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the anointing draws attack

Updated on November 20, 2010

"week of sons plus one"

Each of us has been put on this earth to accomplish certain persuits which is geared to a preordained result which makes up the dynamics of our lives. Missing the opportunity to function in this divine dynamics as set forth by the creator can result in a generational glitch. Therefore, having been blessed with the desire to be greatly used, one has to greatly desire the opportunity called preparation.

But if you are not discerning, life situations can hinder your preparation with the attacks that impedes greatness because the enemy called “Defeat” is always lurking at the door of your preordained greatness to impede its manifestation.

What this enemy wants us to do is to have us fearfully fix our eyes on the door to block his entering in with the excuses that he has devoloped which we have made our own. Besides, he knows that as long as we are in fear of him entering in to separate us from our calling because of his excuses, we will not be able to focus on our godly pursuit. His main purpose is to stop us from attaining the mark that is set before us to be a part of the divine dynamics.

When I was a young boy I lived in the country parts of Jamaica and you could either enter the house where I lived through the front door or there was a door from the veranda to my bedroom. When I went to bed at nights, often I had to leave the door closed but un-locked because my uncle kept late hours and that's the way he preferred to enter the house so he would not be a disturbance to the rest of the family. I remember at nights before I went off to sleep I would keep my eyes on the door concerned about what may have been on the outside of the doorway. It would be especially difficult to go to sleep if my parents had just returned from a funeral or had conversations about the dead. Needless to say, what I feared never manifested for my grand mother's house was covered by the blood.

In the same way, the enemy wants to break our focus and put our main concentration on the door to block his approach. And while we try to block his approach we end up in a place called “time wasting”.

The enemy still goes around as a roaring lion, but he has lost his teeth. It's no need to fear what is on the other side of the door for Jesus has taken the bite out of that lion. The preacher said in candor that Jesus used them to make keys to the kingdom.

Imagine a wife at home and her husband is gone to work and all during this time while he his at work, she sit facing the front door with her husband’s shot gun because she is afraid of the neighborhood gangs whom she believes will break into her house. She sits there defiantly waiting to blow a hole in the first gang banger that breaks through the door. So when the husband comes home, he will find the house in the same way that he left it; un-swept, no dinner on the stove and the wife exclaiming that she is so tired.

The husband asked, “Tired of doing what?

Wife says, “I watch the door all day because I was afraid of the gangs breaking in!

This might sound far fetched but that’s exactly how the enemy wants us to run our lives; waiting on him, meditating on his excuses, looking for him and concentrating on him.

Well that’s not life but bondage and Christ came that we may have life and has it more abundantly!

We should not let the wiles of the enemy consume our lives or another way of saying this; don’t let the enemy shut down your spiritual economy but start doing what the Lord has placed in your heart.

This is what the wife aught to saying, “Lord, you word says, He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.

So Father, rather than give heed to the wiles of the enemy and fall into his traps, I will declare that you are my refuge and fortress, you are my door of salvation and I shall not be afraid for the terror by night; nor for the arrow that fly in the day time. Lord I will trust in you to deliver me to my destination and all my enemies shall stumble and fall.”

Upon saying that, go do some thing that is beneficial to the domain that God has given you and discipline yourself to practice the presence of God in your every day endeavor.

Apostle Paul said under the inspiration of the Holy Ghost in Hebrews 12:2 that we should “looking unto Jesus”. Notice it doesn’t say look to mother, father, sister, brother animals or machine but Jesus. The text makes it clear that heis “the author and finisher of your faith”.

He is the one with whom your faith begun and only he can bring it to completion. He is the one who has good thoughts towards you to bring you to your expected end.

And so we like Jesus must begin to see the joy that is set before us so that we will remain focused and endure our cross, despising the shame, or the wrongful accusations, the character assassination. These serve as the afforded suffering by which we learn obedience in order for us to be seated securely or take our position with Christ at the right hand of the throne of God.

Every great man has suffered great pain and sometimes great loss of materials, family members and sometimes even physical health.

From the moment David was anointed by Samuel the anointing began to draw attack.

On first thought he was the youngest of 8 boys and being the youngest he was given the menial labor of tending the sheep.

But Jesse had a "week of sons plus one" and the plus one is what God would use to be king over Israel. David was different from the rest of Jesse’s sons and was least likely to be chosen as king. Even Samuel the prophet missed it because he thought Eliab, Jesse’s firstborn, was the one that surely God would choose. Was he in for a shock! The prophet would have missed God were it not for the anointed oil that “refused to flow”.

God is always doing a new thing because when the “present thing” gets too tied up with formality and not with worshipful experiences then God will break away from what man determines and go to the “plus one”.

Notice that the cross is the sign of a "plus" with God's only begotten Son. God made you the "plus one" in your family so you could bring many sons to the foot of the cross.

Eliab was offended by David’s presence. He considered him to be deceitful, wicked and hardly able to take care of a few sheep. Everywhere David went as far as his brother was concerned, it was as if a skunk had just past by and he wished that it would have stayed under the rock from which it came.

The day his father sent him to see his brothers and to bring supplies that was the day in which Goliath of Gath, the ten foot “monster” was heard defying the armies of God. God gave Israel victory through this anointed vessel for Goliath was defeated with a sling and the Philistine army routed. David did not trust in his own strength but in the strength of the Lord; he concentrated on God and God destroyed every one of his enemy.


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