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Unloading negativisms is a way to brighten up your life

Updated on July 29, 2014

Positive thinking is desirable

Indeed you’re reading the title correctly. There’s no need to get stuck in this because this simply means things, manners, conduct that you or people think you’re doing wrong are written in a piece of paper and buried in this cool cemetery-hill up above the cordillera mountains. Obviously this is done to cleanse you of your dirty past so you can tread the right road to living depending on your conscience, faith and positive things that will help you attain a colorful, sterling and successful quality of life in harmony with people, environment and nature that surround you.

This unique cemetery is in Camp John Hay

Of course you’ll have to travel to reach and visit this place. This cemetery is officially called “Cemetery of Negativism”, which is one of historical treasures, including Bell’s House and Amphitheater, inside Camp John Hay in Baguio City, Philippines. It is best to visit the place in the summer months of April, May and June, and in pairs or couples for obvious reasons. It is advisable to use cars if children are included in the tour.


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Introducing Baguio city

Baguio City sprawls about 57 sq. kms of hilly land and situated about 1,524 m high in the southwestern portion of the Cordillera Central mountain range in northern Luzon, Philippines. It’s enclosed by the province of Benguet, from which Baguio comes as a town and later on converted into an independent city. It is bordered by the municipalities of Tuba to the south and west, by Itogon to the east and to the north by Benguet's capital, La Trinidad.

Baguio is summer capital of the Philippines

Baguio is the summer capital of the Philippines because of its cool temperature which is a much needed respite from the tropical heat that the rest of the country endures during the hot summer months.

Transportation and Hotel

Transportation and lodging is not a problem. Air-conditioned or De Luxe tourist busses ply the 240 km. Manila-Baguio City route daily at regular intervals. And in about 7 to 9 hours scenic ride along the Kennon road via Rosario, La Union you’ll be transported to your destination at about a fare cost of Php 650 to Php 720 one way. Busses have toilets, WIFI, 2 TV-Video monitors, reclining seats with leg and foot rests.

  • By airplane. Sky Pasada is the carrier that has established flight route to Baguio City. Contact Sky Pasada at 632.912.3333 if interested.
  • Lodging. If you want to stay for a number of days, Baguio is well equipped with 57 hotels, at Php 1,120 per night and others offering 80% discount

Cemetery of Negativism

  • Written on the entrance: "Negativism is man's greatest self imposed infliction, his most limiting factor, his heaviest burden. No more, for here is buried the world's negativism for all time. Those who rest here have died not in vain - but for you a stern reminder, as you leave this hill remember for the rest of your life to be more positive.
  • Have a good day, treat today like it’s your last though it’s the first of the rest." - CJH
  • Designed by then Base Cmdr. Major John Hightower, the Cemetery of Negativism is the virtual dumping ground of negativism, which is man’s gravest self-imposed infliction, his worst burden and his most limiting factor.


Tombstones mostly adorned with animal figures dot the cemetery on a hill:

  • Follow the pathways and be amused as you read the 10 character-forming epitaphs.
  • Indeed, if you’ll self-reflect, you’ll realize that you’ve been harboring for so long a time quite a number of negativities that have served stumbling block to the attainment of goals.
  • Write these negatives on a piece of paper before the trip and upon reaching the destination it will be easy for you to do the next move.
  • After burying your negatives, forget and think no more of them.
  • And remember to be more positive for the rest of your life.

General John Hightower

Were these tombstones created by US servicemen in the country during WWII.? Or was the cemetery a legacy left by American soldiers and employees who were made to think of negative attitudes and bury them complete with an act of a mock funeral way back in the 80s ?

  • An American general John Hightower, who is remembered for his unique kind of positive leadership style, is credited for the fruition of this odd cemetery. He inspired his soldiers to increase their day-to-day performance, by performing a mock funeral, to bury their negative feelings and to transform them to positive thinking. The essence of this cemetery is simply to warn us not to wallow in laziness, manana habit and procrastination. Bury negative attitudes, thinking and mysticisms, instead devote more time focusing on the good and bright side of life.
  • … “A positive attitude has the capacity to create miracles and can cure diseases even the wonder drugs cannot …” – Search Quotes

No to negatives

Camp John Hay is quite a far place to visit just to bury your negatives. What the good American general mean perhaps is to drive, fight off negative thinking, attitudes wherever you are. Negatives block the way to an early achievement of goals. Of course they come in various forms and we must be keen enough to identify them. Laziness, drug addiction, gambling, gossip and rumor mongering, drinking, smoking, stealing, cheating; etc. are some of the worst forms of negatives which man must learn to bury or forget

Engaging in any of them will do more harm than good to the body. Purging negatives including evil thoughts lighten and brighten the mind towards the purposeful attainment of more desirable goals. Always think and do positive.

Nicanor Radomes (Titanick)

Yesterday at 11:18pm

Dear Mr. Rotor: I wrote an article about a one-day escapade last July 19 with my family, clan, and selected high school classmates of my grandson at the pictureque Rosario Hills, New Mahayag, Catbalogan City. Together with the article I posted beautiful and attractive pictures of the resort which I luckily found in the net and submitted the same to WritEdge for publication, but article up to now is held pending because of pictures ownership. Pictures of Rosario Hills I believe are yours, if so, grant me the right or privilege to use such pictures in my write-up, if not, my article would saw print cold and lonely without your pictures. You may append your express permission below or other means. Thanks and God bless you. At your service, Mr. Nicanor C. Radomes e-mail:

Permission to Use Rosario Hills Fotos

rommel rutor

To Me

Today at 3:51 AM

Dear Sir Nic,

Attached is a written letter of permission to use our fotos that you were referring at RE: Rosario Hills Mountain View Resort.

Thanks for the interest.

Sent by





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