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taking dominion over your life

Updated on May 7, 2011

the power to enforce

There is an increasing spiritual warfare in the earth realm and there are spiritual vessels whom the the leader of the army of host has assembled to wage war against the forces of darkness of this world. These vessels are akin to prepared navy seals who have been placed in key spiritual locations to disassemble what the satanic kingdom has erected.

Their fight is not against flesh and blood but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of darkness of this world and against spiritual wickedness in high places. They have been sent to recapture, restore order, replenish supplies and to take dominion over that was illegally taken either by deception or by tyrannical ruler-ship. These righteous combatants have been told to take no prisoners and that victory is assured them by the word, the blood and the name of Jesus.

These are the days when God is dethroning the "giants" in the land by way of his people who have been given the power by the Holy Ghost to enforce His word. These "giants" are in;

1. the Political field

2. the medical

3. the technical

4. the media/ communications

5. the Real estate/dominion

6. the Banking field/marketplace

7. the Religious/ Witchcraft

These giants reflect the 7 spirits that were in the land (Joshua 3:10) as Israel came out of Egypt captivity. They were,

  1. The Amorites
  2. The Perizzites
  3. The Jebusites
  4. The Caananites
  5. The Hittites
  6. The Hivites
  7. The Girgashites

God has prepared His people as he did Adam in Genesis 1:28,

a. to rearrange the things

b. to set some things in order,

c. to set some things in place

d. to replenish/restore/take dominion

God’s power is available for this work especially, in what the word refer to as the lean season. This is when the earth is seemingly plagued with economic adversity. When the difficulties of life seems to be capitulating humanity. But that's the most advantageous time for God's people for He loves to move in the impossible situations. Man’s extremity, is God’s possibility.

In this season, God's prophetic race are expectant of the great works to be manifested upon the earth through their lives. In the pass years, the church saw an evangelistic move, then a teaching move but now God is moving according to His prophetic ministry.

For instance you had,

Healing Evangelist like,

a. Katherine Kuhlman,

b. Maria Woodworth-Etter

c. Smith Wigglesworth

Teachers such as,

a. D L Moody

b. Adam Clarke

c. Matthew Henry

d. Martin Luther

The Cloud of God is now on the move similar to the days of the Israelites wilderness travel, for after the children of Israel had been delivered out of Egyptian captivity, the Lord instructed Moses as to the way of their journey into the land of milk and honey.

God promised that he would carry them to himself on Eagles wings but what should have been an eleven day journey became forty years of the children of Israel,

a. complaining

b. murmuring

c. unbelief

In today’s Christian fellowships we seem to be no better than Moses group; for we complain, bicker, show no gratitude for what the Lord as done or is in the process of doing.

But there is a new Joshua generation that is determined to move by faith. They will not allow their vision to be miscalculated. The giants in the land are no longer a threat for the wilderness has prepared them and now you can hear them shouting, "Enough is enough!

This is the day of "Joshua", and "Israel" is moving into a predetermined day; the nation has moved into a prophetic day.

Joshua means "Jehovah saved". God had prophesied to Abraham about Joshua’s day.

Joshua's day was a day of possessing the land, a day when God moved among his people as a warrior and Israel had victory upon victory. Time does not permit for me to tell you about all Joshua's victory.

We are in such a season! Wake your self and live again.


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