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How to succeed in your work

Updated on December 16, 2009

We are all humans with weaknesses, mistakes, fragile, emotion, and sympathy. In general, we are prone to everything; we are breakable at any moment in our lives. Even we are aware by our common senses each time we face of difficult issues; however, we still make mistakes many times.

We recognized our weaknesses, and then we can avoid our over-confident, our arrogant, and our mistrust as I heard lots of time many people said that: “I only trust and strongly believe in myself…How I can believe in someone else while I only trust in myself”. Many people saw this explanation logic and made sense, and they didn’t know they fell on their trap of mistakes.

We can believe something in ourselves but not for everything. We are humans, we depend on each others, on societies, on church, and on communities in order to survive in this world…A wise decision is the result of many deep-thinking, research, and advice-searching on many experts. This is the reason many big corporations, commercial companies put their big fund on their Research and Development department’s projects. Many Corporations spent many billion dollars on looking for the best innovative ideas of the best experts on their fields in order to improve their product lines better each day. Even so, they did not always succeed in their R&D projects.

Now allow me to show you the way which always lead to your success on everythings which I learned from two well-known persons in the world, Mother Theresa of Calcutta, India and Pope John Paul II of Rome. Mother Theresa explained that before she executes any big project for her huge charities, she always came to God, prayed and asked for help…She put everything on God’s hands for guiding. We can say in other word Mother Theresa trusted in God on everything she did. In the same way, Pope John Paul II did before making any important decision to anything he always came to God to pray for guidance and help. Once he told my aunt Theresa who was a Dominican nun when she visited Rome that he always prayed this word before he prepares to do anything:

“Oh my God Divine Trinity…To you, with you, and in you I will do my works. Please guide and let all my works glory your name to the world”.

Pope John Paul II and Mother Theresa always succeed in their works since they did not trust on themselves when they performed their work instead of trust absolutely in God’s hands.

Let us trust everything in God when we do our works…Wishing you and all of your family will succeed in everything in the New Year, and all happiness, peace in the Christmas season 2009




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