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Updated on March 7, 2019
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What I love about writing is the opportunity to be creative and connecting with others.

Fighting stress with the help of the zodiac

Anxiety can be a big burden in your body and your mind. But have you ever considered how useful your zodiac sign can be to fight the feeling of stress?

It is easy to lose control over some aspects of your life. At work or at home, sometimes the may be some situations in which you will sink in a state of alert. However, this feeling of despair may not be just exclusive to you but could be related to a common feeling implicit in your zodiac sign. This doesn’t mean for example that all those belonging to a specific sing have the same problem, but more, about their first reaction or how they confront adversity. What is the relationship between stress and the zodiac? How does each sign react?


Sedentarism is the worst enemy of an Aries. They are constantly on the run. From one point into another. If something is on their mind, they have to do it as soon as possible. If you are with them when they are “out on a mission”, you have to keep up with their frenetic rhythm. They cannot stand laziness or someone that seem to be moving in slow motion.


Standing on solid ground is a great relief for Taurus. They are meticulous and like to know in advance all the angles of a situation. If they have a plan, they will try to follow it until the very end. For them, everything has to be clear as water and the rules have to be mentioned in advanced. They hate uncertainty or unpredictable situations. If you don’t want to cross them, don’t even suggest changing the plan.


Finding the right decision without the proper reflection on it is Geminis worst nightmare. Pushing them for a quick decision is like putting a gun to their heads. It will really make them very uncomfortable due to their dual personality. They tend to go from one pole to the other and could need to cover all angles before making up their minds. Don’t expect them to be in their element on a game of quick chess.


Sensitivity can be the Achilles heel of Cancer. They are from far, the most sensitive of all zodiac signs. Their caring and lovable personality could make them really vulnerable. Criticism is a concept hard to accept for a Cancer. They tend to interiorize these emotions that come from a critic, without even showing a hint of sadness or disappointment. They prefer to swallow before showing that they are hurt.


Being used to be the leaders, Leos have difficulties when someone questioned their leadership. They preferred to be admired, listen or follow than been shown indifference. What drives them crazy is when their leadership is not recognized or when they are contradicted.


A born perfectionist like a Virgo expects too much from himself or what he has done. Sometimes a Virgo is their own worst critic. If they are not satisfied whit the way they acted or what they produced, they could easily turn to despair. When they fall in such a phase, they are unable to distance themselves from a self-destructive attitude that can really affect their performance.


To interrupt harmony or to confront conflict with someone close to them is Libra’s biggest dilemma. They can’t help putting everything on a balance. Libra usually prefers to avoid any argument. Especially if it is with a friend or their partner. They’ll do anything to bring the equilibrium back, even lie or make silly compromises just to put an end to any turbulence.


A Scorpio is rather reserved. They are not the kind that waves their intimacy around. They prefer to keep everything among a close circle of friends. The problem is when you take them out of this close environment. For them is extremely hard to open themselves or having to show their feelings. They think that this could make them vulnerable.


Being in a golden cage is not the ideal life for a Sagittarius. They cherish their freedom above all, it is part of their essence. They need their space and to be able to take a decision without asking previously for permission. Sagittarius is a free spirit and will feel restrained if someone cuts their wings. That is the reason why they feel so uncomfortable when they are slaved by a time table or a boring routine.


Feeling excluded is something very unpleasant for a Capricorn. They are annoyed when they perceive that there is something cooking around them, to which they are completely kept on the side. If there is a secret on the air, they want to know them. They can take it very personally when they are uninformed of what is happening. They can feel as if they are not trusted.


A big anxiety trigger for Aquarius is definitively linked to their limitations. They wish they can give more and are totally frustrated by their own limits. It is something they cannot control, even though they know that it is impossible to be perfect in every aspect. This creates a lot of doubts on them, to the point at which they might start to think that they are worthless.


It would be unfair to say that Pisces are control freak. However, they always like to have control of the situation. They suffer when things got out of hands or when something doesn’t go as planned. This can make them feel as if they have fallen into chaos. They cannot stand uncertainty and could easily felt under the illusion that their world is tearing apart.

© 2019 Federico Rojas


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