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The Meaning of Life - Why Are We Here?

Updated on May 24, 2010

Really Can Somebody Tell Me The Purpose of Our Existence?

Wow, isn't that a heavy and loaded question? A question to get you delving deep into your psyche; to wonder and pause for thought on the meaning of life.

From time immemorial there have been debates on this subject, but I believe this is one question that has never, nor will be, completely answered.

Personally, thoughts of why am I here and the existence of a higher being began around the age of 5, when I asked my father the poignant question, 'Daddy, who made God?' At that age I was trying to get my head around the bigger picture. My view, remember I was only 5, was if mummy and daddy made me, God must have someone who made him; right? It's only logical, so I thought!

Needless to say my father didn't have an answer that was completely satisfactory.

But ever since that time I have been curious as to the purpose of life and, more curiously, why are we here on the earth? I mean what do we actually do here on earth that is of any significance to the ever changing universe. At the end of the day, we are all born, live (some better than others) and eventually die. So is that it, birth, life, death? Surely there has to be more, or maybe there's not!

For those of you who have a faith, be it christianity, islam, judaism , hinduism or any belief system, you probably have an answer because your lives are devoted to worshipping and praising your God or Deity, and the hope of an eternal life.

But what about those of you who do not have a faith or belief system?

  • What do you believe the meaning of life is?
  • Why are you here? and
  • what purpose in life do you serve?

I would love to hear from all of you, believers, non-believers, agnostics, atheists, everyone, with your views on this topical subject.

As for me I'm not sure what the meaning of life is, but I feel my purpose in life is to be a beacon of inspiration to others, encouraging them to be the best that they can be and invoke a sense of self worth.

I wait to read your views.

DeAnna Dubóis


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    • James A Watkins profile image

      James A Watkins 

      6 years ago from Chicago

      The purpose of life is to love and serve God and to love and serve our fellow man. Part of this is to be willing to stand up for truth, virtue, and beauty.

      The question "Who made God" is definitely a human question. Since everything in the temporal world is, well, temporary, all having a birth and and a death, a start and a finish, it is difficult to grasp anything, such as God, that has simply always been, always is, and always will be.

      Now to an atheist, life has no purpose or meaning. I think this is summed up well by Clarence Darrow:

      “The purpose of man is like the purpose of a pollywog - to wiggle along as far as he can without dying; or, to hang to life until death takes him.”

    • editorsupremo profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from London, England

      Hi Smireless,

      Thank you for your comment.It is wonderful that you have an answer to the big question through your faith and belief in God. For Christians the promise of eternal life and the return of Jesus Christ is the key to eternity. Plus the fact that God made us in his own image and put us on earth to praise and worship him is the Christian answer as to why we are here.

      I also believe that knowing God makes you a better person, although I know people who are not Christians but who are good people.

      God Bless

      DeAnna Dubóis

      Editor Supremo

    • Smireles profile image

      Sandra Mireles 

      8 years ago from Texas

      Wow! What a big question! God lives in eternity. He is the beginning and the end. That means that when he created Adam and Eve he already knew that they would not be able to resist temptation. God gave us curiosity. We were created in his image so God is curious, too. He gave us the gift of choice. Some people are kind and choose to serve God. Others are mean and serve themselves. I serve God because I believe that in knowing God it makes me a better person and offers the opportunity of life and knowledge beyond this life. I believe in eternal life that is real and meaningful beyond this life. I am excited and curious about what I will find. That does not mean that I have a death wish. It means that I will live the best I can until that moment when the world opens up for me beyond the grave. I am a Christian but more than that I am a believer.

    • editorsupremo profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from London, England

      Hi Ladbybird33, thank you for your contribution to the poignant question, what is the meaning of life? But I am intrigued to know what you try and live to to each and every day.


      DeAnna Dubóis (aka Editor Supremo)

    • Ladybird33 profile image


      8 years ago from Fabulous USA

      I think I know the meaning of life and try to live it each and every day but this is a great question for everyone. To think through it and be reminder of it because sometimes we forget. Thank you for this wonderful reminder to keep me on my toes and to be aware.


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