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spirit of intimidation Pt.3

Updated on September 10, 2010

intimidation want your authority

Christians are symbolic of a “city” which if not giving honor to the correct source will have no authority to do their intended purpose.

In Samuel 4:18 -21 the matter of Eli and his sons came to an end.

As a symbolic gesture Eli’s daughter-in-law which had been with child, when she heard that the Ark of the Lord was taken by the Philistines and that her father-in-law and husband were dead bowed in travail.

She died giving birth and the midwife named the child, Ichabod meaning the glory of the Lord is departed.

Don’t relinquish your gift Timothy

Paul said to Timothy in 1:6Wherefore I put thee in remembrance that thou stir up the gift of God, by the putting on of my hands”.

To prevent dormancy Paul tells his spiritual son Timothy to stir up the gift of God. Anything that’s not used tend to dormancy but why is it not being used is the issue.

You may not use a think because you are lazy and do not see the need for its use but there is a battle when the use of that thing is dependant upon your keeping your confidence and   peace.

Peter speaks of the gift of God that has to be stirred up, 1Pet.4:10.

In this verse we can conclude that

a.      Every one receives a gift or charisma, Eph. 4:7

b.     The gift doesn’t belong to us but we are stewards, Matt.25:15 the gift should not be neglected

c.     The gift is a portion of God’s manifold grace, 1Pet. 4:11

Paul goes on to say, “For God hath not given us a spirit of fear” or a spirit of intimidation.

The spirit of fear is one of the most abrasive on a Christian’s life.

The Oxford English Dictionary defines intimidation as,

a.      To render timid

b.     To inspire with fear

c.     To overawe, cow

The Greek word is deilia and this word is never used in a good sense.

Fear comes to rob you of your;

a)     peace

b)    courage

c)     confidence  

d)    security

Symptoms of Intimidation

a.      Confusion

b.     Discouragement/ hopelessness

c.     Frustration

We look at Elijah the super prophet

Elijah was a man that broke out of the place that was called common.

His life was marked by the miraculous. He was tremendously used by the power of God.

Jezebel’s influence caused him to relinquish his authority.

a.      He gave up his authority which is positional in other words, when you give up your authority you give up your position

b.     He gave up his heroism – he killed Jezebel’s 850 then ran when he heard from Jezebel thereby destroying his testimony.

Elijah should have remained in the authority that God had given him and that authority would not only destroy the ministers of Jezebel but Jezebel as well.

His authority was so powerful that God used two people to accomplish what he had been given authority to do; Elisha and Jehu.

Elijah had become frustrated and discouraged to such an extent that he asked God to remove him because Jezebel had taken his authority because he was intimidated by her.

He was not intimidated because of the king or the priest but the woman behind the throne.

 Intimidation brings pressure and Elijah could not withstand the pressure.

Pressure comes from the Gethsemane which means wine press.

We remember the Lord Jesus upon Gethsemane and the satanic pressure was so great for his physical man that the bible says, he sweated drops of blood.

Remedy for Intimidation

2Timothy 1:7 For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.

a.      Power – comes from a knowledge of God, Eph.1;17, 18

b.     Love – 1Cor.13, 1Jh.2:15, 4:18 perfect love casteth out all fear

c.     Sound mind – a mind that speaks with authority Matt. 7:28, 29, Luke 4:36. A sound mind speaks from authority, Jh.12:49


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