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The Eventual Fall of Man

Updated on July 29, 2019

distant lights poem

Total surrender to the self actualizes what is believed to be sought after

Nil does the guy who sees the woman who caresses his worries and fears hereafter

Down to the last drop of good vibrations and fever for her lover's friend doubted mask

The real one that leftout the one who masked his fears with love and hate throughafter

lending the friend a hand in times of despair, hopelessness did she discourage her other

Significant was the cause that led to belittling of the man who thought was muscular

Heaven wasn't the cause of the lover's paradise, it must have been the suicide of first rights

or of a course of lending the cause for her one woman to distance herself from Man or himself

which led to a higher discourse in dishonesty , discouraged again by frightful sounds he fought

for a forgotten life in the fathoms of fateful existence, not the one of new love or never

compromised thoughts that came into the hearts of every woman she could dearly observe

That was in itself the torture of fallen angels who caressed without fulfilling the eventual fall

mostly of man and his dear friend in solitude. Disgusted by the greed that left them all to find

what was kindly compromised as the all or nothing clause in a forgotten world so one heart, one love one force could be beckoned as the almighty cause in a relationship shattered

The final thought was not who gave the free will of a client or a good man but a company that

delayed the coming of a giant, in awe she inspired him more to deal with the case and left that

to wasted life for the friend of the lover that dealt with her problems.

this is the cadence which led to the eventual fall of man. Someday the woman of his dreams

could allow all of the worst things to happen but the one who gave advice was the woman in

darkness. Light beckons life to exist. Starring in a film she thought it would free his will to give

mostly to the love in his heart and mind. Reaction to the left-side of his lowly life as they say

gave her something to dim the lights and find something to fire his soul full speed and fast and

furious. Knowing it to be the cause of a war between man and friend, she disallowed the new

lover as a disguise in a treaty for casual life and a spirited man.


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