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The Daughter of Zion - Who is She?

Updated on January 1, 2015

The Power to Speak for God

Following my reincarnation and passage from life to life there were many things known to me. Heaven and hell, for instance don't exist and nor do angels, devils and saints. These are myths born of religious dreams. Also aware of a vision given to me between lives that showed the age of 45 would be when my work would start. Meanwhile born with memory from virtually day 1 of this life the closeness to the Spirit of the Universe has never waned.

To protect my memory there was a different language to contend with that made it hard for others to understand me and that remained until I was around 8 years of age. Always aware of the job ahead my role was to learn all about everything that could be jammed into my brain.

When the age of 45 was reached the Spirit came upon me and pinned me to the bed so that I could not move a muscle. That is when the first commission was received. "Tear down the wall of churches, go out to the people, and bring back the young." Then 3 quick visions followed. In the first was my face on a screen like this one, in the second was a figure like Jesus Christ preaching on a mountain to a multitude of people, and in the third I had replaced him.

That night I had gone to bed with sinus pain that had plagued me on and off from the age of three. I quickly asked, "if that if you heal my sinus." It was instantly gone and has never returned. The following morning I was speaking in tongues, the language of the Spirit.

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Religious Roots in Babylon

The Origin of the Cross

Soon after another commission was received when a man stood in front of me on a cross. The eyes met mine as he called my name "Norma". Inside I heard "take me off the cross".

The look on his face has never left me as it showed deep pain, rejection, loss of everything, disbelief, and above all innocence. It is a look I have seen on the faces of people over and again since as they struggle to understand what is happening to their world.

The next commission was to search out the origin of the cross and for that I was taken back to Babylon to find it at the heart of sun worship. It was the main icon of the personified sun of Islam, the Mother God of antiquity. In a vision a group of people were on a hilltop staring towards a stone held aloft on a prop. In the center was a hole and as the sun rose behind it the rays of light dispersed into the perpetually moving colored circles of this phenomena. The sight is awesome and the people were overwhelmed by ts glory.

This is the 'spirit of light' that stole the children from God. It is more beautiful than anything man can make and more demanding than a spoiled child. The seven circles of its power became symbols and there are seven candles at the altars of modern churches for this reason. Her most famous sign is the five pointed star and it is this that sits on the flags of Islamic nations to this day. In fact it sits over the world representing the military, the law, the rising sun, and the god of Islamic worship.

Words in the bible split up into syllabels and I was shown what each syllable or symbol means. [i] is 'eye', [S] is 'spirit' or 'light', [l] or [el] is 'god', [ra] or [a] is 'power', and [m] is 'mother'. Islam translates as 'eye of light-god powerful mother'. In contrast Israel translates as 'eye of light-powerful god. This set the battle ground for the Day of the Lord where the Children of Israel were handed over to the powerful Mother God until the end.

Mother's powerful eye was expressed as 'M-a-r-i' and it means 'mother's power-powerful eye'. The first city of Islam was Babylon and it was inhabited by the Amors, Their next capital was Mari, about 11 kilometers northwest of Abu Kamal. It was destroyed by earthquake before they invaded Italy. They then built their next Capital on the seven hills, the same as Mari, and called it Roma, reverse of Amor.

The cross was their sacred sign as was the circle and they became symbols used by the Romans when marching into battle. This was the origin of the cross but I found the circle with the cross inscribed within it on a nummalite fossil, from Tata Hungary, and dated to c.100,000 years ago in the archaeological records. There is little doubt that sun worship of this nature is at least that old and it made its way to Australia and the Americas through early migrations.

The picture shows the circle/cross image drawn among the Nazda Lines in South America. It also appears in every form of rock art as an indication of where the sun star would appear. People settled around such sites and they became cities and explain why many ancient cities are positions on hill tops out of the way of trade routes. Machu Picchu is one such place in Peru and Jerusalem is another.

Transfer of Power from Jesus Christ

The Mountain of God and Mt. Zion

One day at a healing group meeting a man stood in front of me in a long red robes over a white one. He reached forward and touched me on the forehead. In a second or two he was gone but where he touched me stayed warm for at least 2 hours afterwards.

Because of his hand I could not see his face but I knew that it was a transfer of power from Jesus Christ, the invention of Constantine, to me. It is the image that has stolen the minds of most in the world who seek God through it. It is the image I have been sent to destroy.

In the visions mentioned above my face was on a screen, which I thought was the television. The year was 1984 and it was a just assumption to make. Over the next 10 years something far more powerful was created through the Internet and now my face is on this screen.

As the knowledge flooded in so did the means to release it become known to me. My first web site and domain went up in 1996 called It was soon followed by another whereby I express in as simple terms as possible the calling and what my work entails.

Here was the machine that God has provided to build the Mount Zion of Micah 4:1. It is the voice of God speaking through me. When I write the Spirit directs and the bible opens at exactly the right place. We work as a team and I am the channel for the teaching.

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Digging up the Buried Treasure

The Truth was Hidden in Lies

From the moment of my birth until now it has been impossible for me to lie. The Spirit has led and guided me through the many ups and downs shown when in the between-lives stage. It was a line that stretched out in front of me and along it were dates and times. The age of 45 was to be extra special.

From then on the Spirit has filled me with knowledge that comes only from that source. The Old Testament prophecies uphold everything that is being stated and the book of Revelation is interpreted now in a correct way. The bible has been grossly tampered with as men put their own spin on it. This is explained in their food cooked in human excreta that resulted from a sickening vision.

Mankind is trained to think of human creations as beautiful and money as the most important thing in life. This has added to the confusion and pain that people go through during their journey from birth to death. They have made lies their refuge and heaven and hell are their unbrellas (Isaiah 18:15). Here it states how they have a covenant with death.. That means that they are so in love with the after-life promise of heaven that they have no thought for other things, like reincarnation.

God has declared that after the long time of refraining from speaking that it is now crying out through the voice of the travailing woman. Isaiah 42:14. Micah 4:10-13 describes her as the Daughter of Zion, the teacher for the end. She will have hooves of brass to break down the barrier between God and the Children of Israel and a horn (knowledge) of iron to break many people who are responsible for their blindness.

They are being gathered from the corners of the earth at this time as they reincarnate and now can hear the words of truth told for the first time. Those who can respond will be saved. Those who refuse to hear or see will be gone forever, Isaiah 43:1-9

The Spirit of the Universe

Constantine Invented Jesus Christ

God is Spirit and its presence fills the universe. It is in everything and everyone and there is no way that man could kill or manipulate it. Constantine wanted to be the greatest of all emperors and that meant a god. He thought himself the son of Apollo, another version of the Sun god.

When he established the Catholic Church and invented Jesus Christ, as noted in Revelation 13:13-18. it was also the start of Christianity in the form that we know it. But there was another Christ on which he modeled his prophet, and that was Krishna of the Vedic Trinity of India. It was well known among the Romans as there were missionaries from it all over the empire. History records, however, that there were never any Christians murdered by Romans. It's only Hollywood and the Church that says otherwise.

'Christ' is from 'x-r-i-s-t' and it means 'cross of power-eye's light and cross'. It explains the cross in the eye of the sun-star.

The notion that men could die on crosses and rise with the sun at dawn to fertilize the earth had been around since Babylonian times.It provoked many men to give their lives in this way, and more is said of this in other lenses.

In preparation for his prophet Constantine abolished crucifixion after he came to Rome. When he launched his Son of God the old ways were almost forgotten. Revelation 13:13 states that he reinstated the ways of the first beast whose deadly wound was healed. That means he presented his one Savior to replace all the others of which there were a sizable number. He claimed that he would save everybody who belongs to his religion. He then gave bishops power over life and death to enforce the rule of the church over everyone. Those who would not obey could be killed and tens of thousands were.

The name of God is 'i-s' which is the 'eye of light'. It was normal in those time to double such syllabels to increase potency. So it became 'Isis' or 'Issi'. In English it is 'Jisis' or 'Jesus' as there is no [j] in Italian or Latin. Hosea 2:16 states that at this time we will call God 'Issi' and no longer refer to it as 'Ba-al'. The latter is the 'bull' who was crucified on the cross and who was married to the cow god of Egypt. It is from Egypt that most of Christianity came because that is where the Amorites invaded and occupied the country before settling in Italy.

Amos 2:9-10 explains the destruction of the Amorite (Constantine) whose height is like the height of the cedars. God proclaims to destroy his fruit from above and his root from beneath. It also states that Israel was brought out of the land of Egypt and led 40 days through the wilderness and given his land. This is a metaphor for Israel has wandered for 4,000 years from the start of the day until now and it was captured and imprisoned by 666 and lost sight of God and of the truth.

That truth is that God was never on a cross and that the Children of Israel are the only ones who will inherit eternal life. It will happen on a restored earth after all the evil is removed from it.

In a vision I was lifted high above the earth and looked down on the planet caked in thick black goo. Nothing could cut through it. Suddenly a bright light shot down from where I was and it penetrated the goo and then spread quickly around the planet underneath it. It grew outwards in size until it broke the goo into pieces and pushed it out into space. Then the planet was the beautiful blue vision we see of it from out in space. This is what is going to occur so the children of God will inherit the earth.

What was shown in the vision is the earth that is now full of evil and dark acts. It is run by the cohorts of Constantine and they are offered forgiveness and an eternal life for belonging to a religion. When the evil is gone the dark goo will be sent off into space. That is how the earth will be restored. Right now that is the mess exuded by religions that are part of the dark mountains, mentioned in Jeremiah 13:16,17

Did You Know that Christianity

did not exist prior to Constantine?

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    • VspaBotanicals profile image


      5 years ago

      I read an article a little while back that briefly talked about the sun god. Thank you for explaining and exposing this to us!


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