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the evil that blessed the world

Updated on April 4, 2011

“Resist not evil” or “resist evil and it will flee from you,” whichever   one you choose, it is your choice and so shall it be.  Evil! Evil!! No one wants evil but it has proven to be inevitable, especially, because of the desire of men. One may not pray for evil but others can bring evil upon such a one. For instance not everyone in Middle East, Africa, among others prayed for conflict and war in those regions yet they all suffered the evil caused by the war and violence caused by the conflicting desire of men.


In the study of peace, and conflicting resolution, it is known that conflict can be managed, transformed, resolved among others.  Conflict can also explode, if the early warnings were not understood or managed effectively. Over the years men knew that conflict is evil but there were period men brought conflict to others. Then men used their strength and power to deny others their freedom by involving them in conflict, and held them captive, if defeated. That is negative application of conflict. It was because of the urgent need to resist such men that took advantage of others by denying people or nations their liberty that made conflict a necessary evil. Yet it is better that man does not exist than for man to exist in bondage. The creator must be aware of this fact that he gave man the freedom of choice.


That is why those Christian sects that pride and condemn other Christians that got involved in the battle for the liberation of mankind should be questioned.

 They should be asked, what would have been the fate of humanity, including them, if all men were like them and refused to fight a just cause?

How do they think God would solve such problems in a greedy world like this?

Would God come down and fight or use men to fight?

They freedom they enjoy today were fought and won by men. That is why, today, they even have they freedom to preach against such men and go unpunished.  Yet they speak against the men that paid the price for their freedom by their doctrines. We all have the right to our believe but let us not condemn those that have the courage to stand and fight for a just cause when many were so afraid to stand. But if God who, we are told, is the holiest and purest should revenge for we mortals, as we are told, then why is it a sin for a mortal, who is less holy and pure than God, to fight for justice?  If the fight for justice is a sin then it does not matter who fought for it, God or man.


Change is inevitable because the unknown wisdoms and knowledge of all ages can be found hidden in babies, so new ideas will continue to come up that was why an unborn child asked, in a journey I was forced to embark but which I must embark, “if man had been conservative from his beginning as a primitive being the what would the present conservative conserve? Will they not conserve whatever they met?  But we now know that changes took place so it follows that what they now want to conserve were what the liberals allowed.”

It is the desire to resist change that led to persecution of Christians, killings, and other incidents of the Dark Age.  Conflict is, at times, necessary to move forward in a positive direction. It was after the battle of independence in USA that a great nation was born. It was after the American civil war that slavery was redefined. It was after the events of the second world war that the developed nation sat down to think of a better meaning of human right and they realized that it is a right all human should enjoy, and not only they and their citizens as they earlier thought. That led to the independence of nations. The French revolution among other incident that gave humanity a new and better beginning yet there are still many things left undone.

It is because of these kinds of conflicts that conflict is a necessary evil that blessed the world. However, there is need for man to learn from history and avoid conflict by being unselfish in his desires. For instance, most political revolutions going on now around the world and they cry for a positive change in leadership should not had happened, if the leaders were not selfish and desired to hold on to power and even make the power of their a nation a family business by their desire to handover to their children. This is similar to most other forms of conflicts expect were the cause is a stalemate unknown or not well understood by the conflicting parties.

Therefore it means that although conflict can be necessary when used as a last option, there is still need for men to learn from history and avoid conflict by being reasonable in their demands and desire else conflict will continue to be a necessary evil that will continue to bless the humanity, when rightly applied in the positive direction.



By N.K David

Author of the book,

“It is time we truly know why Jesus wept at the grave of Lazarus”

Published by author house. Available on online stores worldwide

A must read for all humanity



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