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Spring Home Blessing

Updated on April 9, 2014

Our inner world is reflected in our home. Our homes can become cluttered and stale. After winter is over we will often find debris of the past months accumulated in our living space. Some experiences were negative. We have things laying around which are unconscious reminders of past events. We will have a dress we wore on the night of a painful experience. We might have business cards laying around from situations which made us feel less than happy. These negative feelings accumulate and build up.

Smudging your home is a good way to cleanse and purify your space. This works in various ways. You do not need to adhere to any magical beliefs to do this. Many people will be sensitive to smoke. There are other ways to smudge your home. I believe scent is very important. Those of you with sensitive noses might want to find another way to cleanse your home. You can use a bottle of water which has been blessed instead of smoke. If you are so inclined, holy water might do the trick. Salt is another scent free option. Merely sprinkle salt around your room. Sometimes herbs can be added to assist with a magical purpose.

I typically do a house blessing on every new moon in the year. I also do one if I feel like I have a lot of negative things occurring. You can do it just once for spring cleaning. This exercise is a great start to cleaning your home to prepare for the summer.


  • Candle
  • Self-igniting Charcoal
  • Dried Herbs


  • Lighter
  • Charcoal Holder


1. This exercise is best started by opening all of the windows in the house. I live in an apartment. It is only 1 room which I need to bless. I leave my front door closed because I wish to maintain privacy. I open my window as far as I can. You might want to open all windows in the house. This helps clear away the stale winter air.

2. I start my ritual by facing east. I will have my lit charcoal in my hand. This year I chose to use the dried herb of woodruff. This herb is good for turning over a new leaf. It is an herb governed by the planet Mars in traditional herbalism. It is appropriate to use when the Sun is in Aries. You might wish to use a different herb. It is also simple to purchase a smudge stick of sage. This is very commonly used. I enjoy aligning my herb choice with current issues in my life. I have also suggested water and air freshener for some people. It depends on your preference, money, and what you have on hand. There have been times when I have conducted this ritual using a few sticks of incense. That is acceptable too.

3. 'I bless and purify this sacred space' is the typical blessing I use. Since I practice magick and other forms of spirituality in my apartment it is important for me to acknowledge the space as sacred. You may alter these words to reflect your own lifestyle. You may want to include your family members or pets in your blessing. It need not be flowery. I want mine very simple so I can remember it. I utter it many, many times as I circle the room.

4. Circle the room. I use a large turkey feather I use to make the smoke waft around. You want to get the smoke in every crevice as much as you can. I will open my closet and cupboard doors in order to bless that space as well. Sometimes I might even bless the stove, refrigerator, and microwave.

5. After I am done my blessing, I sit and meditate. I will set a pillar candle on my altar and spend 10 minutes reflecting on negative experiences which have occurred since I last blessed my space. I will use this moment to experience my emotions while in a mindful state. Typically I will carve a rune from the Norse alphabet into my candle. I will select a rune from a recent reading and use that as a point to reflect on.


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