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The Best Reincarnation Books

Updated on February 28, 2015

Reincarnation Books I Have Read

Two of favorite reincarnation books. This is a topic I have read books about, explored and believe in. Many of these books have explained much for me. I have been exploring reincarnation since I was 16. I went to a Lutheran School from Kindergarten to 8th grade so I have the roots of Christianity. I love Jesus! I pray many times a day. I feel a good connection with God. For me there is not a conflict between believing in reincarnation and believing in God.

I started out reading Edgar Cayce books on this subject. I read Shirley Maclaine's Books on the subject as well. By the time I was 21 I was married and went to someone to be regressed to past lives as a therapy to find answers about my life. It is now 20 years later and I can regress myself and have been able to do that for many years. I can also regress others to a past life. I took a hypnosis class and I have spent the last 21 years or so meditating alone and in groups.

I believe in reincarnation. I know of some of my past lives, not all of them. It is not like people think, that you are someone famous always. We can't all be someone famous in a past life. On the other hand some surely have been those famous people.

For me I explore reincarnation for the deeper implications, to understand on a deeper level why things happen, why life is painful for some and easy for others, why some die young and others live to old age. For me reincarnation explains these things. Perhaps it can help you too.

(image from

Law of Attraction

I cannot think of permanent enmity between man and man, and believing as I do in the theory of reincarnation, I live in the hope that if not in this birth, in some other birth I shall be able to hug all of humanity in friendly embrace.

-Mahatma Gandhi

I am certain that I have been here as I am now a thousand times before, and I hope to return a thousand times.

- Goethe

He saw all these forms and faces in a thousand relationships become newly born. Each one was mortal, a passionate, painful example of all that is transitory. Yet none of them died, they only changed, were always reborn, continually had a new face: only time stood between one face and another.

- Herman Hesse, Nobel Laureate

I did not begin when I was born, nor when I was conceived. I have been growing, developing, through incalculable myriads of millenniums All my previous selves have their voices, echoes, promptings in me. Oh, incalculable times again shall I be born.

- Jack London

Videos Talking about Reincarnation

The Soul's Plan

I have read this book and love it. It talks about the soul plan we make before we come. It says we plan out what we will do, who we will be with and everything. I actually got to talk to one of the contributors of this book who told me about my past lives and my soul plan this time. She knew I had children, how many husbands I have had and what I took on in this life. She explained the karma between my first and second husband. It was very interesting and did ring true.

The book uses people like this lady with her psychic ability and also past life regression to find out the details of people's stories. One lady had planned out to lose her son in this life because she did not deal well with his death before. The idea being that we must deal with something and be able to move on with life or we have to deal with that lesson again and again.

The book talks about how if your plan is too intense for someone to be in that life with you, they can bow out and not be with you. It talks about a lady who chose to be deaf so she would not hear sounds to remind her of a terrible past life.

If you are interested in understanding karma and reincarnation and how that works this is the book for you.

One of the most detailed explorations I have seen into understanding why we have chosen certain paths in our lives and how we may use that information to continue our journey as a soul here and now. This book will help thousands of people. A book you HAVE to have in your library! --John Holland, author of Power of the Soul: Inside Wisdom for an Outside World

image from nasa

Your Soul's Plan: - Discovering the Real Meaning of the Life You Planned Before You Were Born

I believe we are reincarnated. You, I, we reincarnate over and over. We live many lives, and store up much experience. Some are older souls than others and so they know more. It seems to be an intuitive "gift." It is really hard-won experience.

HENRY FORD, Theosophist Magazine, Feb. 1930


Do you believe in reincarnation?

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Brian Weiss Books

Brian Weiss graduated from the Yale University School of Medicine in 1970. He is a psychiatrist. I highly recommend his books. He is a respected and educated man who stumbled on reincarnation skeptically. I love that because it makes his discovery and the case studies that follow more believable for those who have a hard time thinking we can reincarnate. His books talk about actual case studies of clients who came in with problems that he helped them heal through past life regression. His book Many Lives, Many Masters was one of my first and favorite books on the subject.

Same Soul, Many Bodies: - Discover the Healing Power of Future Lives through Progression Therapy

This book is where I first was introduced to the thought of going into future lives. It is just as easy to progress to a future life as it is to regress to a past life. The thing about a future life is to keep it to only one life ahead because the choices we make in one life will affect the outcome of the next and what you see can change, much like the Butterfly Effect. If you are old in this life chances are your next life will be more accurate. You can read his book to understand this more.

Let me know your thoughts

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    • Shantell1027 profile image

      Shantell1027 3 years ago

      Thank you for your review. I read a few of Brian Weiss books, but I didn't realize he had so many.

    • ZenandChic profile image

      Patricia 4 years ago

      @NickHerc: Hi. not sure what you are asking here or if u are asking me or skiesgreen?

    • NickHerc profile image

      NickHerc 4 years ago

      @anonymous: Sounds interesting. I'll check it out ;).

    • NickHerc profile image

      NickHerc 4 years ago

      @norma-holt: What and how do you remember? Curious :)

    • norma-holt profile image

      norma-holt 4 years ago

      With memory of my reincarnation and passage from life to life I can certainly verify it is real. My link with the Spirit has given me much knowledge to pass on. Nice to see others taking on this great subject. Well done.

    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      Just finished Frank Mares book. Life changing, fascinating book. I want to know if aliens fit into this scenario. Any evidence of aliens or other seeding activity on earth?

    • ZenandChic profile image

      Patricia 5 years ago

      @VspaBotanicals: Thank you!

    • VspaBotanicals profile image

      VspaBotanicals 5 years ago

      I absoutely believe in reincarnation. This lens is amazing.

    • ZenandChic profile image

      Patricia 5 years ago

      @anonymous: Your book sounds interesting. I think I would enjoy it as reincarnation fascinates me. I used a psychic from Robert Schwartz book plus and I do past life regression and have been regressed by others... I enjoyed reading your faq sheet on it too for those who want to understand it better.

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      Frank Mares--During my three year spiritual journey, I became a big fan of both Dr. Michael Newton and Robert Schwartz. I have all their books. Speaking of Robert Schwartz, I used one of his best psychics, Staci Wells, to explore my past lives (along with 2 other crack psychics). The result is my book, "My Journey down the Reincarnation Highway" which describes how I discovered nine of my past lives. Unfortunately, I found out that I was murdered in seven of them. The book describes my search for why I was on the wrong end of Karma. I did find out and it turned out I deserved what I got. I humbly submit my book for your review to see if it can crack your top ten list. For anyone who is interested in my story, I keep a blog at

    • profile image

      reasonablerobby 5 years ago

      Extremely thought provoking and very interesting. An appealing idea when confronted with prospect of eternal oblivion!

    • Nancy Hardin profile image

      Nancy Carol Brown Hardin 5 years ago from Las Vegas, NV

      I have been a "seeker" all my life, trying to find that which resonates in my soul as truth. One of the things that I believe is reincarnation...I cannot believe a God who created us, would not recycle our souls. It just makes sense to me and has for many years. This is a very interesting lens that I will return to frequently. Thank you for sharing. Blessed by a SquidAngel

    • ZenandChic profile image

      Patricia 5 years ago

      @antoniow: Thank you!

    • ZenandChic profile image

      Patricia 5 years ago

      @Heather426: Thanks Heather!

    • ZenandChic profile image

      Patricia 5 years ago

      @Blonde Blythe: Cool!

    • ZenandChic profile image

      Patricia 5 years ago

      @anonymous: The books are good for learning about reincarnation. I started with a few of these..

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      Though a born & bred Catholic who believes in the major tenets of Christianity, I find myself drawn to the possibility/probability of reincarnation. It

      makes sense to me that we are eternal souls who may live more than 1 lifetime; I have recently decided to explore this topic more in-depth & am looking for a starting point/recommendation for a "beginner's book."

    • profile image

      antoniow 5 years ago

      Fantastic selection! Well done!

    • Blonde Blythe profile image

      Blonde Blythe 5 years ago from U.S.A.

      Totally fascinating! I plan to read some of the books on your list! :)

    • Heather426 profile image

      Heather Burns 6 years ago from Wexford, Ireland

      totally love it!

    • WhiteOak50 profile image

      WhiteOak50 6 years ago

      Very good collection on books about reincarnation!

    • profile image

      AlleyCatLane 6 years ago

      I read many books on the subject years ago after my divorce. I do believe in it now. Thanks so much for this reading list. I think I will revisit the topic.

    • TonyPayne profile image

      Tony Payne 6 years ago from Southampton, UK

      I think there is a lot of evidence of life after death and reincarnation, but beyond that I really know very little. Great list of books and an excellent lens, blessed.

    • newbizmau profile image

      Maurice Glaude 6 years ago from Mobile, AL

      Wow Nice! This is a genre of books that I haven't really thought to look for since I've always believed in reincarnation. Even being raised Catholic it just fit for me as if there could be no other way. I often wondered what the heck they were talking about in most churches about Hell and forever damned. Never made sense to me since I always believed in the all encompassing love of Mother/Father God.

    • vauldine profile image

      vauldine 6 years ago

      I have just finshed wrting a book on my own reincarnation and about to have it published. Thanks for the inforamtion.

    • traveller27 profile image

      traveller27 6 years ago

      Fascinating topic. Some good books here.

    • Ecolicious LM profile image

      Penny Pincher G 6 years ago

      I was raised catholic, but never really felt I fit in. My mother thought I could use help from a priest so one day as we all sat down to chat the priest asked me what I believe in. I told him reincarnation. He looked shocked, afraid and then looked at my mother as if to ask her, what are you teaching her. My mother just shrugged her shoulders, but then looked at me surprised but not ashamed to see me speak my mind. This looks like a good list of books.

    • profile image

      anonymous 6 years ago

      Am a firm believer in reincarnation and is talked about even in the Bible. Featuring this great lens in my 'Angel blessings' lens. Thank you.

    • WhiteOak50 profile image

      WhiteOak50 6 years ago

      Very good selections you have displayed.

    • Wendy L Henderson profile image

      Wendy Henderson 6 years ago from PA

      This is a topic that I love reading about. Nice selection.

    • profile image

      DianaJillian 6 years ago

      This is awesome.

    • profile image

      MarianG 6 years ago

      You've mentioned lots of books that I'd love to explore as this is one of my favorite topics! In my opinion the very best book on this subject is "The Seat Of The Soul" by Gary Zukov. I've never read anything like it before or since. It's an amazing book and has made me pause many times... Great blog!

    • profile image

      grannysage 6 years ago

      I am glad to see Journey of Souls featured here. It, and the follow up books, totally resonate with me. It just feels right. Your Soul's Plan sound interesting too. Right now I wish I could get a good past life reading to find out what karma I have with my son.

    • profile image

      DevBlue 6 years ago

      I also believe in reincarnation. We keep being reborn until we become perfect and then our soul merges with the cosmic world. We need to climb the spiritual ladder of life and achieve self realisation. We need to work on ourselves to remove all our negative traits of character and live according to the law of nature. We cannot do this alone .We need a spiritual master to guide us through.

    • profile image

      Beepopalula 6 years ago

      I love Brian Weiss. Many Lives, Many Masters is one of the best books i read.

    • profile image

      MorganRogerDental 6 years ago

      If there is any re-incarnation, I wish I could see what I did in my previous life in my dreams.

    • profile image

      Obscure_Treasures 6 years ago

      I really don't know whether there is reincarnation...but I live my life in such a way as if I have only one life.

    • profile image

      anonymous 6 years ago

      I read an excellent book by a couple of doctors many years ago who investigated the cases of children who remembered their past lives. It was very convincing. Since then I have done more reading and am quite sure we are all reincarnated many times. Thanks for sharing your excellent book list.

    • delia-delia profile image

      Delia 6 years ago

      Before being 'Born Again' I was into metaphysics, reincarnation and channeling...I have had MANY experiences, and I've come to the conclusion that if it's not Biblical I just don't believe in it...however it is a very interesting subject and a well done lens.

    • Virginia Allain profile image

      Virginia Allain 6 years ago from Central Florida

      Reincarnation would explain so much about why some people are gifted in certain areas at a very young age. Nice book list and many I have not read.

    • OhMe profile image

      Nancy Tate Hellams 6 years ago from Pendleton, SC

      I enjoyed reading your thoughts on Reincarnation and learning about the Best Reincarnation Books.

    • profile image

      bi11f0ns 6 years ago

      very interesting article..i wanna know who am i in my previous life..!

    • profile image

      GabrielaFargasch 6 years ago

      Reincarnation is the only explanation to everything that happens to us and why it happens! I totally believe in it and I also have no problem being a Christian that believes in reincarnation! Great lens!! Will look at your book suggestions! Thank you!

    • profile image

      Ruthi 6 years ago

      @lollyj lm: WoW! I hope the same for my mother!

    • profile image

      Ruthi 6 years ago

      Good grief, once around the block is enough for me! Seriously, though, reincarnation is not something I've spent a lot of time thinking about, for me.

    • lollyj lm profile image

      Laurel Johnson 6 years ago from Washington KS

      My mother told me once that I was "old" when I was born.

      I pray if she was reincarnated into another life that it was a kinder gentler life

      than she had when I was a child.

      Interesting lens.