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The Daily Bible

Updated on August 20, 2014

"Come on Down, the Price is Right! always brings excitement and fun. "Come on up, Your Life is Right," will be even more exciting when this life is over. Amen? Amen! The good news is eternal life is free! God's Good News, written for us, is the best news of our lifetime ~ actually, for all eternity! Yes, the Bible tells us the magnificent plan of salvation that many people have yet to read. It's all there, the Good News, the perfect guide to hearing "Come on up! Your Life was Right!"

Stepping into God's Word through The Daily Bible, one day at a time, will start you on a Spiritual Journey that includes discovering gifts you won't ever know about unless you take that first step and start reading. The Daily Bible is in chronological order, which makes it a real blessing to understand as never before the power of events from Creation through Revelations. The Bible is God's Word, filled with prophecy, miracles, truths, wisdom, and is an enduring guide for how to live and how to find God's salvation.

The strength you gain as you read God's Word is powerful and life changing. The gift of being wholly Holy is priceless. The Good News? It can never be taken away! The things of this world become strangely dim as we seek God's Gifts.

The Gift won't be a TV or a new car, but it is the Gift of life everlasting, filled with knowing the Truth of the greatest love you will ever know. Come on Down! Life is Good! And your life is priceless! God's Word is waiting for you!

My hubby and I read the same copy of The Daily Bible, so separate bookmarks make a perfect gift to go along with a copy of The Daily Bible for a loved one. They definitely add a nice touch!

Bucilla Counted Cross Stitch Bookmark Kit, 2.5 by 8-Inch, 45709 Inspired By Nature (Set of 12)
Bucilla Counted Cross Stitch Bookmark Kit, 2.5 by 8-Inch, 45709 Inspired By Nature (Set of 12)

These Counted Cross Stitch Kits are lovely and would make wonderful gifts, along with a copy of The Daily Bible


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    • tricomanagement profile image

      tricomanagement 3 years ago

      Beautiful pictures of the hummer and right on with the journey - thanks for your visit and your comments Love your spirit - keep your eyes on God and life is beautiful no mater what