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Learn about the Spellbinding Sisters

Updated on January 27, 2013

Spellbinding Sisters

Who are the Spellbinding Sisters? We are Voodoo practitioners who have been practicing Voodoo for over 23 years. We started out casting spells to help our close friends and family members and decided to branch out via the internet to make ourselves available to help people all over the world. Unlike many of the spell casters you find online,we charge much less so that anyone in need of service can be helped not just the wealthy.We perform many kinds of spells for people. We specialize in custom made Spells & Hexes to fit the clients situation. We not only perform spells/Hexes & Curses we also hand make Gris-Gris bags and Voodoo dolls/poppets for our clients.

So when you hear the "Spellbinding Sisters" who are they? Well, there is Salubrious Surrey the warm hearted Mothering Sister & Solitaire Bon Lavi the wise & to the point Sister, together they make the perfect combination to not only perform Spells but, also to be there for you every step of the way. We are the Spellbinding Sisters Mothers, Friends & the kind of casters you can rely on. We have your back. In more ways than one!

So why them?

What makes Spellbinding Sisters so different?

When you have been left broken hearted, left in the poor-house,shafted by a person you trusted, we will be here.

The Spellbinding Sisters take special notice to the people who are looking for love or have had their heart broken. Their casting talents excel when helping those who has been wronged. They take each case very seriously and with help of the Vodou Lwa Spirits help to bring justice and happiness to each of their clients.

A custom-made Gris-Gris bag can be just the perfect tool for drawing Love, Job or Money into a person's life. The Sisters hand-make each of the Gris-Gris bags and custom make them for each client. Also used to ward off the Evil eye, Protection & Health. Some clients simply call on them for consultations to get advice and make a game plan for obtaining their goals.Their is never a charge to talk to the Sisters.

The Spellbinding Sisters do it all. From bringing love into a persons life, attracting money to someone who just doesn't quite have enough, finding better jobs for those who want to improve their empolyment situation, to all-out hexing for people seeking revenge against someone who has done them wrong.

The Sisters have a very strong bond to the Loas, Papa Legba, Baron Samedi, and Erzulie. They take great pride in the Voodoo rituals they perform. Quite often the Sisters can be found at the crossroads leaving offerings for Papa Legba.

Revenge can be sweet - Sick of being treated like dirt

Free Curse you can do!

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Spell casters - Real or Bologna?

Salubrious thinking chair
Salubrious thinking chair

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