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Rhonda Byrne The Secret

Updated on July 3, 2014

Rhonda Byrne's "The Secret" Review

Rhonda Byrne's "The Secret" explains how the law of attraction is the key to living a happy and fulfilling life. It was a very typical day. I was at home doing laundry and preparing dinner when I happened to catch a very special episode of Oprah. On this particular episode she had Rhonda Byrne, an Australian filmmaker, on to discuss her new book "The Secret."

At first, I was just halfway paying attention to the show. Modern society had jaded me. I was thinking to myself, "Blah-blah-blah, positive thinking, yada-yada-yada. It's so each for multi millionaires to think positively. They don't have to worry about money. They don't experience the stress and strain that comes with living pay check to pay check." But then a phrase caught my attention, the law of attraction. Hmmm, I remembered studying that some in college. I started to pay closer attention to the show. They were discussing how the law of attraction, a theory that has been proven by quantum physics, affects our lives.

This episode of Oprah and the book "The Secret" really opened my eyes to a whole new way of seeing the world. Common sense tells you that if you dwell on negative thoughts you won't be as happy as if you dwell on positive thoughts. But, I had never heard the theory that by thinking negative thoughts, you actually attract more negative things into your life. That's a scary thought.

The law of attraction is an undeniable force. Whether you want to admit its existence or not, it is working in your life--be it for good or bad. Wikipedia says the law of attraction is when "a person's thoughts (conscious and unconscious), emotions, and beliefs cause a change in the physical world that attracts positive or negative experiences that correspond to the aforementioned thoughts, with or without the person taking action to attain such experiences."

Image courtesy of Ambro /

"You are the architect of your own life."

-- Bob Proctor

My Review of "The Secret"

"The Secret" is Uplifting and Inspiring

The law of attraction has been around since the dawn of man. Many philosophers have theorized about its principals and mystical properties. So, what's different about Byrne's take on the theory and why is "The Secret" worth your time? Oprah says it best in a quote on her website: "It has been marketed and packaged in such a way that people of our generation, of this time, can receive it in a way that perhaps they couldn't have received it from other philosophers." I agree with this statement whole heartedly. "The Secret" is a true eye opener and full of ahh-ha moments.

I was skeptical of "The Secret" when I ordered the DVD online. Even with Oprah's endorsement and with my own knowledge of the law of attraction, I was very doubtful about how the DVD would help me, the average Joe that lives paycheck to paycheck. I was very amazed how quickly the DVD grabbed me and really started to click for me and make sense. It is the most uplifting movie I have ever seen and leaves me with the most amazing feeling each time I watch it. It's wonderful resource to have when you're feeling stressed, run down, or depressed.

"The Secret" Materials

Want to get started improving your life? You can buy the must have "Secret" materials securely from Amazon via the links below.

The Secret
The Secret

Rhonda Byrne's book, "The Secret" explains how the law of attraction is governing your life. In her book she details how you can use the law of attraction to create a joyful life for yourself.

The Secret Diary: A Personal Workbook for Achieving Health, Wealth and Happiness
The Secret Diary: A Personal Workbook for Achieving Health, Wealth and Happiness

This workbook is intended to be used as a companion to Byrne's book "The Secret."

The Secret (Extended Edition)
The Secret (Extended Edition)

This DVD details how you can use the law of attraction to create a full and rich life for yourself. In contains some very powerful visualization tools that are designed to watch regularly in order to increase your positive thoughts and energy. This is the most inspirational movie I have ever watched. The positive feeling it leaves you with is beyond words. I love to watch it when ever I get to feeling down, or even run down or stressed.


Imagine If We Taught Our Children "The Secret"

Rhonda Byrne said something on Oprah that really stuck with me. She said that kids are so impressionable and haven't yet been jaded by society, so imagine if you have your children watch the video. If children see this movie on a regular basis, they will grow up believing they are in charge of their lives and have the tools to achieve even their biggest dreams! What great knowledge to give your children--that they have control over their lives.

Oprah on "Larry King" Talking About the Secret

This video gives me chills. It's absolute evidence of the law of attraction and the power of our thoughts.

The Law of Attraction -- What is It?

An Explanation for Beginners

The law of attraction, much like any piece of great wisdom, is very simple yet very complicated. Let me explain. The law of attraction is simple in that it states that like things attract one another. Good attracts good, where as bad attracts bad. This is a very simple and basic idea. Here's where it gets complicated. Long before Rhonda Byrne wrote "The Secret," and long before the general population began to learn that their thoughts can cause vibrations within the universe that attract more of what they dwell upon (more about that later), the scientific community discovered the law of attraction.

Here is a very simple scientific experiment that proves the physical existence of the law of attraction:

Take two eye droppers, and fill one with oil and the other with water. Next, drop one drop of water onto a surface. Now take the oil dropper again and this time place a drop directly on top of the drop of water. What happens? Do they join together and become as one, or does one repel the other? The water repels the oil and the oil drops join together. Why? Due to the law of attraction one drop of oil attracts the other.

I am no quantum physicist, so the above is a very crude and simple explanation, but you get the idea.

The law of attraction isn't a new concept. It's been a major force throughout time. Every great leader knew of it and it's power. This isn't some "New Age" idea that you can't put your trust in.

The Law of Attraction States:

You attract into your life what you dwell upon.

Too many people have written books or blogs that say the law of attraction is about thinking positive and attracting what you're thinking about.

That's silly. If I think about a million dollars it isn't going to be dropped on my door step.

But, if I dwell on the idea of being a millionaire and have no doubt in my mind that I will some day achieve that goal, my life will start to shift in the direction necessary to make it happen.

"I think, therefore I am."

--René Descartes

Scientific Proof that our Thoughts Impact the Material World

Yep. There is scientific evidence that positive and negative thoughts create an energy that is as real as the ground you walk on. The best evidence I've seen is found in a very interesting and eye opening documentary that I caught on TV. It is called "What the Bleep do We Know."

In the documentary, Dr. Masaru Emoto, a Japanese scientist, wanted to prove that our thoughts do more than just reside within our minds. He wanted to prove that our thoughts send out vibrations that actually have an impact on the physical world. He set out to prove his theory by seeing if thoughts can change the molecular structure of water.

Dr. Emoto first photographed plain water at microscopic levels for a control subject. Then he exposed some of the water to positive thoughts and photographed it again and to everyone's amazement, at the microscopic level, the glass of water's molecular structure had changed. It now looked like beautiful, graceful snowflakes. He then exposed the rest of the ordinary water to very negative thoughts. The next photographs revealed a frightening display of misshapen, distorted, and chaotic molecules.

The photos attached to this article are Dr. Emoto's photos taken during this experiment. The top photo is what happened to water when it was exposed to positive thoughts and the bottom photo is what happened when the water was exposed to negative thoughts.

What does this mean for us? Well, if positive and negative thoughts can impact the actual physical molecular structure of water, imagine how our individual thoughts affect our own bodies, which are 60% water. Now, think about society as a whole and how our negative thoughts are impacting our world, which is 50% water.


The Results of Dr. Emoto's Experiment

Great Companion Books - Self Help Books that Teach You to Utilize the Law of Attraction and Positive Thinking

Other amazing books have been written on the law of attraction. Educate yourself on how to think your way to a more fulfilling and enjoyable life. A better life is just around the corner. Learn how to achieve it.

The Answer: Grow Any Business, Achieve Financial Freedom, and Live an Extraordinary Life
The Answer: Grow Any Business, Achieve Financial Freedom, and Live an Extraordinary Life

This book serves as a how-to guide for growing your own business and living a fulfilling life.

Money, and the Law of Attraction: Learning to Attract Wealth, Health, and Happiness
Money, and the Law of Attraction: Learning to Attract Wealth, Health, and Happiness

The book guides you through the process of gaining control of you life through the use of the law of attraction. Its focus is on obtaining wealth and physical well being.

Finding Your Own North Star: Claiming the Life You Were Meant to Live
Finding Your Own North Star: Claiming the Life You Were Meant to Live

This book gives you the tools necessary to find harmony between your "social self" and your "essential self," a task that can be quite challenging in today's materialistic society. This book gives you great guidance and insight.


Bob Proctor Speaks About "The Secret" - "We Become What We Think of Most"

A very eye opening view of who we really are as a human race and the power of energy, whether it be positive or negative.

What Do You Think?

Maybe you're an optimistic person and think wonderfully positive thoughts most of the day and people consider you to be lucky because everything seems to go your way. Or, maybe you constantly criticize yourself and focus on how unhappy and overweight you are and can't figure out why you get more unhappy and more overweight as time passes. What ever the case may be, the law of attraction believes in you whether you believe in it or not.

Do you believe in the law of attraction?

Have You Discovered "The Secret" Yet?

Have you read or watched

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The Secret Gift is You

This is just one of the many visualization tools found on "The Secret" DVD. It's truly inspiring and uplifting. It's designed to watch each morning as you start your day.

I'm so glad you found this lens. I hope it was helpful and inspirational and leaves you feeling empowered to take control of your life.

Thank You for Stopping By

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      lovely motivational lens! Thanks for sharing.

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      Amazing job. Really love your work. keep doing what you do.

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      A lovely lens thank you for sharing. I especially loved the video about the water crystals!

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      I am so very happy that I keep attracting great lensmasters who make awesome lenses (like you and this lens) into my Law of Attraction Group. Welcome and 5*****

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      I have the Secret and the law of attraction has changed my life. Feel free to visit my "Think and Grow Rich" Lens. ~Wendy

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      I was not familiar with 'The Secret' until discovering your lens -- thanks for turning me on to it!

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      Very interesting and informative lens.It sure does make alot of sense when you really think about it. Good job.

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