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Spirit Prophecy

Updated on December 9, 2014

Prophecy is a Look Into the Future

Many don't believe it is possible to see into the future. Spirituality is power that allows such visions and those who have it often get views and prophecies of future events. Nothing could be known, however, unless it is planned. Nothing we do, say or act upon can change it.

So it was with me when the Spirit opened a channel in my brain and passed information through it in the form of pictures and words. It is hard to describe that power or the sensation of having that link because it allowed me to see and hear things not normally known.

The visions and prophecies given to me between the mid to late 1980s are coming true or have already done so. If this happened to you and you knew that what you are seeing is part of the plan what would you do? Would you risk heing targeted by those who want to preserve their own false beliefs and stupidity or would you speak out or hide the truth, as Nostradamus had to do, to avoid persecution or, in his case, threats of death? I am not a tormented egotistic soul, as some would describe me as, but rather someone who has for the last thirty years been led by the Spirit to do a job.

So why is this important? We are in crisis in the world with climate change, wars and overpopulation boxing us into a corner from which we cannot now escape. So what does it matter then if people know or don't know about the Spirit and the plan? Why shouldn't we just shut up and go on our way and forget it? The reasons are obvious if you read my lenses which are added to this one to explain where this work is coming from.

It is those who believe in stupidity, false images, virgin births, heaven and hell, and so on who will pay the heaviest price. Religion has lulled the senses of people and made them blind and deaf to reality, The Spirit wants to wake them up so they can stop killing each other and the world. That's why this story is important.

It is no ego trip, believe me, but a compulsion I brought with me when born and carried through by my reincarnation. You can read that story below. In terms of these prophecies and why the Spirit is revealing what is to come think about this: If you were about to be executed for a crime wouldn't you need to know about it and what crime you had committed. That was foretold in prophecy as well.

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Called By God

Taught by the Spirit

Before those visions other things happened to ensure that I knew that the Spirit was acting in my life to bring about knowledge and power. This will not go down well with those who cling to religion and to ideas that the Spirit cannot communicate with us,

The puzzle is always why religion does not acknowledge the Spirit and the miracles and power that spiritual people have? Those who have it are at odds with many in their communities and certainly with anyone who believes that religion is from God. Still the path I was on would eventually answer all those questions and more. To understand what came of it one should know that there was appointed a time and place for such knowledge to come about.

For 2 years the Spirit took me back to the beginning of reason and how language and religion emerged from the same starting point. They were combined in sun worship. If you think about it you will see that if you have a religious thought it is not confined to one brain but must be passed on to others for it to be religion.

That can only happen with vehicles like language and symbolism. But in order to describe the meaning of symbols language is essential and for it to succeed it must dominate the minds of all around it. So religion began and language quickly followed and then came confusion as minds tried to sort out patterns for the make-believe and philosophies that many brains dealing with the same problem came up with.

Once you have more than one brain at work deciding on any issue then the clarity is muddled, the focus confused and the result is a hotch potch of lies and false dreams. That is what religion is about and why it opposes the Spirit which deals with single individuals and with clarity of mind and actions. Religious leaders nominate God as a man and what man could have power enough to be the great Creator, although they keep trying?

For man to have his way he had to make the Spirit into something to be feared, avoided, ridiculed and cast aside. To impose the dreams hell was invented and to explain the retaliation by God the devil was dreamed up. Oh my, a good and loving God and a devil of evil power to oppose it,

Religion is the home of the devil for it turned God upside down and made the Spirit, the force within that leads and guids in a normal fashion, into evil. For religion to be right then the Spirit within has to be wrong and those who listen to it will be condemned. So the force within which the Spirit uses to get us through life had to be made into something that could be ignored. But humans are fascinated with the paranormal. which is not called spirit but other things, like ghosts, spirits and pultergeists, (associated in the popular imagination with demonic possession.) Wikipedia.

So religion states that such things cannot happen unless they are from the devil. So who and what is the devil? Is it not supposed to be a powerful spirit. If God is a man and the devil is spirit then this is a contradiction as the devil will be more powerful than God.

So this fact alone was a major discovery. Why invent sophisticated language and symbols unless they serve an important function, such as the worship of a God. No other creature has refined language like that of humans and we are the only surviving human species so we don't know just when all this came about. The religious notions passed onto us from our ancestral hominids, however, for speech began before humanity, have caused us to go on a road to what we have become.

But the stimulus was always worship of the sun and then other gods born of it. The stimulus was always to promote the male brain into becoming a god that man could worship and accept on his own level. Christianity goes so far as to claim murder and resurrection of its savior in order to show the power of a man born of a virgin, an impossibility in modern knowledge, so should we laugh at those stupid enough to believe in this fanciful bit of rubbish, or call them eccentric and troubled egos. Should we not try to wake them up and bring them out of their dreams?

Islam promotes Mohammed as the greatest of all creatures, yet he was a pedophile, a bigomist with many wives, and people who follow him are now so confused that many don''t mind blowing themselves up in the expectation of going to heaven and getting rewarded with virgins and so on. But look at how they treat women in their religious culture and many Moslims hate democracy and openly admit they want to crush it and spread Islam around the world. Where is that coming from and why?

The Jews have their heroes, Moses and David, yet Moses can be traced to a personification of the sun's reflection in the water and the fanciful notion that this could become a man. In effect it was the star in the sky that led men through deserts, as in the story of the Exodus. It was the sun that was too bright to look upon and men had to close their eyes or cover their faces with veils, as noted in that story, lest they be blinded by it. Moses, as a personification of the sun, also was too bright to look upon. It was the sun's reflected rays on the mountain peak that men took their laws from and wrote down in stone. Greek mythology uses the same magical tricks for Bacchus and there are others of the same origin.

Still this was ancient thinking juxtaposed on those gullible enough to accept it, even at the point of a sword.

Given time the violence they suffered could be overcome as new generations were ignorant of that part of religious history. All religion has to do is keep the past secret and prevent their people being educated and finding out. The modern generation of faithful followers overlook the horrible torture and deaths inflicted on so many so called pagans, heathens, infidels and so on, mainly because most of them don't know about it and are too lazy to look into the history books to find out. Even the poor indians of many nations fell by the sword in the belief they were not mentioned in the bible and, therefore, could be killed off and annihalated by the religious persercutors who raided their land and stole it and everything else from them.

In the same way religion blankets evolution and other facts that cannot be ignored or coverd over when the mind is alert and educated,

The Spirit was working in my life so this was not unexpected as you can see here There were out and out miracles, as described here

Can We Know the Future?

Have you ever had a vision that has come true?

Hurricane Katrina

The Future is Known

For it to be foretold.

Many psychics have nominated things that have come true but the question remains 'how did they do it'? One of the most famous of these was Jeanne Dixon who foretold of the assassination of JFK in Dallas in 1963. She begged and pleaded with him not to go on that fateful trip but he failed to comply. That is because he had a date with destiny.

But would he have won favor among anyone if he had declared that he could not go to Dallas because a psychic had warned him of his death there? Definitely not! He would have been booed out of Office - so he was trapped. Whether he believed in spiritual power or not made no difference as he was locked into fulfilling the prophecy.

Now we are all locked into fulfilling prophecy which will see us murder ourselves and all life forms before we are through. Can we stop it? No! Why? Because money and power is involved.

From the beginning the Spirit has worked to a plan and wrote down that plan for us to know and to learn by it. But we have mostly ignored it and man has chosen to make up his own plan, one that is now destroying us. Instead of nature he chose invention, instead of creation he chose destruction, instead of prevention he chose chaos. Man is the fool who changes things when it does not comply with his limited thought patterns.

The Spirit does not comply with man's idiotcy because creation was perfect when it is known but because man cannot see beyond the immediate he cannot know the secrets that are hidden and buried deep within all creatures. He cannot treat the earth as a living organism to be nurtured and fed but he uses it as a source of materials for his own invention, the main one is called money. He uses the earth as he does most things - with abuse and ignorance. What he doesn't like he changes. Now we are locked into our destiny thanks to the stupidity of humanity.

We Cannot Change the Future

Even when we know something is going to happen we cannot avoid it.

New York World Trade Centers
New York World Trade Centers

The Plan That Does Not Change

We are Locked into our Destiny

The visions were horrendous. Giant buildings were collapsing to the ground, huge waves inundated the land, massive drought pervaded major countries and famine followed. People were starving to death and crawling in their own vomit. Babies were held to randsom in nurseries, bombs were exploding everywhere, fire raged through forests and cities and people were going mad in the wake of it.

Murder, suicide, economic collapse, heatwaves like we have never experienced, oceans depleted of food and changing color as the environment worsened. The people on the move, masses and massed into giant crushing forces as they went marching to nowhere and dying en route. Others trapped in hovels and burned alive. Cities sinking in mud and goo like nothing ever seen before and rotting bodies everywhere.

These are visions that came to me day after day in the mid 1980s. Tears rolled repeatedly from my eyes until I could take no more of it. Begging the Spirit to stop showing me these things they could not be explained or told to others without causing me great ridicule. "She's mad" I could hear them saying if I dared to open my mouth about them. But now is the time to tell because many of these things have already happened. The most dramatic being the destruction of the twin towers in New York, now famously called 9/11.

Do You Think God Works to a Plan?

Do You Believe we Can Know the Future?

Indian Ocean Tsunami

The final death toll from this tragedy is unknown but it was well in excess of 300,000 aside from the strutural damage and economic hit is immeasurable. No one in its path survived or were left alone without their families. Thousands of children were orphaned. individual adults lost partners, parents and their own children. Many buried their entire family or simply never saw them again.

Is the Earth Doomed

Or can we escape our destiny?

Volcanic eruption in Iceland

Floods in Rockhampton
Floods in Rockhampton

As the Climate Worsens

Floods, drought, fires, famine

Not too many it seems are taking climate change seriously but we will all pay the price. Just as JFK was locked into his destiny so we are all locked into ours.

In a vision I saw the unstoppable fires, floods, winds, and resulting famine. Now the floods in Queensland, Australia, are about to affect the entire world.

Queensland supplies most of the world's coal and that means energy, heating, lights and jobs. The mines are under water, the railway lines needed to transport the coal are wrecked, the ships that would normally be taking it to foreign shores stand idly by in the ocean off the coast. While most of the northern hemisphere is facing its coldest winter ever the southern hemisphere has it's wettest.

From Queensland comes sugar and the world depends on this commodity for the production of most of its food. Even soft drinks, or sodas as the Americans like to call them, contain heaps of sugar. So too does chocolate, breakfast cereals, many canned fruits and, of course, ice cream. Well, we can live without these things but the things we can't live without are going to be very expensive.

Aside from food the cotton crops are ruined. This will have an enormous bearing on the price of garments and other commodities. Wheat crops are devastated in both Queensland and New South Wales as well now as Western Australia. With Russia not producing much wheat in its last season due to the weather and not exporting any Australia was to be the salvation. Now things like bread, flour, and whatever else is made from them will be in short supply and very expensive. If that's not enough what about fruit and vegetables?

Even my own garden which had such potential as a crop producer this year has been hit hard by the weather. And that's only some of what is going on right now. All it will take will be for more floods and fires in the northern hemisphere in the spring and summer to push us into a worst crisis.

UPDATE: Now the Japanese earthquake, tsunami and nuclear worries have impacted on that country and the war has started in Libya as people there are being massacred by a dictator.

What effect will Climate change have on us

Can we survive climate change?

Ice melting in Antartica

Escape to Where?

The world is our only home and we are stuck here without refuge.

Black Saturday

The cost - almost 200 lives lost some 4,000 plus homes gone, several towns and villages completely destroyed,. thousands of animals, wild and stock, killed, millions of acres burned, forest denuded, lives changed forever.

Time is running out
Time is running out

Time is Running Out

The future is bleak

Everyday the clock moves closer to the day when tomorrow may not come. It is already too late to stop deforestation, overfishing of oceans and pollution by plastic. So what can we do?

It is now openly discussed around the world because we are in crisis. With most of the world, including the largest economies, China and the USA, struggling to avoid recession and many other countries being baled out of huge debts there is a limit to how far man's money and power can take us. It can't fix the climate, nor the environment of all the pollution caused by making the money. It can't undo the loss of species, the overfishing of oceans, the inundation of plastic and its effect on the oceans and the health of all living creatures.

But struggle as we might against the odds there is one fact that we cannot ignore. The Spirit warned us and wrote it down and has reminded us again through prophecies, such as those given to me and others, that we are headed for total disaster. There will be no survivors when the oxygen is gone, when corbon dioxide and carbon monoxide are the main source of breath, and when the rivers are polluted beyond safe drinking levels.

But as much as I keep telling it and have done since the visions started nothing has changed. Man is as complacent as ever, praying to false gods born of sun worship and killing each other for the extra bit of money. Celebrity status rules as well and unless one has a high profile you are nothing and no one will heed anything you say.

How much does the weather affect what you do?

Do you think the earth is getting warmer or colder?

Deadly Fires in Greece

The World Will be Destroyed by Fire

Hear ye that are afar off what I have done; and ye that are near acknowledge my might.

The sinners in Zion are afraid; fearfulnes hath surpassed the hypocrites. Who among us shall dwell with the devouring fire? who among us shall dwell with everlasting burnings. Isaiah 33:13-14

Queensland Floods

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    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Thanks for this lens! :) Great debates going on here! Blessed!

    • WriterJanis2 profile image


      7 years ago

      Lots of food for thought! Great work.

    • darciefrench lm profile image

      darciefrench lm 

      8 years ago

      It points out the extreme negativity and falsehood arising from ego that has nothing to do with God, Spirit or Love. Love is the answer, when we go in love, none of your predictions hold true.

    • ChrisDay LM profile image

      ChrisDay LM 

      8 years ago

      I suppose hope is within all of us but 'we' have certainly pushed things to the limits. There must be a 'tipping point', at which gradual change shifts into rapid and uncontrollable change. Once we reach that, out time is done.

    • myneverboredhands profile image


      8 years ago

      I'm having visions too and always had...They are come true, but some of them with less accuracy then other... When I questioned myself why, I understood... that when I'm quietly sitting and watching them to happen then they will on 100%, but if I speak up and share them, it can make difference: something can be avoided or prevented... there is always a choice. Very interesting lens, thanks.

    • Bellezza-Decor profile image


      8 years ago from Canada

      Thanks ... I'm reading "Finishing the Mysteries" now. I am a Seeker and watcher.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      I am a believer. I have had premonitions and it is inescapable. I simply knew.

    • MargoPArrowsmith profile image


      8 years ago

      Lots to think about


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