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Sorry, It's just me looking at the Mormon Church

Updated on March 16, 2012

Oh Really?

Mormons say they believe Jesus Christ died on the Cross for the sins of the whole world, and then make the Cross of Christ and His Sacrifice insuffecient.

Mormons teach a person has to go thru a ceremony which only can be performed at a Mormon church to get into the celestrial heaven to be with Joesph Smith and the god of Mormons.

If this Mormon doctrine is true it would mean that every one who died before 1830 had to wait in the telestrial heaven until Joesph Smith came along, who then started the Mormon church which now baptizes the dead to get them into the higher celestrial heaven.

With all the Billions of people who have died over the centuries the Mormon church better get busy, they got a lot of work to do.

Just a side note: There is some ocean front property for sale in Arizona, If any one is interested. I believe the one to contact for more information would be Mitt Romney at 1 - 800 - I wear special under garments to protect me from evil spirits.


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