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The Mystery of Mothman

Updated on September 5, 2020

Mothman Sightings

The Mothman has been encountered with or without clothing. Many disputes may arise through such an issue. He states that if there was a Martian Civilization before our civilization it is claimed they figured out they can telepathically talk to us just like he revealed his name to be “Indrid Cold.”

There have been other reports of this strange, grinning Mothman including the famous Point Pleasant, West Virginia, where the Mothman sightings took place. Like the young boys in New Jersey, Derenberger claimed, the Mothman wore a “gleaming green outfit”. Spiritual beings can change shape at will, and take on any form, from that of a creature from a nightmare monster or to that of a beautiful woman. (sounds good to me)

Many of the events that occurred so many years ago will always be a mystery. Two boys in New Jersey were walking along Fourth Street and when they reached a corner parallel to the New Jersey Turnpike, one of them, James Yanchitis, could see a strange figure on the other side of the fence.

This is an interesting topic for many individuals. why? I have no idea. There are even sightings and stories of the Men in Black arriving at that location when the incident occurred in point pleasant. Did the men in black know something?

Many of the events that occurred so many years ago and will always be a mystery to us. Two boys in New Jersey have also claimed to see some creature very similar to the Mothman, they were shaking in fear making the story big news.

There are even sightings and stories of the Men in Black arriving at that location when the innocent occurred in point pleasant. Will Smith probably scared him away.

Two People stopped to investigate a set of strange red lights, which turned out to be the eyes of a dog-like creature with wings folded upon its back. Things such as volcanoes, fault lines, hurricanes, tsunamis, and even just waves crashing on a shore also commonly generate natural infrasound sound waves.

Theorists say it is possible that some catastrophic event could have wiped out remnants of a past Martian civilization, much like what destroyed the dinosaurs. So I’m guessing a lot of people think the Mothman is a Martian?

During my visit to Point Pleasant, I could still feel and see the fear in people's eyes. From the experiences that result from the mysterious events that may never be truly grasped or explained, considering they happen in a town with such a small population.

Many reports indicate the creature would ascend upward in a vertical ascent, like that of a helicopter, but again, the wings were never seen flapping.

It also got its very own X-Files episode, which I love. I also really enjoy the new Jersey Devil mystery as well. Some say that they are connected in some way. Some say it is just a human-like creature. Perhaps there may be a Grey-Reptilian hybrid race, who knows?

The sightings still are reported to this day, although they have declined sharply since the point pleasant days. While some scientists may be more intrigued by the possibilities of the Mothman, there are still many unknown things going on in our great planet today.

The author, Art Bell stated from Time magazine, that 69 percent of the United States society believes in the existence of angels and 46 percent believe in guardian angels. They are usually taller and very thin-looking but with darker, scaly skin and eyes with slatted pupils.

Cryptozoology flying monster movies are all over the place nowadays. Mothman came to fame with a number of sightings in the Point Pleasant area.

Everybody wants to know what these creatures are. For the skeptics out there its nothing less than an actual person gone mad, there are very few Mothman sightings today, and not on of them can actually be 100% verified.

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