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Why You Need Your Own Spiritual Gatekeeper.

Updated on August 19, 2011

Why You Need Your Own Spiritual Gatekeeper.

As you start to develop your psychic and spiritual abilities you become a magnet to attract spirit to you, when you work within a structured environment this is a good thing. However, not all entities have your best interests at heart, they may have their own agenda, in the same way as we meet others on this plane of existence, that person my not always have our interests at the top of their agenda. Here on this plane we have spent many years learning to judge who we can and cannot trust, also to what extent we can trust a particular individual, yet despite all our experience we occasionally get it wrong.

When we think in these terms you can appreciate how important it is that we utilise the experience of those entities that have come to be of service to help us on our spiritual journey of growth and understanding. Your spiritual gatekeeper helps to protect you from those mischievous entities that you may not yet be ready to deal with. Your gatekeeper will only allow those guides and spirits that will help you on your journey of understanding. Your spiritual gatekeeper knows what you are capable of dealing with, as you develop your skills and understanding, so those perimeters change, just as our abilities to cope with various situations have changed, from childhood to adulthood through our understanding and experiences.

The best way to attract your spiritual gatekeeper is the power of prayer and your intentions, in other words ask and you shall receive. Because I truly believe that having your gatekeeper and just as importantly, knowing your gatekeeper is so vitally important to every individual’s spiritual growth. I have produced a guided meditation which takes you on a journey to meet your very own spiritual gatekeeper and gives the listener an opportunity to form that special relationship, with their spiritual gatekeeper. This meditation is designed to be repeated in order to be able to reinforce and build your relationship with your spiritual gate keeper, through repetition, creating a bond between you and your gatekeeper of mutual understanding and respect. Just like any relationship you value here on this plain of existence with a good friend. The same principles apply to spiritual dimensions. Thank of your self as a manager of a club that you want to be sure only the right people get in and those that may cause problems are barred from entry. Well your gate keeper is that doorman and the club is the gateway to yourself. When you meditate you are opening your heart to the universe.

Bernard Misell

Inner Light a 3.5 minute meditation


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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      It's funny because I have just written up on gatekeepers of this & other realms without prior knowledge, not sure if I got it right but never thought of my own gatekeepers until now. I know for sure I've got them as I was attacked by 9 entities in one night but only one was allowed through. I just laughed at him & he left with a terrified look on his face.

      Thanks for telling me of these keepers as I will have to try to be more in tune with them....Thanks Bernard

    • Terri Meredith profile image

      Terri Meredith 

      7 years ago from Pennsylvania

      Interesting idea. I suppose I've never given thought to an actual assigned gatekeeper in all my years dealing with the spiritual realm. However, my Spirit Guide, Sarah, always makes her presence known whenever I'm dealing with new "acquaintances" of which I'm unfamiliar. That might be why I've truly never had any frightening experiences, though I've dealt with a couple of less than happy spirits. Good work!


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