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Soul Plan Readings - Transformative Sessions

Updated on February 2, 2016

Soul Plan Reading - What This Lens Will Show You

This Lens is all about Soul Plan Readings, also known as Soul Contract Readings. You may have heard it said that we all have (yes, choose!) a soul plan or or soul contract before we incarnate. And like me, you may doubt if this is true, or it may even go against your belief system. I too was pretty skeptical - that was until I learnt the system as part of my Spiritual Counselling training.

In this Lens I will show you what Soul Plan Readings are, and why they are always (in my experience of working with clients at least) so accurate. I'll also share some of the comments I have received from those for whom I have had the privilege of reading their Soul Plan or Soul Contract.

Basically, a Soul Plan Reading tells you your karmic challenges, your goals, the talents you have (and may not even realize) and your overall soul destiny. I will explain a lot more below.

Indeed, we all do have a 'gameplan', a general framework for this life, The key is to know what it is. Let me help you find out yours.

Soul Plan Readings - What Are They?

soul contract reading 21
soul contract reading 21

A Soul Plan Reading is a system that was channelled (received via telepathy or non-physical communication) and provides a way to understand the path of the soul in this life. Readings arise from the sound vibration of your birth name (as this appears on your birth certificate - very important to ensure your name is correct!). Each name has a very unique sound vibration, which catalyzes the universe to attract into your life the people and circumstances that guide you towards the fulfillment your Soul's plan. Soul Plan Reading is a remarkably powerful and accurate system of life purpose guidance, spiritual counselling and healing.


The Soul Plan Reading system originates from ancient eg Hebrew texts like the Zohar and the Sefer Yetzirah. These texts explore how physical reality is created via sound, letter and word and are also in keeping with non-dualistic approaches.

Much of the channelled system was brought into being by Frank Alper 1930-2007 in his work which is called the Spiritual Numerology of Moses, although this has nothing to do with religion or the Bible. Frank Alper was a Spiritual channel and also the founder of the Arizona Metaphysical Society. He channelled a whole lot of material, his most well known being what he called Exploring Atlantis, which was published in 1982.

In the 1980s a few people went and trained on the Soul Plan System with Frank Alper in Arizona, and brought it to the UK. Now this system of life guidance is gaining much interest.

Can Your Birth Name Really Tell You So Much?

soul plan reading
soul plan reading

Some people do find it difficult to believe that their name is not just random, or that it is more than simply your parents and carers choosing a name for them. Parents often spend much time deliberating on the best name for their baby, and often when the 'right' name comes along there is a feeling of it being just the right name to call the baby. An 'aha' type moment. The Soul Plan Reading system would say that this is because the sound vibration of the name is in keeping with the path that the child's soul needs to take in this life, based upon a pre-birth agreement.

The idea is that there is a grand and general framework, for which a detailed process takes place that you yourself take part in before birth. The purpose is that the soul needs to experience certain situations and growth opportunities in order to evolve and ultimately become balanced and complete.

Okay, so if you accept that the name may not be random (or even if you don't!), you might then ask, how does just a mere name determine your life's experiences?

Well, it's all to do with sound vibration. Each sound has a different vibration and by the laws of the universe each sound attracts different, unique experiences. Think of people chanting Om (Aum) or the power of music, eg opera. And though I'm not religious (and nore is the SOul Plan system), it is not uncanny that in the Bible it says 'in the beginning was the word and the word was made into flesh.' You see, the sound comes first, then the physical manifestation (experiences)...

So yes, believe it or not your name holds the key to the truth of your very life's purpose here on Earth!

The Benefits of Soul Plan Reading


The benefit of Soul Plan Readings are many and deep.

In a nutshell, a Soul Plan Reading lets you access your own deep truth and life purpose. It lets you see what sort of contract you entered into before taking physical form. Though it's not like a business contract, it's rather a LIFE contract, one that is of your own choosing and soul needs. What this means is that you gain self-understanding and clarity, which is priceless on the road of human life!

And certainly this life is a challenge whatever your personal circumstances. Indeed, sometimes we can be so off track from where we 'should' be that we may find ourselves feeling confused, uncertain about life's decisions, and lacking peace of mind. We may feel like a 'square peg in a round hole' for example yet not know why exactly. Or there may be a feeling of something missing, or not quite right, or perhaps there is a feeling of dissatisfaction, even though we may have most of what we need on a physical level, for example. There are a myriad and one feelings we may experience that can leave us inwardly conflicted.

So knowing your Soul Plan can get you back on track. This doesn't mean life's perfect, but that even if things are tricky it still feels right.

I'll give you a little example. I read for a client who realised that her job was not the right one but understood why she felt so challenged there. And even though financial pressures meant she couldn't just leave just the job straight away, the reading gave her clarity, a plan of action if you like, for getting out of the job and into an area of work that she now knew would be more fulfilling. It gave her the courage to dream.

On the issue of our talents, often many people are not fully aware of or utilising their talents. When this happens the fulfillment that is potentially available is lacking. We each of us have unique gifts and talents that we need to use in order to feel fulfilled. Uncovering and using our talents is vital for our satisfaction.

A Soul Plan Reading is a catalyst for releasing your deeper potential and to becoming much more 'at home' in yourself and your life.

How To Book A Reading

To book a reading, please follow the steps on this page, which is the Soul Plan reading page on my personal blog and it will give you the simple steps to book (basically, make payment and I will be in touch within 24 hours to book a mutually convenient time).

NB: Enter your FULL BIRTHNAME as it appears on your birth certificate. It is vital you spell this correctly and are clear about which name is your birthname. The soul contract reading will be based on this. If you have any questions on this please contact me via the Contact button on my blog, which you can access via the same link below. The contact button is to the right of each page on my blog.

What Natural Health Magazine said about the Soul Plan Reading I did for the Deputy Editor!

soul contract reading
soul contract reading

Liz Alvis, Deputy Editor of the Natural Health Magazine came to me for her Soul Plan to be read. This is what she said after the reading in the Jan 2010 edition:

"If you love getting your horoscope drawn up (as I do) then you'll enjoy getting a soul contract reading done with Reena Gagneja. Our 90-minute consultation was a fun experience in which I learnt lots of interesting and spookily accurate things about myself - who wouldn't enjoy that? In my case not only were the descriptions uncannily accurate but the advice given was helpful too. Highly recommended." -

Powerful Soul Plan Reading Symbols

Click thumbnail to view full-size

Numerology Reading

numerology reading
numerology reading

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    • MortyB profile image


      5 years ago

      Nice Job! Well written and explained.

      Beats wandering through life randomly as we all seem to at some point at least.

    • theexaminedlife profile imageAUTHOR

      Reena Gagneja 

      6 years ago

      @JulieJohnson3: There are no doubt other ways to tap in to one's Soul Plan and when we do find our purpose(s) in life it is most rewarding and fulfilling. I am gald you found contentment and wish you all the best on the continuing journey! Thanks for your comment.

    • JulieJohnson3 profile image

      Julie Johnson 

      6 years ago from Southwest Missouri

      A Soul Plan Reading sounds very interesting and helpful for those of us who wander through life wondering what our true purpose really is. I wandered through all of my twenties and a good portion of my thirties before finding contentment and true meaning and direction in my life. This would have come in very handy.


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