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The Bermuda Triangle Mystery - Is it real or merely myth ?

Updated on October 21, 2010

Until one fateful day on December 5 of 1945, no one had really paid much attention to the mystery surrounding the waters of the Bermuda triangle.

The reason for the conjecture on whether the many disappearances and sinkings of various sized vessels in the area known as the Bermuda triangle or linked to any tangible evidence or not has been an ongoing debate since that fateful day towards the end of World War II when five navy Avenger aircraft on routine bombing practice runs out at sea in the Bermuda Triangle failed to return. What did happen to the five pilots and nine support team of the ill fated Flight 19.

Until recently, the flight recording transcript was sealed, for obvious military reasons, but now it is open to interpretation by any mystery seeker or solver to try and justify the outcome.

The flight has still to be found and there have been many near misses as old war aircraft have turned up in the waters around Bermuda and the Florida coastline.

It is believed that the flight commander had requested to be relieved of his command just hours before the tactical practice flight took off. Some thoughts wavered on the fact of the flight being used as a defection tactic for the pilots, however there was just not enough fuel in the inflight tanks to permit any flights much further than Bermuda itself.

So what really happened to Flight 19 ?

Mystery surrounding Flight 19 in the Bermuda triangle

There are a variety of theories at present that are supported with various science and speculation. These are covered below in more detail and until the remains of the flight are found and there is more of an explanation, it just makes for interesting reading a more interesting debate about the possibilities surrounding the Bermuda Triangle.

Flight 19 memorial
Flight 19 memorial

Shipping disappearances

For shipwrecks hunters in and around the Bermuda waters, there are two types of waters to consider.

The first is the availability of so many wrecks that it often occurs that once a nineteenth century wreck has been excavated, an eigteenth century wreck will lie directly beneath it and sometimes even a seventeenth century wreck below that.

The second type of water is alot more active an in fact more dangerous multiple times over. The Gulfstream current runs form North to South in this vast span of water and is responsible for the dispersement of much of the shiping wreckage that may or may not have settled in the area. It is a fact that small wreck fragments can, within a period of 72 hours, be dispersed over a fielded area of a million square miles.

This can make salvage in the Gulfstream water currents extremely difficult for wreck hunters and marine salvage crews alike.

The fact that some of the unchartered depths of the bermuda triangle is due to the depths in some areas reaching as much as 24000 ft (yes,twenty four thousand feet down). This makes marine salvage and investigation into the disappearances of shipping vessels in the area extremely difficult.

The Bermuda Triangle weather phenomenon

A few pilots over the years have come forward in order to shed some light on the phenomenon known as electronic fog in the Bermuda triangle.

The electronic fog is deemed to be responsible for a large number of aeroplane disapperances in the area as it wreaks havoc on the flight instruments and navigational readings relied on heavily by the pilots.

The main concern in many of the accounts has been the loss of directional reliability and the feeling of confusion that sets in as the pilots become discombobulated by the uncertainty of their ability to follow their instruments.

Having a low fuel capacity and not being certain of the directional heading can quickly result in dumping the aircraft in unfamiliar surroundings.

This will hinder rescue operations dramatically if the pilot can not tell the flight control centre exactly where he is geographically.

Extreme weather conditions in the Bermuda Triangle

Water spouts, tornados, hurricanes and rogue waves have all palyed a part in the scientific approach to explain the disappearance of planes and ships alike and are often attributed to the dissapearnce of yachts crossing the Bermuda Triangle and shipping lanes as these weather phenomenon are really quich to appear and do not really leave much time for reaction as there may sometime be a strong wind and current which often forces smaller vessels off course.

The winds within a water spout or tornado can often reach in excess of 200 miles an hour limiting the chance of wreckage being easily found in such deep water channels.

Couple this with the electronic fog phenomenon and it can easily be understood how their disappearance from radar and radio contact cna occur.

The theory of Atlantis

The small town of Bimini is famous for the find of the Bimini wall or Bimini road which is often attributed to the lost city of Atlantis. See the pictures of the divers over the Bimini Road.

The Lost city of Atlantis is said to have swallowed by the sea in one foul swoop as an explosion in the city caused tremendous devastation. It could have been a tidal wave, a volcanic eruption or any other number of means which has lead to a search in the Bermuda Triangle for this lost civilisation or proof thereof.

The Bimini Road is said to have been the main road which lead from Bimini on the mainland to the city of Atlantis and the evidence of this supposed man made road has kept scientists and skeptics tails wagging for many years.

Sea Monsters

Like the story of the Mary Celeste where the entire crew was missing from a seemingly unscathed ship, there are stories aplenty of mysterious instances scattered throughout history which can be tied back to the location of the Bermuda Triangle which was only aptly named in the 1960's.

The Devils Triangle and the Dead Ocean to name a few have been mentioned in history and the stories woven into the facts as the years passed.

SO what of sea monsters. Is it entirely possible that large sea serpents and enormous squid like creature could be roaming the deep blue depths of the Bermuda shipping lanes. Well there are some instances of Chinese seaman claiming to have caught the largest squid known to man with pictures obtained via underwater photography. It is not entirely unbelievable if we consider how little of the seas depths have been explored and mapped to date.

A tough on e but not entirely convincing.

My money would have to be on the electronic fog theory.

So what do you think could be the reason for all these disappearances.

What is your favorite mystery story.

Leave a comment after rating the article and lets see what the most popular mystery or conspiracy theory is.

Whats your favorite conspiracy theory or mystery

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    • profile image

      Keisuke 2 years ago

      Kaitlyn Tomlinson on October 25, 2012 Today at my school we all heard about Rachel's life and about how she died. We all were criyng because it was just so emotional. She impacted on me immensely. Rachel is my hero. I wish i could have known her. She was and still is AMAZING. This is such an amazing story .. and i hope that others are also impacted from this to be like her. Rachel will NEVER be forgotten. Rest In Peace Rachel

    • profile image

      harsh 4 years ago

      best passage

    • Marliza Gunter profile image

      Marliza Gunter 7 years ago from South Africa

      In one of Rebecca Brown's books she mentions the devils triangle...supposedly it is some fallen city under the water that was prophesied in the bible..

      I think if there is a rumor that the devil is somewhere at work and that is where his head office is, it most probably might just be true...those who know the devil, know where to find him... :)