure. Sometimes it may seem like everything is falling apart. This is the stage of the year to look back at your list and make observations. You might find there are ideas which no longer serve you. These things are falling away as the Sun makes it's return rotation. The Sun has been waxing until this point. It is turning on the zodiacal wheel and is now returning to your Sun. This means that you are entering your own personal waning half of the year.

These events are culminating to a point which may result in a personal crisis. The degree of stress will depend on many factors. This may be a minor event or a major catastrophe. In certain cases there may be no negative event at all. This is because some people have a positive aspect dominating their chart at this time. For me personally, I am an Aries with a Libra ascendant. I enjoy the autumn and find it to be one of my fruitful times. I am much more stressed out when the Sun is in Aries. This is opposite my 1st house which is related to the Sun. Every person has different aspects in their chart which alter how harsh these aspects can be.

This symbol denotes a square aspect.
This symbol denotes a square aspect.

Sun Square Sun

The Sun forms this aspect twice a year. This is when the Sun is forming a 90 degree angle with your birth Sun. This occurs 3 months before and after your solar return. It is a harsh aspect where plans might be difficult to come to fruition. You may find things set out on your list are falling through. You may be not achieving some cherished goal. It could be a very frustrating point in the year. This aspect doesn't not last very long, but it can impact the situation greatly. You might find matters so frustrating that it would result in you abandoning something important to you.

People might seem to work against you. There would be opposition from those around you as they strive to achieve their own goals. This aspect means that egos will clash. People will be working to outdo each other in a competitive manner. You might be looking for a promotion at work with somebody fiercely fighting for the exact same thing. You may feel that you are better qualified for this position. Their striving might seem counterproductive when it goes against your goals. You might wish to use these competitive energies to improve your own methods at work. You could try to refine your techniques based on people who are challenging you. This is one way to deal with this influence. Other ways might result in harsh conflicts and ego tension.

Have You Ever Consulted An Astrologer?

Have You Ever Gone To See A Professional Astrologer?

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Vedic Astrology Video

Vedic astrology uses a different system from Western astrology. They use a different way of calculating the ingress points of each zodiacal sign. This is my favorite online astrologer. He uses the Vedic system, but I still find his ideas interesting.

Sun Ra - When There Is No Sun

Sun Ra has a very solar name. Ra is an Egyptian Sun God. Sun Ra is a very eccentric jazz musician who plays in a free style. He claimed to have been abducted by space aliens. He disappeared for many years. When he returned he claimed he had been living on Saturn.


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