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The blessed month of Ramadhan

Updated on July 25, 2012


Muslim eat dates to break their fast.
Muslim eat dates to break their fast. | Source
my Iftari food when i eat after i break my fast.
my Iftari food when i eat after i break my fast. | Source
what i tend to eat after i break my fast before eating my usual food or may eat after dinner.
what i tend to eat after i break my fast before eating my usual food or may eat after dinner. | Source


The most important and blessed month of islam has arrived Ramadhan. Ramadhan is the 9th month if the Islamic calender.It is observed by all Muslims all over the world who spend 30 days fasting and making themselves better in principles of faith.The fast begins just before the first light of dawn when Muslims eat a light mean (sehri or suhoor) and make their intention to fast for that day. The fast ends at sunset when the Muslim call to prayer (adhaan) is announced, Muslim break the fast by eating a date with some water or milk.This is know as Iftar when you get to break your fast and eat.

The reason Muslims fast to discipline their body and mind. Also to be grateful for what we do have and pray for others who don't have as much. Also Ramadhan is a time of reflection and to concentrate on prayers and worships and to be grateful to Allah and use this month to give their life a new direction.

At this blessed month we observed fast to refrain from food and drink to clean our body and mind and also refrain from things that we are not allowed to do such as music,watching TV, smoking and so on. Muslim are allowed to eat when it is Sunset but we use this month to refrain from bad stuff. Ramadhan is a blessed month ordained by Allah in this month in which Satan and his followers are locked in Hell to prevent from deceiving,misleading and whispering in the ears of believers. The reason Satan is locked up is that if we do commit a sin or do something bad It will be from the hearts of people and Satan cant be blamed.

Muslim used Ramadhan as a time to pray more and go to the mosque and pray and recite the Holy Quran more and understand and share their religious teachings. It also a time to abstain from bad habits,minor and majors sins and hopefully when Ramadhan is over that we Muslim still continue with the same effort of praying more. No good deed goes unrewarded as Allah has promised the people that the reward for good deeds and actions during this month is much greater than usual and this encourages many to increase their level of worship and prayer. Also if any sins are committed the greater the punishment than usual in this month so Muslim try their hardest to abstain from bad deeds.

Ramadhan is also about thinking about the less fortunate and needy people over the world. Muslim also donate to charity and mosque collect donations so that people across the world can have a better life and those who donate to charity receive a greater reward. Not eating and drinking encourages Muslims do recognize how the poverty stricken and starving people in the world cope with this kind of life an bear this burden everyday.

When we Muslims break the fast during the sunset time we should try to indulge ourselves less than usual and try to eat much because the whole point of fasting is try to refrain from food and try not to over indulge after fast. Ramadhan is mostly a time for reflection and praying more to our creator Allah and be grateful for what we have in life and pray for those who don't have as much and pray that their lives gets better. At the end of Ramadhan Eid al Fitr is celebrated through out the world which marks the end of Ramadhan where people gather and celebrate and also give gift and donations to the needy.


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