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How To Understand Samadhi and the Sthitaprajna

Updated on April 11, 2013

In my two previous articles on Samadhi, I wrote of my frustration in not having entered into Samadhi. For those not exposed to the idea of Samadhi, it would seem strange to hear of people who are fixated on this concept or notion. For those familiar, they also may not have knowledge of how Samadhi can have an absolute transformation on a human being. Because of this, I felt it would be of benefit to showcase the qualities of a Sthirapranja or one who had entered completely into Samadhi.

The qualities of a Sthitaprajna are what define him/her. He enjoys perfect freedom, he is a free soul. He experiences Samadhi is sahaja and is spontaneous and enters the state of Samadhi without effort. His knowledge of his self-nature is ever constant. The Sthitaprajna is the infinite consciousness, without differentiation between good and evil or any of the pairs of opposites. He is no longer shackled by fear and aversions and is free from the attachment to desire.

A Sthitaprajnais ajivanmukta;he is in appearance a man, but in reality he without bounds. The way to identify a Sthitaprajna is by his actions, character and his habitual nature. By his conduct his virtue is known, the unity and divinity of all is expressed.

The Sthitaprajna is wisdom manifest, he is bliss. Unmoved by the vicissitudes of the changing phenomena of the universe, his wisdom is unaffected by thought, pain or pleasure. He carries out his responsibilities and duties of daily life, but is always conscious of the reality of oneness. He is at peace and ease in all situations, circumstances and conditions.

The ignorant believe in the projections of their minds, the Sthitaprajna knows there is no doing, only the Witness. He is not the body, he is not the mind.

The absolute truth lies outside of all scriptures, dharmas and non-dharmas. He is grounded in the wisdom of the one Self. Because a Sthitaprajnais a fully enlightened being, he is not bound by the injunctions of the scriptures. Society’s traditions have no hold on him, or the laws of ethics. However, is perfected in virtue and acts according to the highest virtues. He never violates the rules of morality and ethics.

The Sthitaprajna is infinite consciousness and therefore is not limited by a particular culture, sect, nation, or society. For the Sthitaprajna, all sentient beings are his people. Without expectation he works for the welfare of all.

A Sthitaprajna moves without appearing to move and acts without appearing to act. He is not indolent and his example for the people leads them away from the idea of laziness and spiritual complacency. The Sthitaprajnais ajnani,abhakta,and a yogi. He is established in state of yoga. The Sthitaprajna is one withGod, with a profound knowledge of Ultimate Reality. His spiritual vision is integral and all-embracing. For the Sthitaprajna,God is transcendent and immanent. He believes and practices dedicated service knowing it is as important as offerings of worship, meditation and devotion.


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