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What is the Spiritual Meaning of Job

Updated on December 8, 2014

Job of Work or Job of Spirit

Spirituality is something most don't consider when talking about God. For them it is some old man in the stars who is too far away to be connected to what goes on down here on earth. That is because the religious Father God is modeled on Zeus and is anything but representative of the real God, who is the Spirit of the Universe.

My reincarnation and passage from life to life showed me the situation in a nutshell. There is nothing after death except a return to life in a new body. That is why there is massive overpopulation at this time. It was foretold in prophecy that at the end of the day everyone who ever lived would be back and stand in their bodies for judgment. Religion changed all that to the expectation of heaven and hell. Believe me there are no such places except in the minds of those too dumb to think for themselves and who believe in fairy tales.

The book of Job is a description of the Spiritual children of the Day of the Lord. It describes their being given over to Satan, a term for the Sun God. They were stripped of their power and treasure and sent into poverty and strife as a test of their spirituality and willingness to forego the things of the world for the right to be saved at the end and to inherit the earth. The story shows it is both a job of work and a job of the Spirit. The image of the Inquisition wheel shows how they were treated by religious officials who despise them.

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Seeded with Spirit and given to Sun Worship

At the beginning of the Day of the Lord humanity had progressed to the point where some were seeded with spiritual power. That is the meaning behind the story of Adam and Eve. They were not the first humans as Genesis 1:27 relates that they were created on the 6th day or at the 6th stage. One can take that to mean in evolutionary terms.

The 7th stage is missing because other things were going on to prepare for the arrival of God's chosen. They are called Adam and they are the ones who were seeded with Spirit. 'Eve' is from 'i-v' and it means the 'Eye of Light'.

A vision showed me the day stretched out as a line in front of me. Where I stood there suddenly appeared a bright light, brighter than the sun. It arched over the live to the beginning and there appeared EVE in large black capital letters. In the middle of the line was NOON and where I stood was EVENING. Along the line were masses of people and in the middle they were reaching upwards to a figure on a cross. Here it was almost dark as only at either end did the light shine brightly.

The bible opened and I read in Isaiah 59:10 of how they grope for the wall like the blind and they stumble at midday as in the night. It also notes that at that time they are in desolate places as dead men.

In another vision these words stood up in the air before my face also in large capital letters: CONSTANTINE IS 666. I was then told to search the origin of the cross. It was located as a sun symbol related to the Islamic religion of Babylon. From there men decided they could die on the cross and resurrect with the sun at dawn and 'marry' her, for she was the star of heaven, the queen of their desire and the mother of all life, as far as they wee concerned.

The length of the day is 4,000 years and it was around that time ago when men discovered they played a role in ferilising their offspring. It changed their behavior from that point forward. The name of the sun was 'Mari' and it means 'mother's powerful eye'. Her mates, therefore, married her; as 'Mary' is the origin of 'marry'.

The sun star was irresistible and the Children of the Spirit were sucked into worshiping it. ll KingsL25 tells the story of their capture and of the carrying of their sacred things to Babylon. It represents the theft of their treasure when they lost everything God had given them. Most think this was the end of Israel and that it exists no longer. The facts are, however, that spiritual Israel is alive and well but not in a tribe, a city or even a country. They exist in the Spirit.

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True Reincarnation Stories

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Twenty Cases Suggestive of Reincarnation: Second Edition, Revised and Enlarged

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Given to the Sun

The Spiritual children were given over to the sun to refine and bring them to the end of the day. How it happened was revealed to me. The refining of Israel is described as the 'job' of the Day, The Lord is the sun (false god) that captured their imagination and done the work.

Job Chapter 2 describes how this happened when Satan (sun) came before God and the Children of God were handed over to it. The religion of the sun worship started with Ishmael. The latter [h] is a late addition to the name from Greek and it is Is-mal or 'Islam' in its correct form. This was the son of Abraham (O-b-ra-m) which translates as 'circle bearing the powerful mother'. I was shown the 'mother' in a vision.

A crowd of people stood on the mountain peak and stared towards a hole in a stone held aloft by a prop. The sun rose behind the stone and the rays dispersed into the colors of the rainbow producing an awesome sight. The term 'awe' is from 'o-r' and it means 'circle of power'. 'O-b-ram' is also the 'circle bearing ram' and the ram is a symbol of worship and sacrifice to this day.It is the root of Rama and reversed is 'Amar' or 'Amor' which translates as 'powerful mother sun'.

It was the 'Amors' that inhabited Babylon and their next Capital was Mari, in ancient Assyria. They moved on from there when an earthquake destroyed it and built a city in Italy, which they had recently conquered. 'Amor' reversed is 'Roma' the name of their newest center of operation. It is here that the second beast captured the children and securely imprisoned them.


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A Helping Hand
A Helping Hand

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