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The Deadly World of 666

Updated on December 16, 2014

The Plan of God

It might be hard for some people to accept but everything that happens on the planet is part of a grand plan put in place by the power of the universe. The complete lack of understanding and care about how we behave in regard to nature, among other things, is not something we intend but it is imposed on us by the will of God.

Following my reincarnation and contact with the Spirit my job in this life has been to expose the man identified as 666. He put God on a cross and stole the name for his image. My first commission is to 'bring back the young' and they are the ones who are of the spirit and trying to find their way out of a huge fog of lies, misunderstanding, threats of hell, and brainwashing from early childhood. My next commission is to take God off the cross. While ever humans think of this super power as a man who men could murder and while they worship a false image this earth is doomed.

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The Religion of 666

The visions given to me to resolve the puzzles included the words CONSTANTINE IS 666 that stood up in the air before my face. Led then to unraveling this greatest of all mysteries it followed the vision of a man on a cross standing before me. The look on his face was one of rejection, confusion, innocence and above all loss. It is a look that continues to haunt me and I see it in the faces of all who believe in a man god and not in the truth of the Spirit.

God is spirit and it has no sex and never fathered a child. Why would it? But the complication of bringing the ones who have been chosen to inherit the great treasure laid out for them has meant that many have a hand in deciphering and promoting the lies of religion. They have invented thousands of gods and spirits to increase their confusion. They ignore the things laid down in the prophecies that explain everything. They are hungry for wealth, drugs, make-believe and celebrity. They will almost do anything to achieve their goals including murder.

These Are the Facts:

Religious leaders and fundamentalists have hijacked and distorted the facts about 666. They have related it to the devil whereas it is a man. His name and number was shown to me as CONSTANTINE IS 666. He is the one who established Christianity and the Vatican and the latter organised for the Muslim religion to be founded under a man named Mohammed. These are the facts.

Who Belongs to God?

The Old Testament prophecies makes much of the Children of Israel as being the chosen of God. That is not the physical country and not is it any one type of person or nation. It applies to the spiritual only. That is those who hear the little voice inside and react to it. Over time the more one responds and does its bidding the stronger one grows in spirit.

Religion, on the other hand, silences that voice and teaches that it is the devil speaking to you, It also states that miracles only happen through religiously manipulated events. Nothing could be further from the truth. A miracle is something that happens for the good and is completely unexpected. It usually involves healing of a physical condition for which there is no other way of healing it. When led to people with healing power strong inside me making it almost impossible to drive I have somehow managed to get to them. They have then been relieved of many diseases and conditions including ear problems, alcohol addiction, broken bones, even cancer; and the healing is instant.

It is the interests of religious groups to deny this power or to say it is from the devil. They claim that everyone belongs to God if they follow their creeds and obey their laws. They forgive crime of all descriptions while encouraging the ones with a poor attitude towards others to not worry about their behavior as they can still go to 'heaven'. The worst criminals are, therefore, those of a religious background who believe this. The 9/11 martyrs and other bombers are of this ilk.

The spiritual people, however, are coming away from the conventional religions and gathering together where they sing with a new voice. They are energized and inspiring. They know they are filled with the Spirit and they are openly searching for the truth. That will be told when the Mountain of God is realised and it is built now through the Internet. It is allowing videos like those below to be shown.

Isaiah 35:10 proclaims that those who are of God will return and be singing songs on Mt. Zion. Their joy will overflow and their sorrow will be in the past. That is the promise for those who belong to God, The others will continue to worship false idols, whatever they are,

The Redeemed are Happy, Exciting and Gathering in Multitudes of Thousands.

Blind and Deaf to Reality

People of religious persuasion are blind and deaf to reality. They recite prayers that have no meaning and that were written by someone else. They sing hymns that frankly sound disgusting. They worship idols and icons that are nothing but plaster and paint. They collect in buildings that are cold and impersonal and they light candles as indications of the spirit they are calling into their midst.

These people have no knowledge of the real God. Of their idols the Spirit left these words in Isaiah 44:9-11 where it states that the graven images are vanity that see not, nor know. They are not gods but imitations of what people imagine in their minds and in the end they will be ashamed. Verse 17 proclaims that the manufactured gods to which they fall down and pray to it are the lot of those who are blind and deaf because they cannot see nor understand.

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© 2013 norma-holt

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    • VspaBotanicals profile image


      5 years ago

      Norma your lenses are so clear and so precise, thank you for all you do. I am in the process of battling with evil spirits around me, and I needed this lens. Again, thank you!


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