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Tarot Keywords and Elemental Dignities

Updated on November 12, 2013

Learn the basic meanings of the tarot cards and how elemental dignities work.

The Tarot is a tool for guidance and inner reflection. From my experience I've seen that many times the cards don't answer directly to the question asked, instead they show us the present issues that need to be addressed first, before we can move ahead, to a better or different future.

The purpose of this lense is to give some basic guidelines on how to read the tarot. I'm not a fan of reversed card as I believe that there are several cards on the deck that could show "negative" or challenging issues that we need to deal with, so I find reversals a bit too negative. However, I like to use elemental dignities instead. Let me say a few words about what elemental dignities mean. Each suit (cups, wands, pentacles and swords) are associated with a specific element (water, fire, earth and air respectively). Therefore, you can examine how cards interact not only based on their actual meaning, but also on the way their elements attract or repel each other. For example if you get a fire card next to a water card, it is obvious that the two of them don't work too well together, in other words they "fight" each other, even if both have a positive meaning. Elemental dignities is a very vast chapter of the tarot and if you are interested to delve more into the subject, you can check out the two great sites that you can find in the links list below.

Learning elemental dignities is worth the time and pain, as they add much more depth and insight to a reading.

Wicca Tarot Decks

3 of cups
3 of cups



The realm of the water is associated with emotions, intuition, feelings, the subconscious, dreams, secrets.

ACE OF CUPS: New emotional beginnings, the seed of a new love or friendship, fertility

TWO OF CUPS:blending of two, balance, duality, agreements, harmony, union, marriage, compatibility

THREE OF CUPS: celebration, social gatherings, abundance, healing, pregnancy

FOUR OF CUPS: apathy, depression, denial, boredom, re-evaluation, withdrawal, fatigue

FIVE OF CUPS: loss, regret, attachment to the past, conflict, betrayal, defeat

SIX OF CUPS: memories, the past, childhood, nostalgia, innocence, kindness

SEVEN OF CUPS: unrealistic choices, discrimination, daydreams, confusion, wishful thinking, over-emotional

EIGHT OF CUPS: abandoned success, loneliness, instability, end of a cycle

NINE OF CUPS: satisfaction, the "wish card", success, careful what you wish for, joy

TEN OF CUPS: family, happiness, lasting love, security, marriage, recognition, trust

PAGE OF CUPS: birth of a child of project, love at first sight, love message, romance, peacemaker, kindness. If it represents a person: a child or very young person, artistic, dreamy, bisexual, sensitive, imaginative, emotional, but could also be insecure, scheming, unstable. Associated with Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces.

KNIGHT OF CUPS: emotional adventure, change of heart, compassion, move, idealism, karmic tie, abuse of feelings. If it represents a person it can be someone less than 35, bearer of news, charming, knight in shiny armor, social, romantic, but could also be immoral, faithless. Associated with Aquarius and Pisces. Timing: February 9 to March 10

QUEEN OF CUPS: creativity, honesty, tenderness, motherhood, guardianship, intuition, art, support, faith, affection, gesture of affection,. If the queen of cups represents a person it's someone who is supportive, reliable and affectionate to the querent, but could also be someone who's ruled by emotions, vain, unfaithful. Associated with Gemini and Cancer. Timing: June 11 to July 11

KING OF CUPS: wisdom, care, devotion to family, creativity, control over emotions, partnership, emotional security, diplomacy or lack of it, misuderstanding. If a person the king could be a loving father or someone who is nurturing, generous, respected, a good friend, but could also be secretive, treacherous. Associated with Cancer and Leo. Timing: July 12 to August 11

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    The Thoth Deck

    One of the most popular decks with astrological and kabbalistic attributions. Not recommended for beginners.

    The Book of Thoth - by Aleister Crowley

    Crowley's commentary on his deck.

    two of swords
    two of swords



    The realm of the air is associated with intellect, mind, thoughts, perception, justice, logic.

    ACE OF SWORDS: the birth of an idea, leadership, assertiveness, new beginning through cutting past bonds, victory, clarity

    TWO OF SWORDS: balance, peace of mind, trying to protect ourselves from imaginary foe, passive-aggressive, blocked emotions, truce, self-control, hesitation, stalemate

    THREE OF SWORDS: sorrow, separation, growth through pain, heartbreak, sadness, despair, infidelity, betrayal, abandonment

    FOUR OF SWORDS: taking a break from strife, rest, recovery, temporary inactivity, vacation, solitude, withdrawal

    FIVE OF SWORDS: defeat, dishonor, failure, loss, manipulation, arrogance, embarrassment, humiliation

    SIX OF SWORDS: earned success, moving on to something better, travel by water, relaxation, passage, wisdom, justice, peace of mind, new path

    SEVEN OF SWORDS: taking action, theft, deceit, unstable effort, trickery, lying, avoidance, bad choices, running away, stealing, cheating

    EIGHT OF SWORDS: entrapment, depression, restrictions, stalemate, interference, bondage, prison, lack of clear vision

    NINE OF SWORDS: anxiety, despair, cruelty, bad timing, pain, struggles, worry, isolation, misery, disappointment

    TEN OF SWORDS: ruin, continued suffering, failure, defeat, "the last straw", martyrdom, victimization, devastation

    PAGE OF SWORDS: the "spy" card, legal disputes, spite, malice, gossip, , test, challenge, news through fast communication (phone, email, sms). If a person: it can be a child male or female or a very young adult. Intelligent, intellectual, loyal, but could also be sarcastic, critical, sly. Associated with Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

    KNIGHT OF SWORDS: "fast and furious", conflicts, confusion, unexpected events, change of mind, messages, solution to a problem, research. It can represent a person less than 35, who is witty, courageous, clever, but could also be headstrong, cold, careless, narrow minded. Associated with Taurus, Gemini. Timing: May 11 - June 10

    QUEEN OF SWORDS: obstacles, logic, criticism, manipulation, separation, coldness, clarity, honesty that hurts, confidence, analysis, insight, self-discipline. If it represents a person, it could be someone who is receptive, intelligent, fair, but could also be solitary, widow, divorced, devious, critical, insensitive. Associated with Virgo and Libra. Timing: September 12-October 12

    KING OF SWORDS: control, intellectual energy at its highest degree, clear thinking, professionalism, wisdom, authority, rationality. If it represents a person, the person could be strong-willed, articulate, ethical, intelligent, but could also be bullying, harsh, cold, selfish, calculative, merciless. Associated Capricorn and Aquarius. Timing: January 10 to February 8

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      • Bellezza-Decor profile image

        Bellezza-Decor 5 years ago from Canada

        There's a lot of archetype symbolism in Tarot cards and geomatric codes.

      • SilmarwenLinwelin profile image

        SilmarwenLinwelin 6 years ago

        @Kailua-KonaGirl: You could find many associations between astrology and the tarot. Actually each card corresponds to a specific decan of a planet in a sign. For example the two of Pentacles corresponds to the fist decan of Jupiter in Capricorn. If one wants to delve deep into the subject, there's so much to learn and explore!

      • Kailua-KonaGirl profile image

        June Parker 6 years ago from New York

        It has always amazed me with the similarities of astrology and the Tarot.

      Gothic Tarot Decks

      seven of wands
      seven of wands



      The realm of fire is associated with action, passion, skills, talents, creativity.

      ACE OF WANDS: new creative project, originality, fertility, initiative, spiritual sthrength, new job or passion, fresh enterprise

      TWO OF WANDS: dominion, partnership, authority, two choices, control, contradictions, unusual events

      THREE OF WANDS: activity, learning period, joining forces, effort, expansion, alliance, exploration

      FOUR OF WANDS:home, achievement, freedom, security, completion, commitment, rewards, bonds,

      FIVE OF WANDS: obstacles, opposition, strife, challenge, disagreements, conflict, defensiveness, stress, ambition

      SIX OF WANDS: victory, leadership, will, pride, spiritual energy, good news, fulfillment, social acceptance

      SEVEN OF WANDS: defense, taking a stand, misunderstandings, courage, defiance, stamina, persistence, confrontation, endurance, enemies

      EIGHT OF WANDS: haste, quick action, impatience, news, motion, high speed communication, travel, urgency, activity, timing

      NINE OF WANDS: inner strength, impulse, preparedness, health, anticipation, caution, reassessment, independence

      TEN OF WANDS: burdens, lack of confidence, oppression, obstacles, worcaholic, determination, stress, oppressive responsibilities, pressure

      PAGE OF WANDS: messages and communication, karma, power, enterprise, honesty, creativity. If it represents a person, it could be a child or a very young adult who is curious, enthusiastic, fair, studious, hard working, dynamic, but could also be impatient, hyperactive, scheming, immature. Associated with Leo, Aries, Sagittarius

      KNIGHT OF WANDS: move, inspiration, change of residence, change, travel, competition, action, charge. If it represents a person, it could be a young adult who is active, humorous, energetic, attractive, passionate, ambitious, competitive, but could also be aggressive, arrogant, superficial. Associated with Scorpio and Sagittarius. Timing: November 13-December 12

      QUEEN OF WANDS: charisma, generosity, family matters, love, being reliant on others, action, leadership, charm, passion. If it represents a person it could be someone who is cheerful, honest, warm, independent, magnetic, but could also be shallow, controlling, jealous, vindictive, disorganized. Associated with Pisces and Aries. Timing: March 11 - April 10

      KING OF WANDS: skills, control, power, protection, honesty, creativity, influence, merge of ideas and action, enterprise, motivation, vision. If it represents a person, it could be someone who is inspiring, creative, determined, courageous, fair, goal-oriented, but also impatient, prejudiced, power-hungry, impulsive, hasty, short-tempered. Associated with Cance and Leo. Timing: July 12- August 11

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        • SilmarwenLinwelin profile image

          SilmarwenLinwelin 6 years ago

          @VoodooRULEs: thank you! I'm glad you like it!

        • profile image

          VoodooRULEs 6 years ago

          Well written, informative, and fun! Thank you

        Whimsical Tarot Decks

        six of pentacles
        six of pentacles



        The realm of earth is associated with values, possessions, manifestation, the material plane, practicality, security, money and business matters.

        ACE OF PENTACLES: wealth, beginning of success, new business, prosperity, new ventures, opportunity, self-expression, recognition, productivity, money matters, inner riches, birth

        TWO OF PENTACLES: pursue of balance, weighting two options, diplomacy, partnerships, change, managing, foresight, talent, surprise

        THREE OF PENTACLES: works, institutions, psychic development, combined efforts, opportunity, advancement, teamwork, prosperity, accomplishment, meeting goals, productivity, employment

        FOUR OF PENTACLES: power, security, analysis, ambition, stability, abundance, good investments, profit, possessiveness, greed, conservatism, focus on materialism

        FIVE OF PENTACLES: worry, trouble, unemployment, hard times, illness, poverty, loss, depression, strain, bankruptcy, financial hardships, self-pity, preoccupation, insecurity, abstinence, emotional crisis, disorder

        SIX OF PENTACLES: success, prosperity, sharing, balance, generosity, charity, giving and receiving, dept repayment, financial stability, kindness, material gain, good karma

        SEVEN OF PENTACLES: success unfulfilled, disappointment, slavery, perseverance, money problems, delay, unprofitable employment, sustained effort, dwelling on past success, patience, fear of failure, reassessment, pause, waiting for results

        EIGHT OF PENTACLES: prudence, craftsmanship, knowledge, service, ability, training, dedication, change in fortune, apprenticeship, skills, attention to detail, satisfaction, preparation, self-employment, stability, boredom, comissioned work

        NINE OF PENTACLES: material success, self-reliance, status, inner integrity, solitude, retirement, prudence, fruitfulness, financial security, love of nature, discipline, leisure time, good life, good luck, search for wisdom

        TEN OF PENTACLES: wealth, inheritance, family, homecoming, security, traditions, prosperity, fortune, wedding, support, legacy, completion, birthright, roots, basis, profitable investments

        PAGE OF PENTACLES: news about money/employment, scholarship, contract, letters, apprenticeship, prudence, news about children, education, skills, talents, pregnancy, birth, plan at an early stage, new paths, ideals. If this page is a person, it could be someone who's a child or a very young adult who can be conscientious, diligent, patient, respectful, willing to learn, responsible, practical, but could also be lazy,moody, greedy, self-critical, insecure, impatient, immature. Associated with Virgo, Capricorn, Taurus

        KNIGHT OF PENTACLES: improvement in finances, material messages, business, hard work, "lone ranger", conventional standards, firmness, trust, commitment. If the Knight of Pentacles represents a person, it could be someone who is thorough, trustworthy, responsible, reliable, helpful, dependable, conservative, practical, but it could also be someone who is dull, insecure, lazy, stubborn, impractical, dishonest. Associated with Leo and Virgo. Timing: August 12 to September 11

        QUEEN OF PENTACLES: financial matters, protection, wealth, values, fertility, production, responsibility, compassion, motherhood, generosity, luxury, abundance, pregnancy. If it represents a person, it could be someone who is responsible, practical, strong, protective, productive, compassionate, wealthy, big-hearted, idealistic, but it could also be materialistic, jealous, dominating, devious, manipulative, antagonistic, intolerant. Associated with Sagittarius and Capricorn. Timing: December 13 to January 9

        KING OF PENTACLES: financial gain, opponents, maturity, promotion, boss, abundance, enterprising, generosity, prosperity, harvest, leadership, financial stability, fulfillment. If it represent a person, it could be someone who is a businessman, a merchant, resourceful, practical, reliable, skillful with hands, supporting, patient, trustworthy, but it could also be lazy, fraudulent, greedy, insensitive, boring, disorganized, corrupt. Associated with Aries and Taurus. Timing: April 11 to May 10

        Comments on Pentacles - Do you have any questions about a specific pentacles card? Or a comment?

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          • SilmarwenLinwelin profile image

            SilmarwenLinwelin 6 years ago

            @Kailua-KonaGirl: I'm so very honoured by this feature! thank you!

          • Kailua-KonaGirl profile image

            June Parker 6 years ago from New York

            I really loved this lens and have come back to give you a *Squid Angel blessing*. This lens has been added to My Squid Angel Wings to be featured in the "Culture & Society » Spirituality » Spiritual Healing" neighborhood.

          • SilmarwenLinwelin profile image

            SilmarwenLinwelin 6 years ago

            @anonymous: thank you :)

          • profile image

            anonymous 6 years ago

            Well explained tarot keywords and elements.

          major arcana - the empress
          major arcana - the empress



          0 THE FOOL: Element: Air

          new beginning, innocence, naivety, leap of faith, taking a chance, surprise, new adventure, youth, potential, optimism, spontaneity, journey into the unknown, crossroads, choice, tabula rasa, eccentricity, potential

          Ill-Dignified: immaturity, lack of responsibility, resistance to change, depression, apathy, hesitation, foolishness

          1 THE MAGICIAN: Element: Air

          manifestation, skills, creativity, willpower, the conscious mind, discrimination, organization, mastery, intellect, clear thinking, self-confidence

          Ill-Dignified: dishonesty, manipulation, trickery, superficiality, mistakes, indecision, lies, mental illness, confusion, abuse of power

          2 THE HIGH PRIESTESS: Element: Water

          hidden wisdom, hidden influence, subconscious mind, dreams, intuition, psychic ability, magic, self-knowledge, patience, understanding, depth, unveiling of secrets, instincts

          Ill-Dignified: emotional insecurity, ignorance, gossip, secretiveness, falsity, self-deception, passiveness, moodiness, superficiality, selfishness

          3 THE EMPRESS: Element: Earth

          birth, productivity, prosperity, motherhood, sensuality, nurturing, dependency, fertility, growth, creativity, marriage, compassion, nature, family, satisfaction

          Ill-Dignified: infertility, over protectiveness, unwanted pregnancy, lack of love, infidelity, emotional blackmail, poverty, domestic upheaval, money worries, wasted energies

          4. THE EMPEROR: Element: Fire

          rules, laws, achievements, authority, logic, aid, protection, defense, foundation, strength, fatherhood, discipline, boss, influence, control, responsibility, corporations

          Ill-Dignified: immaturity, tyranny, instability, incompetence, failed ambitions, craving for status, lack of self-discipline, indecision, inability, weakness, abuse of power, burden, dominating partner, dependency on parents, problems with father or authorities

          5. THE HIEROPHANT: Element: Earth

          wisdom, spirituality, connection with the divine, teacher, advice, knowledge, faith, tradition, moral law, conventional and traditional values, moral lessons, education, establishments, groups, religion, structures, church, blessing, marriage, union, esoteric knowledge, official documents

          Ill-Dignified: rebellion, unorthodox, unusual, pressure, breaking rules, conflict with parents, superstition, cult, rigidity

          6.THE LOVERS: Element: Air

          dilemma, choice, union, love, desire, relationship, attraction, karmic tie, decisions, romance, passion, short trips, engagement, meetings, sexuality, combining, bonds

          Ill-Dignified: wrong choice, delays, indecision, infidelity, unhappy love, temptation, lack of cooperation, wrong judgment, quarrels, problematic love affair, divorce

          7.THE CHARIOT: Element: Water

          willpower, victory, triumph, movement, travel, transportation, control, self-confidence, self-discipline, relocation, balance of opposing forces, achievement after effort, career, change, victory at all costs

          Ill-Dignified: frustration, delays, tyranny, imbalance, impatience, defeat, arrogance, selfishness, conflicts, bad influence, inactivity, lack of direction, bad planning/timing, health problems

          8.THE STRENGTH: Element: Fire

          strength, patience, willpower, compassion, bodywork, fulfillment, fortitude, liberation, perseverance, faith, honesty, understanding, soft control, responsibility, balance, determination, ability to cope with pressure, the animal kingdom

          Ill-Dignified: insecurity, giving up, weakness, abuse of power, domineering attitude, fear, cowardice, wasted energy, inactivity, self-defeat, oppression

          9.THE HERMIT: Element: Earth

          solitude, self-reflection, guidance, introspection, analysis, seeking, finding, advice, study, divine inspiration, desire for peace and quiet, rest, enlightenment, inner self, teacher, insight, initiation, understanding, withdrawal

          Ill-Dignified: arrogance, impatience, bad decisions, obstinacy, loneliness, resistance, closed-mindedness, immaturity, egotism, know-it-all attitude, reluctance to mature

          10.THE WHEEL OF FORTUNE: Element: Fire

          karma, rebirth, big change, destiny, synchronicity, new cycle, fate, luck, life cycles, good luck, fortune, breakthroughs, natural flow, opportunities, rotation, turning point, renewal

          Ill-Dignified: misuse of power, bad luck, obstacles, bad timing, conflicts, unpleasant surprises, resistance to change, setbacks, cause and effect

          11. THE JUSTICE: Element: Air

          balance, decisions, cause and effect, karma, truth, arbitration, law, court, ask before you judge, responsibility, legal matters, contracts, adjustment, fairness

          Ill-Dignified: bias, bad advice, injustice, bad judgment, imbalance, inequality, vengeance, legal complications, injustice, conflicts, illegalities, dishonesty

          12.THE HANGED MAN:Element: Water

          sacrifice, letting go, transition, release, limbo, understanding, suspension, search for meaning, martyrdom, change of perspective, reversal, waiting, breaking of patterns, loss of ego, flexibility, rebirth, pause

          Ill-Dignified: ill health, stress, illusion, wasted effort, false security, stubbornness, resistance to change, loss, end of waiting, trial, passage, emotional blackmail, weakness of will, missed opportunities

          13.THE DEATH: Element: Water

          inevitable change,new perspective transformation, rebirth, endings, clearance, regeneration, letting go, metamorphosis, shocking events, evaluation/resistance to change, fear of the unknown, depression, enemies, upheaval, stagnation, dread, grief, destruction, change for the worse, material insecurity, lost opportunities

          14.THE TEMPERANCE:Element: Fire

          temperance, patience, blending, alchemy, moderation, cooperation, balance, bisexuality, homosexuality, flexibility, harmony, creativity, peace, compromise, modification, testing, timing, adjustment

          Ill-Dignified: stress, disharmony, impatience, conflicts, poor judgment, domestic strife, futility, excess, extremism, lack of moderation, arrogance, scattered energies, ill advice, over-eating, over-spending

          15. THE DEVIL:Element: Earth

          materialism, obsession, temptations, addictions, negative thinking, misery, blindness, bondage, imprisonment, greed, lust, selfishness, jealousy, indecision, oppression, bad choices, anger, indulgence, workaholic

          Ill-Dignified: release, positive thinking, commitment, permanence, awareness of weaknesses, right choices, clear thinking, overcoming pride, independence, flexibility

          16.THE TOWER: Element: Fire

          unexpected change, separation, destruction, upheaval, revelation, natural disaster, awakening, disruption, downfall, humiliation, collapse, storm, shock, ending, emotional upset, blessing in disguise, re-evaluation

          Ill-Dignified: end of suffering, sudden change, unnecessary suffering, false accusation, imprisonment, isolation, traumatic change

          17.THE STAR: Element: Air

          hope, optimism, inspiration, enlightenenment, insight, health, positive thinking, peace, serenity, wish coming true, beauty, grace, idealism, talent,recognition

          Ill-Dignified: hopelessness, weakness, depression, anxiety, rejection, pessimism, cynicism, self-doubt, identity crisis, abandonment, procrastination, illness

          18.THE MOON: Element: Water

          confusion, illusion, fear, obscurity, rumors, misunderstandings, the subconscious, dreams, bewilderment, nightmares, imagination, secrets, instincts, lunar cycles, deceit, charged emotions, artistic expression, meditation

          Ill-Dignified: secrets revealed, enlightenment, mysteries solved, end of confusion, end of dishonesty, creativity, freedom

          19.THE SUN: Element: Fire

          joy, freedom, optimism, vitality, birth, fertility, love, good health, fulfillment, happiness, childhood, understanding, success, beginnings, rewards, generosity, pleasure, wish fulfilled, confidence, riches, promotion, hope, wealth

          Ill-Dignified: unhappiness, obstacles, misunderstanding, vanity, arrogance, procratination, delays, failure, egotism, disagreements, loss of valuable object, daydreaming, confusion

          20.JUDGEMENT: Element: Fire

          rebirth, absolution, recovery, opportunity, judgment evaluation, conclusions, results, renewal, change, awakening, outcome, legal matters, rewards for past efforts, transformation, resurrection

          Ill-Dignified: prejudice, legal problems, disharmony, guilt, loss, fears, obstinacy, self-doubt, bias, unfair decisions, sickness, bitterness

          21.THE WORLD: Element: Earth

          completion, fulfillment, success, victory, power, liberation, change, endings, freedom, rewards, wholeness, travel, cosmic consciousness, right timing, recognition, sports, karmic completion, integration

          Ill-Dignified: delays, limitations, insecurity, stagnation, fear, impatience, lack of will, wasted effort, dissatisfaction, lack of vision

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            Decks I Use

            The deck I used to take the photos in this article is the Old English Tarot deck and you can find it on amazon.

            My favourite tarot deck is the Medieval Scapini deck. This is for more experienced readers, as its symbolism can become overwhelming.

            The most popular and well-known deck is the Rider Waite one. An excellent choice for beginners.

            tarot spread
            tarot spread

            Numbers in the Tarot

            ACES: new beginnings, ego, root, originality, independence, seed, initial action, opportunity, possibility. Association with major arcana: The Magician

            2's: balance, blending, polarity, cooperation, union, mediation, duality, two choices, pause, reconciliation, surprise. Association with major arcana: The High Priestess

            3's: creativity, group activities, socialization, art, beauty, temporary delay, first results. Association with major arcana: The Empress

            4's: foundation, practicality, order, stability, completion of a stage, establishment, growth, limits, ground work. Association with major arcana: The Emperor

            5's: instability, loss, tests, travel, challenge, change, conflicts, self-expression, visions, freedom. Association with major arcana: The Hierophant

            6's: protection, nurturing, healing, service, balance, understanding, love, responsibility, exchange. Association with major arcana: The Lovers

            7's: analysis, introspection, wisdom, steadfastness, challenges, discipline, knowledge. Association with major arcana: The Chariot

            8's: power, materiality, money, change, management, limitations, facilitation, balance. Association with major arcana: The Strength

            9's: completion, success, achievement, luck, higher understanding, fulfillment, generosity, vitality. Association with major arcana: The Hermit

            10's: endings, beginning, renewal, karma, mastery, cycles, responsibility: Association with major arcana: The Wheel of Fortune

            The Transparent Tarot - a different method

            The Transparent Tarot is unlike any Tarot method you have used before! A must-have for both readers and collectors, this highly innovative deck consists of simple yet striking images displayed on clear plastic, which are designed to be read in layers. This method creates a new dimension to Tarot, revealing combinations of images that can be used to unlock intuition and help discover hidden depths as you read. The book offers in-depth definitions of the cards, original spreads, and suggestions for methods which have never before been possible. Whether a Tarot expert or total beginner, The Transparent Tarot offers a fun, original, and insightful tool for divination, meditation, brainstorming, magic, and more!

            the symbolism in tarot
            the symbolism in tarot

            The Symbolism of Various Objects

            Olive: peace, mercy

            Birds: hope, ideas, messages, animal symbol of air

            Rose: red-desire, white-purity. Beauty

            Lily: spirituality, purity, birth

            Palm: Easter, resurrection

            Moon: waxing: new beginning, waning: endings. Intuition, subconscious, confusion

            Water: reflection, emotions, receptivity

            Fish: spiritual service, pregnancy, creativity, abundance, animal symbol of water

            Mountain: aspirations

            Shoes: understanding

            Rope: restrictions, imprisonment

            Snake: wisdom, knowledge

            Pomegrenade: abundance, fertility

            Lightning: destruction, intervention

            Wreath: victory

            Clouds: ideas, confusion

            Cat: awareness, deception, gossip

            Pyramid: eternity

            Ship: that which is beyond control

            Holly: Christmas, birth

            Fire: destruction, creation

            Grapes: fertility, abundance

            Tools: work, skills, accomplishment

            Dog: guardian, fidelity

            House: protection, the Self

            This is the deck I really want to buy but ... - everyone's telling me that's not serious enough!

            Should I buy it anyway?

            magical forest tarot deck
            magical forest tarot deck

            What do you think?

            See results

            Comments and Suggestions - Is there anything you' d like to add? Do you have any suggestions to make? Please do so!

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              • TaraWojt profile image

                Tara Wojtaszek 4 years ago

                Great explanations. I'll be back here for sure. Great reference page.

              • profile image

                anonymous 5 years ago

                i have those! They're cute, but I don't use them. :(

              • profile image

                anonymous 5 years ago

                Hello fellow Tarot enthusiast and Zazzler! No suggestions...I thought this lens was great! I've spend about 15 years with Tarot, and nearly 9 with the Thoth deck. You've provided some decks I've never heard of before that now I'll have to check out! Thanks!

              • fionajean profile image

                Fiona 5 years ago from South Africa

                I haven't done a tarot reading in ages - you've inspired me to pull out my cards

              • profile image

                anonymous 5 years ago

                Beautifully done! You certainly know your cards well! This is one intriguing subject, but never could fathom it!

              • SilmarwenLinwelin profile image

                SilmarwenLinwelin 6 years ago

                @Kailua-KonaGirl: No, it is not my creation, a very talented couple from Prague makes these bags and they are fantastic and so unique!

              • Kailua-KonaGirl profile image

                June Parker 6 years ago from New York

                I really love your interpretation of the cards. I am curious about your Tarot bag from the Chez Republic on Etsy. Is that your creation?

              • SilmarwenLinwelin profile image

                SilmarwenLinwelin 6 years ago

                @naskobl: They say that an intuitive reader can read even blank cards :) Of course, most of us are not THAT inuitive, so a basic study is needed. I wouldn't say a teacher is necessary, most people nowadays learn to read the tarot by themselves and perhaps that's a better way to learn, because you are not biased by another's interpretations. Thank you for your constructive comment :)

              • naskobl profile image

                naskobl 6 years ago

                But to know to how to use Tarot keywords and to know how to interpret them, somebody have to teach you. At least that was I told once from an old woman.