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Experience With Spell Casting

Updated on August 30, 2011

Casting Spells

So I am writing this hub as a common person. But I have some magical experiences in my life. And on thinking over these experiences, I think I have something to tell you about real magic and spells.

Officially I had never studied anything like casting spells. But I have tried to cast my own spells with the experience of law of attraction and the other rules of the universe. After casting the magic spells the main thing is that to be hold on to the thought of what you want making absolute clear in your mind what you want, hold on to words of the magic spell. Replace the words of your magic spell with your ordinary thoughts. And from that you are going to discover the one of the greatest laws of the universe.

By one point of view it's so easy to hold on your spell. Repeat the words again and again in your mind. There is no any difficulty! Isn't it!? But you know what? If your wish is not going to come true, you will experience the force which is going to distract you from your attention.

Every moment of your life is creating the reality. So your each and every thought is the part of reality creation. Now if you decided to proceed in your life only on your conditions, then what? Just remember every moment and thought including that moment is creating your future reality. If you hold on for a long time on a specific thought, then that thought must come into the reality. And that's the way of doing real magic.

On one spell casting website I read that, write a spell on your hand with a pen and then make that spell as your thought. Just take that spell again and again into your mind, until the ink of that pen disappears from your hand.

Remember the words of the spell must be in present tense. The words must be just like, the thing that you want to happen is happening at the moment and you are experiencing it! The main bottom line is that you must fell happiness after taking those words within your mind. Concentration is the key! so do everything with the concentration and attention. This is the way for your dreams to come true.


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