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How to use more of your brain and succeed in life?

Updated on June 26, 2015

You are not alone

You must be one of them who wish to succeed in life and plan very well but nothing would go according to it. 80% of the people accompany you. But only few of them tend to realize and you are now one among the few.

How to tackle your dynamic brain?

The brain possesses unimaginable power radiating in all directions from its core. In order to succeed, all you are need to do is just to redirect the force in the required direction. When the direction is properly set, then all your needs would fall into place. Our task that lies ahead is how you align your thoughts to what you actually want to achieve. The following hub shall help you in doing so.

How can you break the barrier around your brain?

It is important to avoid negative thoughts like if you would not be able to achieve that goal. It is necessary to note that whatever a brain of a man can conceive, it can achieve. The brain is described by a Tamil poet “Thiruvalluvar” as a well where you get more and more water as you keep digging it. It is estimated that we tend to use only five percent of our brain. Therefore, it is absolutely not required to think that you would not be able to achieve that particular target. Everything is conceivable. You might think that you have friends who are intelligent and quick-witted when compared to you. However, the truth is just that you had not worked to the extent they had worked in the past. If you spend quality time for that particular activity and start working, then nothing would act as barrier towards your growth.

Why do you get distracted often?

Priority is the key factor for getting distracted. Your brain would say to postpone the important work and do the unimportant work temporarily. You must give that particular work always the highest priority. So whatever be the situation, you must not compromise the work towards your goal for any other lower priority jobs. You need to force yourself to do that particular activity by making your brain think of the fruitful end results.

Cultivate interest

The more you are interested in a particular activity, more is the chance of getting novel ideas to improve it. When you are interested in it, you tend to study more on that. You will be able to talk to friends or your co-workers regarding it. Even if you are not interested in a particular work, you could always start cultivating interest in it. It is a common misconception that you would not be able to perform this particular task how much ever effort you put in. This would discourage you and make you lose interest towards that work. You would get interest once you start knowing about it. The interest for a particular topic is developed only by acquiring more and more knowledge about it.

Do not scatter your energy

It is very important that you stay focused in order that you achieve a particular target. As Swami Vivekananda says, worship the work that you do and let the mind, soul and every part of your body become one with that activity and do not scatter your energy. When you stay focused towards a single goal, then all your energy will work together to achieve it.

Do not accept defeat

It is impossible to succeed immediately. You must not see the ground results and get disheartened. It would act as a path for the destination that you wish to reach. A famous quote by Paramahamsa Yogananda goes like this “It is better to die struggling than to abandon your efforts when there is still a chance of achieving something more for even when death comes, your struggles must soon be renewed in the next generation.”

How to completely align your brain to what you want?

The key aspect lies in reducing the gap between what the mind says and what the body does. The art of reducing this gap comes with meditation and practice. It helps you to remain focused towards your goal. You can feel the change yourself once you start devoting time for meditation. If you believe in God, chanting prayers will be very helpful. They have a lot of energy in them which will help you to keep your mind active. Here is a small example as to how you can check the mind-body relationship. Take a badminton cork and a racket. When you play with your friends your mind would say to hit the cork in a particular place with specific force. However the hand does not obey entirely and the cork may go in some other place. What makes this difference? It is the hand and mind co-ordination. With repeated practice and tuning of brain you can achieve precisely where you want to place the cork and its force. It is the same scenario with your life. When your body performs what the brain says and if you had tuned the brain in right direction,then the success is all yours.

Where do you stand among others?

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