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SyFy Channel Ghost Hunters

Updated on September 14, 2015

Investigate haunted houses with SYFY channel Ghost Hunters

Every week SyFy channel series "Ghost Hunters" visits another haunted house to try and find evidence or disprove the haunting. They have gone to some of the most haunted places in the world and had some great episodes. I have been interested in the paranormal since I was a child. I am fascinated by shows that are about real people and real events. I started watching Ghost Hunters in the first season and got hooked on it. I like the show because they do not try to catch something in every episode. If they didn't find any evidence, they just say they didn't find any evidence to prove a haunting. They are not always able to get any ghost photos or videos becuase real ghosts don't show up when you want them to. This is how they explain it to the clients when they have experienced strange things, but caught no evidence.

Ghost Hunters Jason and Grant
Ghost Hunters Jason and Grant

Meet the Ghost Hunters

The Atlantic Paranormal Society (T.A.P.S) was founded by Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson while both were employed by Roto Rooter in Warwick, Rhode Island. The group began their investigations as a hobby which grew into a very popular television series. T.A.P.S investigates reports of paranormal activity in private residences and public buildings. There is no fee charged for investigations and reports of activity threatening children are given top priority.They have been called out to do a paranormal investigation on some famous places such as "The Stanley Hotel", location for Steven King's masterpiece The Shining with Jack Nicholson. They were sent to investigate The Myrtyl's Plantation in St. Francisville, Louisiana were they had some personal experiences and one strange event caught on video. They have also investigated the The Queen Mary, The Winchester House, Eastern Penitentiary, and the site of the Hindenburgh crash among many others. The show has built such a good reputation that the US Navy has asked them to check out a few places of theirs. The shows lead investigator's and founders Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson produced the show on their own the first season on SyFy. The show was taken off the air but was brought back by viewer request and the netword picked up the tab for the next year. They have invited celebrity guests to join them on some investigations. Wrestlers from the WWE, media personell and ghost hunting groups from diffrent areas have been guests on the show.

"Ghost Hunters" airs on SyFy Channel on Wednesday nights at 9pm central time, check local listings for times in your area. If you have never watched the show, check them out and you might just be surprised.

Famous Paranormal Investigations

Join The Atlantic Paranormal Society (T.A.P.S) on some exciting adventures into the strange and unexplained. Learn all the ghost hunting terms and what type of equipment is used for capturing evidence on an investigation.

Since becoming a regular show on Syfy Network, the crew has been able to buy some pretty cool new equipment like infra-red cameras, equipment to analyze pictures and video and new audio-recording equipment as well.

One cool tool that they have added is a motion-detector that they set up in unoccupied rooms and it gives off an alarm if anyone or anything passes in front of it. It has been used on many investigations and has caught a few suspicious things now and then. Mostly just shadows, but it's still pretty amazing.

Myrtyl's Plantation
Myrtyl's Plantation

Famous Places and Ghost Hunts

Here is a short list of a few places the Ghost Hunters have investigated:

Myrtles Plantation- St. Francisville, LA

Oak Alley Plantation Vacherie, LA

The Lizzie Borden House Fall River, MA

Mansfield Reformatory, Mansfield, OH

Waverly Hills Sanitorium

Paladium Theatre

St. Augustine Lighthouse

The Stanley Hotel Estes Park, CO

Bird Cage Theatre Tombstone,AZ

O.K Corral Tombstone,AZ

Leap Castle County Offaly, Ireland

Hell Fire Caves Buckinghamshire, England

Alcatraz San Francisco, CA

USS Hornet Alameda,CA

USS Lexington

Wright-Patterson Air Force Base Building #70

Pennsylvania Asylum

They have also had some celebrity guests accompany them on some of these investigations. Every Halloween, T.A.P.S does a 6-hour live broadcast investigation with a special guest. Movie stars, television hosts, journalists, WWE wrestlers and talk show hosts have explored spooky castles, underground tunnels, and haunted hotels with the Ghost Hunters crew. Special guests include: Josh Gates (Destination Truth, recurring) Merideth Vierra ( Who Wants to be a Millionair) CM Punk (Wrestler) The Miz (Wrestler), MeatLoaf (Singer,Actor) Amanda Tapping (SG 1, Sanctuary) and Colin Ferguson (Eureka).

An Important Point

Ghosts are spirits that for one reason or another, are tied to certain places. They may not realize what happened to them or are looking for a lost family member. Many spirits linger in places that they loved or around the people they loved the most. Usually places where they were happy during their lives.

Photo of ghostly shadow
Photo of ghostly shadow

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