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I Believe in the Power of the Human Spirit

Updated on December 16, 2010

Pay Attention to your Intentions

At the Altar in your heart
At the Altar in your heart

Touch Softly, Make a Beautiful Difference

I believe
in the power of the human spirit
That thought, the spoken word, prayer, intentions, and energy can impact lives and change the world,
Live in each moment as fully as possible,
Savor the feeling that is truly love - in every form - of family, partners, children, friends, relatives, strangers - recognize each for what it is, look it in the face, and cherish it.
Love, given unconditionally in the true spirit of all love is: patient, gentle, forever giving, and from the deepest part of your heart without the expectation of compensation or return...will return to you in some way. -
do not expect it or demand treatment in kind,
just love anyway and have faith, just believe
certain things you must know to be true.
Know that if you always look for the best in people you will see their best qualities and they will show you the very best pieces of themselves.
Respect goes both ways. Be the first to show it.

Always create a safe place for children and adults - a place of joy, love, hope. Make sure that people leave your home feeling stronger than when they entered.

When asked, help and heal whenever you can. Teach whenever possible if you are a competent teacher, out of love not vanity. When guidance or counsel is needed - instead of providing answers, teach the process for problem solving.

Real loving means always being there for those you love, unconditionally, but with enough strength to teach them to walk again. Always make room in your heart or home for the elderly, sick, and dying of your Tribe. Respect their years, protect their dignity, double your patience and compassion. Have faith, give hope, open your heart.
Live in this moment.

The past is like a slide show through which we may replay memories, measure growth, tell stories, and compare to realize what lessons we have learned.
We can only visit, though. Our time there should be short. We dwell in the present and in this moment is our business. Each moment is a gift.

The Future can be used for plans, to set a course, to change direction. The future does not belong to us.
Our place is in the present.
Cherish every day.
Every faith has value and should be respected in its true form.
That someone has faith and believes and acknowledges some order of Power/Energy/god/God
/Goddess/Divine "bigger" than themselves is enough. There should be no vanity that keeps anyone from loving or reaching out based on religion. Religion is man-made - it is the biggest barrier to true unity in the world sometimes. Spirituality is personal and is way more important than by what name you call your god and whether or not you think you are "saved" (I still wonder from what?")

I have faith in a better world, faith in people and faith that we are all at our core, genuine and good. What I know for sure is that love is the law and love is the bond - Brightest Blessings!


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    • profile image

      Noel Torrefranca 

      7 years ago

      wow... if only the world dance as you do, peace is on hand.

      great article..

    • Erin LeFey profile imageAUTHOR

      Erin LeFey 

      7 years ago from Maryland

      You're welcome and thank you for commenting. Its nice to know that something I've written has touched someone else. I use my hubs as a test ground and feedback as a sign that I should write more in this vein. If anyone finds this helpful or it strikes a chord - I have more to share...but my statistics only tell me what has been read, not how it was received, so I thank you for your feedback. Namaste and Kubiando! Erin

    • The Mattness profile image

      The Mattness 

      7 years ago from Berea, Kentucky

      Beautiful. Thank you for sharing your altar as well.


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