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Spirit of Intimidation Pt.2

Updated on January 2, 2011

Paralysis of your Authority

The spirit of Intimidation has not been known to be partial even though at times, it seems to be bent on the enslavement of a certain race of people but like influenza, it's often contagious. In other words, fear will often give rise to more fear. It does however, seem to be more impacting on those in leadership positions, because it's goal in these individuals is to impose on their peace so that their judgment will be impaired.

Fear or intimidation, will have those who serve in some capacity of leadership to relinquish their authority which they have been given by God, that is, to take dominion and rule as gods upon the earth.

The aim of Intimidation's is to paralyze leadership's innate gifting and talents so that dormancy results. This means it will become;

a. Inactive

b. Sleeping

c. Undeveloped

d. Hidden

e. Selective

f. Convenient

Principle: When leaders relinquish their authority the whole group suffers.

Shame and scandal in David family

Here in this biblical example we see David's refusal to use his authorityto deal with the tragic act of rape in his family. I am speaking here of Tamar (2Sam13:1) and how she was assaulted by David's son, Amnon. Because this situation was seemingly not properly dealt with by David, his son Amnon was murdered by David's other son and brother of Tamar, called Absalom. After a few years, this situation solidified into a plot to take over the kings house and the kingdom by his son Absalom.

Absalom had become discouraged at his father’s lack of action. His peace had been disturbed and his security shaken. He wasn’t going to allow this to be covered under the rug.

Leaders should never leave an un-repented issue under the rug for they are setting the standards for tomorrow’s generation and furthermore their peace will be affected as long as that issue remains unresolved.

Their flow of the spirit will never be as they had known it because of an issue that was not given the proper reconciliation. Leaders should never be unable to say, “I am sorry”, if for nothing but to keep peace.

David’s lack of action on the part of Amnon had caused Absalom to judge himself as an outsider and not one of the king’s sons. Absalom considered this rejection by David as love lost which stirred up jealousy.

A point that should not go innoticed, is that one never wants to "force" God into making a decision or judgment for an open offense for the toll may be much more than if one had humbled oneself and did as the word of God had clearly stated.

In Absalom's pain, resentment and still seeking for judgment, he reacted and took an unworthy act against his father, David. Absalom came against the Lord’s anointed which is to make war against the Most High.

Your revenge is never a way out. It may be sweet but vengeance belongs to God, He will repay.

The plot failed and Absalom was killed in battle and those who followed him routed (2Sam.18:6-10). Initially, when the assault occurred, David was attack by the spirit of intimidation because,

  1. He did not want to expose Amnon the proposed heir to the throne.
  2. He was afraid of the scandal in the family and so he allowed the issue to "lie under the rug".
  3. He failed his nation and his family for he relinquish his authority to fear.
  4. He held back from his civic duty for Amnon was deserving of the same punishment as any other citizen.

David honored his son Amnon above the commandments of God and reaped the benefits of murder and attempted take over of his house and nation.

Intimidation has benefits!

Relinquishing authority may be of a mother or father allowing their children to access their area of authority at will. the bible gives us another example in 1Samuels where we find the sons of Eli.

Eli and his sons

One example is the case of Eli and his sons who served as priest in the temple of God.

Eli slightly deterred his sons when he should have removed them from their office as priest.In the business of God we cannot afford compromises.

The Lord sent his word to Eli more than once, as noted in 1Sam.2:29-30, but Eli was hesitant to make a radical move to possess his lost authority as spiritual leader over God’s people.

You see, some times you have to stir up your gift. You have to seek out that which you had but is now become prodigal.

And when you seek out your authority, some times the Holy Spirit will impress you to let out that roar that comes from deep within you so that as a lion in the jungle, the other beast will hear and take their rightful places. They will have to get in line for Mufasa is moving again.

But we see that Eli, Israel’s Mufasa, had not been roaring and things had gotten out of hand. All that was coming out of the mouth of God’s anointed was a mere meow because he had allowed himself to be intimidated by his sons.

Therefore because he failed to possess his authority, Israel suffered.

God had given Eli authority over his sons but he had lost possession of that authority thereby leading Israel into a pit of confusion. Eli now had the claim but not possession of authority.

· God told Eli that he was honoring his sons more than he honored him.

Therefore, whosoever you honor holds your place of authority. Honor God and your place of authority is secure.

There is a position that is descending from heaven bearing your name and the enemy knows and so he will attack your willingness to be persistent against the spirit of intimidation.

But you have got to think of your future and that your future has all the promises where your pass has none.

If Elisha was merely thinking about his past when the other prophets told him that his master was getting ready to leave the earth he would have said,

“Well, it was good to have served him and now I will just find another master”.

But he knew that at the end of Elijah, Elisha would begin with the mantle of his master.

Elisha honored Elijah for he knew who held his “package”.

Elisha followed his master from Gilgal, to Bethel to Jericho and finally to Jordon.

a. Gilgal, fellowship/circles/ relationship

b. Bethel, prayer is needed to build a ministry

c. Jericho, remembering the foundation, leadership, government

d. Jordan, death/new beginnings/receiving the authority

If you are lacking in authority, begin to honor the right person. The Psalmist says, (Ps.145:5)

I will speak of the glorious honour of thy majesty, and of thy wondrous works.”

Again in Isaiah 25:1 the prophet says,

O LORD, thou art my God; I will exalt thee, I will praise thy name; for thou hast done wonderful things; thy counsels of old are faithfulness and truth”.

And in the next verse the prophet discloses what will happen to those who dishonor God;

a. city will be made an heap

b. city will lose it’s defense and become a ruin

c. city will not be built


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