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spiritual philosophy

Updated on August 1, 2015


Faith is usually a big part of any religion or spiritual belief. Those who have it can't understand those who don't. And likewise, those that don't can't understand those who do. But what is faith? And is it really possible to not have faith?

When talking about religion and spiritual beliefs. We usually mean whether or not someone believes in life after or beyond death. Believing in life after death is generally seen as having faith. While believing that the physical is all there is, is seen as not having any faith. But it's also possible to say that both of these believes are a form of faith.

Most spiritual people believe that the basic element, that ultimately makes up our world and everything in existence both inside and outside of our universe, is consciousness or thought. One mind, often refereed to as God, Allah or other similar names in major religions, that sees everything and knows everything, that creates new realities and experiences by looking at parts of everything in new and ever changing ways. And by experiencing all of these realities separately trough viewpoints like the human mind, the illusion of the ego is created. The spiritual way of seeing reality, means that everything we see is created, or put together with parts of everything, by a single consciousnesses entity or entities, which we are amongst, that exist within the mind of that entity,

Non spiritual people however, believe that the basic element, is particles or some kind of non conscious physical element. They believe that everything happens according to natural laws in completely predictable way, Everything is seen as a series of predictable chain reactions. And consciousness is just a byproduct of those chain reactions rather than being the creator, like in the spiritual belief systems. This view is the one most science and learning is based on. And this is is also the main reason why belief in the spiritual and spiritual powers are not taken scientifically serious.

Because when we look at these two believes objectively, We see that there isn't any good reason to say that one is better than the other. They are both based on faith in a particular system. The only difference is that one is considered "real", while the other is often looked upon as pure phantasy. Personally however, I think it should be the other way around.

One rule I believe in is that he simplest explanation, is usually the right one. From a spiritual stand point it's pretty easy to understand what the universe is, but from a non spiritual standpoint it turns into something really complicated. If you want to explain the expansion of the universe in a spiritual way, you can just say that it's because of the way one creation leads to more creations that create even more creations. And because both the existing creations and the new ones keep on creating, the universe keeps on expanding faster and faster to make room for it all. Essentially the universe is like a container of thoughts and consciousness creation that is always as big as it needs to be. It's a simple concept and you don't need to master any complicated math or physics to understand it. Because when non spiritual people try to explain it, it turn into something very complicated. Basically there is this big bang that just occurs out of nowhere and creates the universe. And for some reason it just keeps on expanding. Because they can't explain it they invent something called dark matter. And then use complicated formulas, based on the existence of this invisible matter, that they can not see or detect, to explain why the universe is expanding.

Modern science, to me, looks more like a method of trying to convince people that the spiritual doesn't exist, than it looks like a way of really understanding the universe. Consciousness is unpredictable, and if you try to understand a conciseness universe based on predictable rules, yo will just keep on encountering unexplainable results that can only be seemingly explained away by the use of complicated theories. It's strange. we are all conscious. Jet so many of us believe in a world view where consciousness doesn't actually exist. The trouble is, I think, that it's easy to understand consciousnesses when you understand it. It just seems like a natural way of seeing things and you cant understand that it's possible to not see it this way. But getting from a point of not understanding to a point of understanding, can be hard. And so you end up with this conflict between those who understand and those who don't.

And since I think understanding consciousness, is important I'm going to write more about that in the near future.

© 2015 Fredrik


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