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Pregnancy magic or a fertility rite

Updated on April 19, 2015

A rite for getting pregnant

This rite is taken from Kate West's book The Real Witches' Book of Spells and Rituals. I urge you if you are serious about this spell to borrow the book from your local library and read it beforehand so that you understand what you are getting into perfectly. That said, make sure that you or the person you are doing this for really wants to get pregnant. Furthermore, does the partner of the person you are doing this for, or yourself, really want a baby? You are working to bring a life into this world, you will be morally and practically responsible for this life from this day on until the end of your life. There is no turning back, so be very sure indeed. Magic does not like being jerked around, especially when you are calling on the Mother to make a solid change in the way things are.

You will need:

  • Some quick drying modelling clay [the kind found in toy stores is ideal]
  • a Boline or other tool for inscribing in the clay [Boline or Bolline is just another name for a curved, white-handled knife used for practical magical purposes such as cutting. It can be used, for example to harvest herbs, cut a branch for a wand or to inscribe candles etc.
  • a board or plate onto which your image can be placed until it is fully dried
  • a cloth of a colour which reminds you of pregnancy, it could be red for the mother, green for fertility, or even blue

This ritual should be performed on the Full Moon. When calling upon the Goddess, ensure that you invoke her as Mother and invoke the God as All Father.

Prior to working this spell, you should perform the Rite for Banishing Unwanted Influences so that your mind is as focused as can be. First cast your circle and create your sacred space. For the rite you will need:

  • a small dish and a small cloth or towel
  • consecrated and blessed water
  • blessed salt

Once the circle is cast, take some of the consecrated and blessed water and place it into the small dish. Then, take the blessed salt and add a little into it. Inscribe an invoking Pentagram and say:

I call upon the Old Gods to bless and consecrate this water that it may banish all that is not needful to us. May it take away all outside influences, distractions and negativity. May it leave us pure and free to work our Rites and magic.

Now, kiss your forefinger and say, Blessed be!

Use the towel to wipe your hand, and leave the dish to the rear of the altar. Later it should be carefully disposed of either down the drain or onto a patch of land where you are not trying to grow anything as the negative influences contained in the water can and do interfere with the growth of plants.

Once the Rite for Banishing Unwanted Influences is performed, craft an image of an overtly and heavily pregnant woman. She needs to have exaggerated breasts, belly and hips. If you can make her in the likeness of the woman you are working for, this is excellent. You can even glue a photograph of her face onto the head of your image.

Then focus energy on the pregnancy, raising power. Think of the sperm entering the egg, the growth of the foetus, the swelling of the woman's body, and any other positive aspects of pregnancy you can think of. Once the energy has been raised, take your Boline and inscribe the initials of the woman on the back of the image, then Name image.

Take the image and place it carefully on your board or plate. Once it is fully dry, usually a couple of days, wrap it in the cloth and put it in a safe place, or give it to the woman to keep safely.

This spell is invariably successful, but just occasionally, however strong your magic, it does not happen quickly or at all. In these cases, you can try a second time. But if it is not successful it may be better to leave things in the hands of the Goddess as she may have her reasons.

Adding this on 19/04/2015. Finally, I'm in the right space of mind and heart to perform this ritual for myself. I shall keep you posted on how I get on :) But truly now I think I am ready to welcome a child into our home and family.


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    • WiccanSage profile image

      Mackenzie Sage Wright 5 years ago

      Cool. I have not read that book yet, interesting spell. Definitely can see the potential there. Thanks, VU.