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Spirit of the Marsh

Updated on October 8, 2015

Spirit of the Marsh

This lens is all about the activities of our not for profit organisation, Spirit of the Marsh here in Theddlethorpe near Mablethorpe on the East Coast of England UK.

Our Next Event is the Beltane Camp and Gathering in May 2016 at Trusthorpe near Mablethorpe.

Refreshments available. (and a bar)

More news will be released as further events are finalised, and please remember that if you are looking at Spirit of the Marsh and the info does not state 2016, you are in the wrong place!!

Beltane Camp and Gathering April 29th to 1st May 2016

Beltane Camp and Gathering May 2016 Trustthorpe Nr. Mablethorpe.
Beltane Camp and Gathering May 2016 Trustthorpe Nr. Mablethorpe. | Source

Beltane Camp and Gathering is on the weekend of April 29th to 1st May 2016 presented by Spirit of the Marsh, Celebrating the talents, knowledge and energy of our region.

Held at Trustthorpe, with the beach just a short walk across the road, there are spectacular views to be had, we encourage a community feel with Pagan and Druidic Ceremonies to bless us all and help heal our spirits.

Bands playing over the weekend, Maypole Dancing and Morris Dancers, Pagan Stalls etc. Please see poster above for more info!!

The east coast is blessed with a wide diversity of talented artistes, crafts people, notable artists, poets & storytellers, traditional, alternative and holistic therapist and healers, all who are represented at this event.

To request a stall space or to book in a camping space, please see the above poster.

Viking Invasion!!

In March 2012, the Spirit of the Marsh team received intelligence that a reconnaissance party of about 25+ Vikings were heading toward Theddlethorpe between the 20th - 22nd July 2012.

It has been reported that their strategic objective is to settle on the grounds of Arklow House Farm, to build a temporary settlement before moving south.

Residence and visitors to the area should be aware that they are fully armed with bows, arrows, swords, shield’s and spears and the public should approach with caution. As history has taught us Vikings can be fearsome warriors if provoked.

However there is evidence to suggest that they will come in peace, as there are women & children in their party. It was felt that they wanted to share and promote their history, culture, crafts, and relay stories of heroic deeds.

As Theddlethorpe is a small unarmed Village and in the interest of diplomacy, friendship and peace, the Spirit of the Marsh Team negotiated terms with these Vikings, known as Bi Frost Guard. It was agreed Pam & Dave Smith who own Arklow House Farm are to accommodate them, and allow them to set up camp, and also to give them an arena to perform re-enactments of Battles from the Dark Ages. If any visiting public are brave enough they can dress up & join in too.

Spirit of the Marsh 2012

Attractions over the weekend included a traditional 'Viking Village' displaying talents and crafts from the Dark Ages, and procession to Viking Burning at Arklow House Farm on Saturday evening. Mind, Body and Spirit Stallholders with in Lincolnshire and other counties too joined us in this celebration.

This event was being advertised and promoted nationwide, tapping into numerous holiday parks, towns & villages that were fortunate to be located in the centre of our activities during the summer period.

Pitch Prices for the weekend were subject to the size of pitch or stall required.

We operated a fair trade environment to allow for diversity of crafts: Jewellery stalls were limited to therapeutic jewellery only.

Do you want to get involved?

If you have a stand or stall you feel would be suitable for our event please contact Julie via. the website form at SpiritoftheMarsh

Ask and they will come!!

I don't know if any of you have seen the film Wayne's World, but the lead characters go out and ask top rock bands to play at their "gig" and until the last minute, Mike does not even know if they will turn up.

This is the stage we are at right now!!

We have bands confirmed, needless to say, if you are reading this and have a band or are a musician and want to play at our event, please, get in touch with us via the enquiry form on our website.

Please be aware that the guy we have on board as entertainments manager organises festivals all over the country, so you will be making good contacts at our event, and there will be good media coverage so if you are a new band, or entertainer, your talents can be spotted!!

Psychics come to Spirit of the Marsh

We have renowned Local Psychics coming so come along and learn something!!

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