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the stereotype of Muslims and Arabs in the Western Popular culture,Movies and Mass Media

Updated on August 9, 2014

The images of Arabs and Muslims in the West world,especially in USA,have been presented negatively in various forms by the mass Media and other creative expressions They are currently portrayed as terrorists ,murders,brutes and misogynists .These images don't stem from nothing,nor do they come as a bolt from the blue,but they are the product of the Medieval stereotypes and Orientalist studies.

When the Muslims (Saracens) took back the control of Jerusalem.The Church moved earth and heaven to evoke hostility towards them by encouraging Knights and peasants to "redeem their sins and help to bring about the triumph of Christianity by crushing the pagan infidel"1. they were portrayed in the crusade speeches as an instrument of demons and vile race which should be exterminated from the earth and "Mohamed (peace be upon him) as an agent of Satan, a precursor of Antichrist, or - as Pope Innocent III asserted - Antichrist himself"2.This malicious ,malignant and racist attitude toward Muslims can be seen clearly in this racial inflammatory appeal to release the Holy lands by Pope Urban II in 1095 :

“For you must hasten to carry aid to your brethren dwelling in the East, who need your help, which they have often asked For the Turks, a Persian people, have attacked them I exhort you with earnest prayer- not I, but God-that, as heralds of Christ, you urge men by frequent exhortation, men of all ranks, knights as well as foot soldiers, rich as well as poor, to hasten to exterminate this vile race from the lands of your brethren Christ commands it And if those who set out thither should lose their lives on the way by land, or in crossing the sea, or in fighting the pagans, their sins shall be remitted Oh what a disgrace, if a race so despised, base, and the instrument of demons, should so overcome a people endowed with faith in the all-powerful God, and resplendent with the name of Christ .Let those who have been accustomed to make private war against the faithful carry on to a successful issue a war against the infidels .Let those who for a long time have been robbers now become soldiers of Christ .Let those who fought against brothers and relatives now fight against these barbarians .Let them zealously undertake the journey under the guidance of the Lord.”3

French Bishop ,Jacques de Vitry on the 5th Crusade depicted Isalm as a sexually liberal and Muslim women "as defiled and wanton whores and seductresses " 4 :

"Saracens are considered most religious who can make the most women pregnant they lie with their concubines and wives often in times of fast, because they suppose making love and desire are so meritorious, either to satisfy lust or to generate many sons to strengthen the defense of their religion."5

Dominican Friar Humbert of Lyons ,on the other hand,went beyond that when he presented one of Islam's teachings in shockingly hideous way so as to convince backsliding Christians to return to the fold and not to follow the licentious religion of the Saracens:

"Nor did Mahomet teach anything of great austerity. . . indeed, he even allowed many pleasurable things, to do with a multitude of women, abuse of them, and suchlike. . . many Christians change and will change to the Saracen religion."6

In fact,these Pejorative images of Muslims abound not only the crusade discourse but also in paintings.The following pictures are taken from book called" The Cantigas de Santa Maria"which was written in the 13th century during the reign of Alfonso X. The first one shows the kidnapping of a German noble man from the Portuguese coast by Muslim army and the second ,five Moors throwing the statue of the vergin Mary into the sea:


This hosility was the result of the Western sense of cultural and political inferiority and military impotence.During the Middle ages,Islamic civilization was far ahead of its Christian rival,offering entrancing advances in most areas of cultural activities and warefare strategies and tactics.To build the self-confidence,the Western had to degrade the image of their rivals and elevate their own Christian self-image instead.But in the begining of Seventeenth Century,the tables turned :"the Muslim states ceased to be a threat politically and the West started to develop new secular views that demystified religion and diminished the threat of Islam as a rival ideology. So in the modern period, derisive attitudes arise not from an inferiority complex but from a Eurocentric sense of cultural superiority."7

This sense of superiority reached its peak in the ninteenth century when they extended their hegemony over much of the world.Their need for raw material,new markets and new territories to invest their capital lead them to adapt social Darwinism theory which says that all white skin people are better fit to non white skin to participate in the struggle for dominance in which strong nations would survive and others would only be subjected and submessive.Africa was regarded as primitive and void of any civilization :

"As we steamed into the estuary of Sierra Leone on November 18th [1889], we found Africa exactly as books of travel had led us to anticipate--a land of excessive heat, lofty palm-trees, gigantic baobabs, and naked savages. At five o'clock we dropped anchor at Free Town, called, on account of its deadly fevers, the `white man's grave.' Immediately, our vessel was surrounded by boats filled with men and women, shouting, jabbering, laughing, quarrelling, and even fighting. ... Without exception it was the most confusedly excited and noisy lot of humanity I have ever seen." 8

More precisely, a place to indulge in any kind of behavior,good or bad as Achebe puts it in her own beautiful words:

"Africa is to Europe as the picture is to Dorian Gray -- a carrier onto whom the master unloads his physical and moral deformities so that he may go forward, erect and immaculate"9

To fill this void,the West created a culture,history and model for them to follow ,step by step ,if they wanted to be civilized and modern like them,or in other words ,to "remove the curse of Ham from their hearts"10 as Pope Pius IX declared in 1873 ,or more symbolically ,to take up the White Man's burden as Rudyard Kipling states in the beginning of this famous poem,:

Take up the White Man's burden--

Send forth the best ye breed-

Go, bind your sons to exile

To serve your captives' need;

To wait, in heavy harness,

On fluttered folk and wild--

Your new-caught sullen peoples,

Half devil and half child."11

On the other hand,the Arab world was regarded as an Orient full of mystic ,exoticness and retarded people who are unware of the richness of their culture and history.To conquer it,the West firstly sent travellers and funded expeditions to explore and provide the true picture of the Orient but when Bonaparte came into power in France,new strategies and tactics rose to prominence.He used Liberty as a camouflage to invade Italy and loot its great artwork.A similar tactic was used to conquer Egypt.He disassociated himself firstly from Christianity by attacking Vatican and let everyone knew about it so as not to interpret his invasion as a renewal of the Crusades and then he brought with him first printing press in Africa ,167 scholars and artists to study Egypt’s society ,monuments, crafts, arts.After his defeat by the British troops,he left Egypt in the gripe of Egyptian Nationalists who "caught a taste of freedom from awareness of the revolutionary, egalitarian spirit of France"12.

However,Egypt became a target of European imperial ambition and an open gate for adventures,treasure hunters,travellers,traders,artists.Effectively,it was taken and controlled politically from 1883 until 1956 by British.Artistically and literarily,it was captured by the amateurish writers and sensual artists whose occational and incidental visited Egypt.Gustave Flaubert ,a famous French author,travelled through Egypt for almost 2 years depicted Cairo in his letter to Dr. Jules Cloquet, a friend of his family, as a cosmopolitan city and its people like ruffians,rowdies but cheerfull only on some social occasions:

"As soon as it goes dark, everyone carries his little cloth-covered lantern, and the Pasha’s sais (= footman) run through the streets carrying great blazing torches in their left hands. There is jostling, there is argument, there are blows, there is rolling about, there is swearing of all kinds, there is shouting in a dozen different languages. The raucous semitic syllables clatter in the air like the sound of a whiplash. You come across every costume in the Orient, you bump into all its peoples (I’m talking about here in Cairo). You see the Greek Orthodox priest with his long beard, going along on his mule, the Arnaute in an embroidered jacket, the Copt in a black turban, the Persian in his fur cloak, the desert Bedouin with his face the color of coffee, walking along solemnly swathed in his white robes. Here they are very cheerful, very artistic in their gestures and their adornments. Circumcisions and marriages seem to be merely pretexts for rejoicing and music."13

Jean-Leon Gerome(1824-1904 )offered new incorrect ideas to the West about Arabs and Turkish costumes,Islamic rites and calligraphy in mosques,tiles,furnishing,soldiers,hookahs .The paintings below are a good set of examples:

Snake Charmer (1870), oil on canvas painting by Jean-Leon Gerome (1824-1904), 122 cm x 84 cm, currently at Sterling & Francine Clark Art Institute, Williamstown, Massachusetts, United States
Snake Charmer (1870), oil on canvas painting by Jean-Leon Gerome (1824-1904), 122 cm x 84 cm, currently at Sterling & Francine Clark Art Institute, Williamstown, Massachusetts, United States

In the picture above,Gerome inserted odd calligraphy and tiles in the picture and in the picture below,he depicted a weird public Muslims prayer in a Mosque.There were two"Jamaat " (prayer in congregation, with one person leading. The followers stand behind ,forming straight lines )and a naked boy or girl behind two lines.In Islam ,it is not allowed to have two Jamaat in public prayers or to enter any Mosque with no clothes on:

Public Prayer in the Mosque of Amr Cairo
Public Prayer in the Mosque of Amr Cairo | Source

the worst picture of all is this one below ,which ,surely, sends shivers down the viewer's spine the moment he set his eyes on it.Some of the rebels' heads hanging at the Mosque's door and others piled on the front door stairs.A soldier with sword out of its sheath and an ordinary man,sitting beside the heads and smoking tobaco indifferently.In Islam,Mosques are sacred places.Never in history happened that Muslims hung the heads of rebels at the Mosques' doors.

Heads of the Rebel Beys
Heads of the Rebel Beys | Source

Jean-Léon Gérôme,in fact was more interested in selling his painting than seeking to provide the true image of the Arab society .Ahdaf souief ,an Egyptian short story writer, novelist and political and cultural commentator says in article published in The Guardian,Saturday 5 July 2008:

"Jean-Léon Gérôme, for example, may or may not have believed in France's mission civilisatrice; perhaps he only ever wanted to sell paintings. But in supplying images of indolence and cruelty he helped to nourish perceptions that eased the path of that mission"14

Before Gerome ,Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingre,French painter(1780 -1987), created an atmosphere of sensuality in his materpiece :Grande Odalisque .A naked concubine lying on a divan with feather duster in her hand , tantalizing her body like in Kamasutra sex movies and peering over her shoulders calmly at the viewers

Grande Odalisque
Grande Odalisque | Source

Eugene Delacroix (26 April 1798 – 13 August 1863),French painter,depicted Algerian cuncubine of a harem with hookah.It was difficult for him to find naked Female models to draw from.All muslims women were veiled in public.He sleathly like a thief climbed onto high roofs to sketch women who took baths on below roofs terraces.But a former Christians who converted to Islam and had collaborated with the French, is supposed to have allowed him entry into his Harem( to depict those Algerian women.This is what he said in his notebook:

Having walked down some dingy corridor, you enter the part of the house which is reserved for [the women]. The eye is truly dazzled by the bright light, the fresh faces of the women and children amidst a mass of silk and gold. For a painter, it is a moment of fascination and strange happiness. 15

The Women of Algiers in Their Apartment.
The Women of Algiers in Their Apartment. | Source

This Orientalism didn’t die in the early 20 but it has continued to instigate the western popular culture .Beauclerk -a military man-for example,inscribed on the orient landscape,Tangier (north west city in Morocco )for example, his psychological mindset from afar before he disembarked at the harbor.Only what he saw were debris, tombs and death:

"Tangiers or as the Moors call it Tangha, is but little remarkable from the sea. The similarity of the low, flat-roofed, white-washed houses,stretching one above another, like tombs, up the side of a hill, gives it a very monotonous appearance. It is situated on ground that forms a sort of amphitheatre; and on the heights to the north stands the castle, an extensive ruin, inhabited by the Basha and the storks”16

But to Sternberg - a traveler - Tangier was a lively beautiful city “Seen from the harbor, Tangier looks as though thousands of pigeons in their snowy whiteness had settled on the coast;”17

These lurid,unrealistic and insidious depictions of the Muslims and Arabs were visualized and maintained by the film industry also.The first attempt was held by Thomas Edison when he made for his Kinetoscope a short movie in 1897,called “Fatima dences” in which an “Arab women with enticing clothes dance to seduce a male audience”18.This short erotic clip aroused sexual desires from slumber and gave free loose to Western imagination to depict and indulge in fantasies about the Orient. In The Sheik ( 1921 )and The son of the the Sheik (1926),Arabs were portrayed as thieves ,charlatans ,brutal slavers and promiscuous desert sheikhs.In 1960 ,the hollywood directors turned their gaze to the Israeli-Palestinians conflict not to depict or analyse profoundly and impartially the causes of the mutual hatred but to portray the Palestinians as despicable demonic beings without compassion for women,men and children. In the Exodus by Otto Preminger ,the Palestinans who fought for their land against the Zionist invaders were recognized as terrorists and stateless savages like the Indians in cowboy movies. in Black Sunday (1977 ),an Arab terrorist ploted to bomb a stadium in USA during the Super Bowl to attract the world's attention to the ethnic cleansing of Palestinian Arabs.In Hostage Flight(1980),a passenger on an airplane says:"These bastard (Muslims )shot those people in cold blood.They think it's open season on Americans".In Terrorist on Trial: The United States vs. Salim Ajami (1988),a Muslim Palestinian bragged about giving orders to kill innocent American women and children .He announced in an occasion that he would use Nuclear Weapons: "We will strike at them in their home country as well as overseas.Live long Palestine!".In this connection,Mazin B. Qumsiyeh in his article,100 years of Anti-Arabs and Anti-Muslim Stereotyping,asks a very important question which the world should dwell on:

"How is it that they(Palestinians who are the victimes of mass expulsion and now refugees in Diaspora )are portrayed collectively as terrorists bent on killing Jews? Israel, the US, and Arab countries pursue terrorists aggressively when they are Arabs but we somehow let state terrorism off the hook."19

In under siege (1992 )a Middle Eastern Muslims seized control of the battleship USS Misouri BB-63 , killing soldiers and imprisoned the rest of the ship's company .A white house official commented by saying :"They are shi'ite..We all knew they would hit us in our home".In Not Without My Daughter in (1991),it depicted a Muslim male as a wild ,woman beater and fanatic religious zealot who left his wife and daughter,who are American citizens,alone in Iran for his religion and family.In True lies in (1994 ,portrayed Arabs not only as religious fanatics prone to destroy the whole world but as racist,sexist and idiotic as well.In Taken (2008,Arabs were portrayed as lewd and kept-up .A daughter of a retired CIA agent was kidnapped on a trip to Paris and sold into a wealthy Arab Prince.In Aladdin ,a cartoon movie,Arabs were portrayed as swarthy,greedy and villainous with Arabic accents and malformed facial features,except the protagonists:Aladdin and Jasmine who are light-skinned and American accent.It seemed as if the Walt Disney Company adapted the Social-Darwinism philosophy in dealing and portraying the others.The film‘s opening song set the tone:

However,for many years I was wondering: why is Hollywood effervescently engaged in denigrating and dehumanizing Arabs and muslims or why does it naturally “distort what it seeks to explain”?20 .Is it because the Arab stereotype is "attractive to a number of people (and) an easy thing to do"?21or is it because "you can hit an Arab free; they're free enemies, free villains--where you couldn't do it to a Jew or you can't do it to a black anymore"??22.

But after I read many books about this issue and watched several movies,the light dawned me and my head stopped spining around.I can say more confidently,with bells on,that Holywood producers accidently-on-purpose tended to lump Muslims and Arabs or what Shaheen calls" America’s bogeyman”23 into one highly negative image of terrorism and danger.Using the common collective memory and the very specific language of religious figures, academics, policy pundits, journalists, and entertainment conglomerates to generate and sustain those derogatory stereotypes as a first stage to construct an enemy image in the popular imagination which would stick up for any future American wars. Bush’s war against Terrorism when USA were attacked by al-Qaida is a set of an example .In connection with this,the political rhetoric that George W. Bush used in his speeches as it was aired and broadcasted through world channels during the trauma was so strong and offending “us,” “them,”“they,” “evil,” “those people,” “wanted: dead or alive”.

Consequently,all persons from Muslim world or those in USA who are from Arab descents were recognized as terrorists,bloody-thirsty and a menace to the national security and to the West.As john Esposito says, “fear of the Green Menace [green being the color of Islam] may well replace that of the red menace of world communism…. Islam is often equated with holy war and hatred, fanaticism and violence, intolerance and the oppression of women.24

John Esposito,though laconically, sheds light on the Zionist propaganda in forming and brainwashing American minds. “Israel, which for years won American and European backing as a bulwark against the spread of communism through the Middle East, is now projecting itself as the West's defense against militant Islam, a movement it is portraying as an even greater danger''25 .Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin expressed that clearly in the justification he gave for the expulsion of 415 Palestinians in December 1992:

"Our struggle against murderous Islamic terror is also meant to awaken the world, which is lying in slumber... We call on all nations, all peoples to devote their attention to the greater danger inherent in Islamic fundamentalism[, which]...threatens world peace in future years... [W]e stand on the line of fire against the danger of fundamentalist Islam."26By the same tenor , Foreign Minister Shimon Peres warned the West as well as the Arab world of what he called"Khomeinism":

"Since the collapse of communism in the Soviet Union, we consider Khomeinism the greatest danger the Middle East is facing -- not only us but the Arabs as well.It has many of the characteristics of communism. It is fanatic, it is ideological, it is religious, and it claims, like communism, that the goal justifies the means. . . . Most of all, it has the same inclination to export its ideas."27

In The End of History and the Last Man , Francis Fukuyama directs the West's attention to the never-say-die inner potence of the Islam 's creed:

“It is true that Islam constitutes a systematic and coherent ideology, just like liberalism and communism, with its own code of morality and doctrine of political and social justice. The appeal of Islam is potentially universal, reaching out to all men as men, and not just to members of a particular ethnic or national group. And Islam has indeed defeated liberal democracy in many parts of the Islamic world, posing a grave threat to liberal practices even in countries where it has not achieved political power directly. The end of the cold war in Europe was followed immediately by a challenge to the West from Iraq, in which Islam was arguably a factor.”28

Islam was not really the potential giant that frightened and threatened the western globalization as Fukuyama states but the fact that "Iraq had one of the best educational performances in the region. Primary school Gross Enrollment Rate was 100% and literacy levels were high"29 and "developed (also )a Westernized system of sophisticated hospitals with advanced medical procedures, provided by specialist physicians"30.Taking this information into account would explain why Iraq was targeted by the West in the Gulf war.Iraq was the victim of the West conspiracy against the Arab world.They didn’t want any Arab country to develop and get out of the periphery of illiteracy, despotism and military and economy ineptitude. Many obstacles are made on the way to the advancement and many attempts are made nowadays to attack Islam and denigrate Arabs.

Pamela Guller,an American blogger and political activist ,who claimed that she didn`t have any problem with Islam and Muslims have published recently a book called `Stop Islamization of America` which tries to show that there is a secret sinister agenda that could do nothing less than destroying american liberty and life style.Pamela suggests some instructions and innovative strategies about how to stop and fighting the spreading of Shariah thoughts and what she called `Islamic supermacism ` in USA. Wafa Sultan,a critic of Islam society and Islam, comments on the book by encouraging Americans to buy the book so as to be`equipe(d) .. for the great struggle that lies ahead `31.What lies ahead are windmills, in fact.Real enemies are working in shade and pulling the strings of goverments .They don `t wink eyes or mince in words to ruin the world..Pamela and others similarly are like Don Quixotes on a sacred mission to distort and to stop,in vain, the fastest growing religion in the world by spreading lies and Anti-Muslim feelings.One of their prominent outstanding modern European knight is Jyllands-Posten ,the most popular conservative Danish daily newspaper.In 2006,it published 12 cartoons by some professional artists burlesquing the prophet Mohamed peace be upon him and Islam.32 Publishing those cartoons indicates one thing to me that the West are disrespectful of immigrant cultures and religion and more obsessed with their own paranoid imaginations which make them to see Islam as a horrendous gaint who will swallow up the whole world in one gulp . Hiding behind the West freedom of expression is the weak link in the argument."How could hurting the feelings of over one billion Muslims was to serve the interests of free Press, freedom of expression or civil liberties?"asks Dr Nasir Khan :'33.Why couldn't Rose Flemming publish a cartoon of Israel's Ariel Sharon strangling a Palestinian baby ?Was he afraid to be ``construed as 'racist.'`?34or his liberty had its limits when it came to touch Israel and its Zionist genocide leaders?

Exercising free speech requires to stand up and point a finger to the wrongdoers , ``regardless of frontiers ``35,but to turn eyes blind to the atrocities that are inflicted on palestinians by the zionest supermacist country is not acceptable democratically or humanly.It is,in fact,a kind of hypocrisy and double standard. The offensive cartoons resulted in demonstrations in Muslim world and a flow of the international condemnations. Unfortunately, Rose stuck to his opinion to not apologize for the publication of the provocative cartoons after he escaped to USA:"But if we talk of freedom of speech, even if it was a provocation, that does not make our right to do it any less legitimate before the law,"3

In other places,he says ''The cartoonists treated Islam the same way they treat Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism and other religions. And by treating Muslims in Denmark as equals they made a point: We are integrating you into the Danish tradition of satire because you are part of our society, not strangers. The cartoons are including, rather than excluding, Muslims 37 .If they really including,they should have respect the sensibilities of Muslims and refrain from provoking Muslims into a response and spreading Islamophobia in the world. Giving such childish and fanciful interpretation like ''The cartoon also plays into the fairy tale about Aladdin and the orange that fell into his turban and made his fortune. This suggests that the bomb comes from the outside world and is not an inherent characteristic of the prophet.''38 or a poor excuse to cushion the blow by saying that '' a Danish comedian had no problem urinating on the Bible in front of a camera ''39 is useless and waste of space."The right to freedom of thought and expression, sanctioned by the Declaration of the Rights of Man, cannot imply the right to offend the religious sentiment of believers as Vatican declared in its VATICAN CITY, FEB. 5, 2006 ( and ‘there is no law in life or nature that says great religions may be insulted with impunity’41 as le Carré claimed.If it is allowed in Western countries to lampoon Jesus and Christianity,in Islam,on the contrary,is not and any kind of visual depictions of the prophet is considered blasphemy.

In 2008,an other `Knight` ,Geert Wilders,Dutch parliamentarian, foregrounded to the surface to infuriate the Muslim world and wreaked an international havoc by producing a very shocking cinematic commentary approximately 15-minute about Islam and the prophet Mohammed(peace be upon him), called Fitna( ).He took some Quranic verses from its historical contexts and interlarded them with media clips and newspaper particles to show that the violence and hatred toward non-Muslims are some of inherited characteristics of Islam and``the consequences of mass immigration from Muslim countries."42.The movie starts with a very `shocking images`43.One of them,a caricature of the prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) with a bomb,almost to explode, on his turban(You can view other disturbing images here like beheadings of hostages,footage of Sep 11 attacks,... )

“This film is a direct attempt to incite violence from Muslims and help fan the flames of Islamophobia,” Arsalan Iftikhar, a contributor to Washington-based Islamica Magazine, told CNN. “Any reasonable person can see this is meant to spit in the face of Muslims and insult our religion.” 44

But according to Wilders, the bravest man in Europe as pamela likes to call him when he landed on USA:

“It’s not a provocation, but the harsh reality and a political conclusion,”45

The political conclusion that the film tries to illustrate is groundless logically and historically.The Quran that he wanted once "to tear parts out of it and set them on fire "46 is the one which conquered hearts and minds of people from different nations throughout history..If it is a cryptofacist book,I would like to ask this bravest Don Quixote and his or her fanatic followers to give me such plausible answers to the following questions:

.How come More than 80% of the population of India are non-Muslims,bearing in mind that the Muslims ruled it for about a thousand years?

.Which Muslim army conquered Indonesia ?

.How come the conversion to Islam happened in the absence of any Islamic state in Malaysia?

.What makes Tony Blair `s sister-in-law ,Lauren Booth ,to convert to Islam?

. What incites these philosophers and authors below to write such beautiful books praising this man with a bomb in his turban and his violent propagating book :

"Philosopher, Orator, Apostle, Legislator, Warrior, Conqueror of ideas Restorer of rational beliefs, of a cult without images; the founder of twenty terrestrial empires and of one spiritual empire, that is Muhammed. As regards all standards by which human greatness may be measured, we may well ask, is there any man greater than he?"47
"It is impossible for anyone who studies the life and character of the great prophet of Arabia, who knows how he taught and how he lived, to feel anything but reverence for that mighty Prophet, one of the great messengers of the Supreme. And although in what I put to you I shall say many things which may be familiar to many, yet I myself feel whenever I re-read them, a new way of admiration, a new of reverence for that mighty Arabian teacher".48

"It is not the propagation but the permanency of his religion that deserves our wonder, the same pure and perfect impression which he engraved at Mecca and Medina is preserved, after the revolutions of twelve centuries by the Indian, the African and the Turkish proselytes of the Koran. . . The Mahometans have uniformly withstood the temptation of reducing the object of their faith an devotion to a level with the senses and imagination of man. 'I believe in One God and Mahomet the Apostle of God' is the simple and invariable profession of Islam. The intellectual image of the Deity has never been degraded by any visible idol; the honours of the prophet have never transgressed the measure of human virtue, and his living precepts have restrained the gratitude of his disciples within the bounds of reason and religion."49

Vone Hammer says : “Quraan is not only the constitution of Islam , it is the peak of the Arabic eloquence . Its amazing diction witnesses that it is a revelation from God and that this word can never be from a human source . Mohammad has spread his power by the miracle of eloquence .”50

Goethe says :“

Whether the Koran is of eternity?
I don't question that!...
That it is the book of books
I believe out of the muslim's duty"51

Despite of the truthful facts that are permeated in history books ,there is a tendency led by bunch of chivalrous Knights to incite violence and exacerbate the tension between the West and Muslim world by linking Islam to Nazism and outlawing the resistance movements in Palestine.Wilders illustrates a funny analogy between Quran and Mein Kampf.(book of Hitler).He says that Jihad means `my personal struggle` and Mein Kampf means `my struggle` and others who are brainwashed by the the Zionist media interpreted the visit of Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Muhammad Hajj Amin Al-Husseini, to Germany and some of his speeches to the Bosnian Muslim Waffen-SS Division as a proof of being a zealot Nazi who aspired to establish a fascist Arab state in the middle East . Renco De Felice denies any affinity of Arab nationalism with Nazi ideology in his Book Mussolini l'alleato. L'Italia in guerra :

"It should be quite clear that this relation (arose) not, as a number of authors have nonetheless argued, because of a presumed affinity of their ideology with that of the Nazis or Fascists, no such thing existed, but by virtue of the wholly political logic (of events) that saw in the enemies (in deed or potentially) of their own enemies their own friends, particularly if the latter have already provided evidence - and this was, precisely, the case with Germany, and all the more so, with Italy -of being interested, in terms of the same political logic, in giving support to their cause'52.
Kazim al-Sulh, the editor of al-Nida ,decided in 1934 to publish Mein Kampf in serial translation so as to teach the Arab nationalists how to fight and survive the atrocities imposed on them by the great colonial powers:

"'Mein Kampf' is the plan of a man and a nation that resemble the life of our youth and our nation at their beginnings. My intention was that our youth and our nation will become acquainted with the renaissance of this man and this nation, so that they will learn from their examples in the next phase of their life."53
In his autobiography book Memoire ,Al-Husseini explained that his alliance with Hitler was for political reasons not for sharing the same ideology :
"I have considered Germany to be a friendly country, because it was not a colonizing country, and it never harmed any Arab or Islamic country, and because it was fighting our colonialist and Zionist enemies, and because the enemy of your enemy is your friend. And I was certain that Germany's victory would definitely save our countries from the danger of Zionism and colonization."54 In the same book, he clarified his standpoint on other controversial things such as :

1.the period he spent in Germany: And in Germany I worked hard to provide my humble assistance to our Palestinian cause and to all Arab countries and some Islamic countries, and to call on all those sincerely committed to our Palestinian and Arab causes to cooperate with Germany, not for the sake of Germany and not believing in Nazism, whose principles I don't subscribe to and never thought of, but rather because I was, and still am, certain that had Germany and the Axis countries won, then Zionists would not have remained in Palestine and the Arab countries.55
2.Colonialism:"Our battle with the Zionists and the colonialists who support them is a battle that was forced upon us, we had no choice in it, and we have no choice but to accept the challenge of the enemies."56
3.Solution of Jews in Palestine:"I was surprised to hear this number, and I knew nothing about it before. Then Himmler asked me: by the way, how do you plan to solve the Jewish case in your country. I answered: we want nothing from them but to return to the countries they came from. Himmler said: we will never allow them to get back to Germany." 57 . Pamela Guller in her website AtlasShrug published one of the Mufti's preaches that was broadcasted through the Nazi radio station to incite bigotry and Jewish-hatred feelings as she claimed:
"According to the Muslim religion, the defense of your life as a duty which can only be fulfilled by annihilating the Jews. This is your best opportunity to get rid of this dirty race, which has usurped your rights and brought misfortune and destruction on your countries. Kill the Jews, burn their property, destroy their stores, annihilate these base supporters of British imperialism. Your sole hope of salvation lies in annihilating the Jews before they annihilate you." 58
She accused him of being the main architect of the Holohoax depending on the testimony of Dieter Wisliczeny, Eichmann’s assistant:"The Grand Mufti has repeatedly suggested to the Nazi authorities – including Hitler, von Ribbentrop and Himmler – the extermination of European Jewry. … The Mufti was one of the initiators of the systematic extermination of European Jewry and had been a collaborator and adviser of Eichmann and Himmler in the execution of this plan... He was one of Eichmann’s best friends and had constantly incited him to accelerate the extermination measures. I heard him say, accompanied by Eichmann, he had visited incognito the gas chambers of Auschwitz."59
This testimony is a bogus for many reasons,I cited some in my Hub:Holocaust: The Myth of Six Million,(you can check it if you want)and I have now to add something new to the package of lies:there is no photographs of corpses of Nazi gassing victims.All the pictures they displayed in many websites are pictures of natural death by typhus and the pictures pictures below ,for instance,shows Dachau as prison camp.The prisoners are wearing prison uniforms and if it was a death camp,why did the Nazi bother themselves to make them wearing uniforms and cut their hair??

Prisoners at the Dachau concentration camp, waving at Americans after they were liberated
Prisoners at the Dachau concentration camp, waving at Americans after they were liberated
Prisoners at the Dachau concentration camp, waving at Americans after they were liberated
Prisoners at the Dachau concentration camp, waving at Americans after they were liberated

And this is cutting from a Canadian newspaper talks about the testimony of the expert William Lindsey in Zundel trial in 1985:


Pamela,in fact,is not only against Islamic Supremacy but against anyone who stands defending Arabs and Muslims rights.When French and several Eroupeans cancelled in 28 June,2011 Stop the Islamisation of America (SIOA) and Stop the Islamisation of Europe (SIOE) “freedom” rally that were supposed to hold their first summit in Strasbourg, France, on July 2.due to some reasonable factors like feeding and promoting racism and Anti-Muslim feelings towards Muslims in Europe ,Pam flied into rage and accused Europe of being bowed to the shackles and chains of imperialist “Islamic supremacists:

"The Strasbourg police could not guarantee our safety. When the thugs of the Antifa group and Islamic supremacist organizations announced plans to hold a violent counter-demonstration and to do everything they could to disrupt our activities, the authorities canceled permission for our demonstration and conference, instead of standing up to these violent neo-fascists and their Islamic supremacist allies."61Said pamela and then , added enthusiastically :

"Once again democracy is being denied in Europe. But we are not giving in. On the contrary: when our governing authorities are refusing to protect freedom, we have to do it ourselves. That's the impetus for our Freedom From Jihad Flotilla". 62

After this announcement , Pamela created an activity called:Freedom From Jihad aid flotilla.It" is intended to be a direct response to the capitulation of French, European, and American authorities to Leftist and Islamic supremacist forces of oppression and injustice. It is set to launch after our national Rally for Freedom at Ground Zero on the tenth anniversary of the Islamic jihad attacks that murdered three thousand Americans"63.This activity caught ahold of naive and gullible people from different races and religions.It sought to support the Israel siege of Gaza strip in the first stage, not to stand and offer moral and material support to the non-Muslims persecuted for their faith in Muslim countries.Freedom from Jihad aid flotilla was a smart strategy to pull the wool on the world s eyes so as to cover the inhuman blockade of Gaza and the Israeli crimes against Palestinians. Pamela is not interested in the human rights of Palestinians or has ever batted an eyelid to rivers of blood that are running in Gaza but solely in Israeli rights to defend itself and annihilate the neighbors. She said encouraging Israel : "stand loud and proud. Give up nothing. Turn over not a pebble. For every rocket fired, drop a MOAB. Take back Gaza. Secure Judea and Samaria. Stop buying Haaretz. Throw leftists bums out. Stand straight and walk on. Be worthy of your ancestors". 64

Ibrahim Hooer, the National communication Director and spokesperson for the council on AmericanIslamic Relations (CAIR),called Guller The Queen of the Muslim bashers:

"People say don't give her too much credit, she's a fringe character, but she is a fringe character who every day is on CNN, Fox, The Washington Post, and The New York Times. She is the driving force behind the Islamic center campaign. I would say that she is the queen of the Muslim bashers, I see her rise and the rise of these anti-Islam hate groups going hand in hand"65

Eric Boehlert, an American writer at Media Matters for America, agreed with Hooper,stating that "She's been instrumental.She has whipped up hatred in the right-wing blogosphere and now that's spilled out into the wider community."66

Anders Behring Breivik,a Norwegian mass murderer and Utoya shooter in July 2012, is one of her victims.She kept cramming his mind with counterjihad thoughts and his heart with grudge ,fear and hatred towards Muslim immigrants.His insane manifesto is the echo of Guller s thoughts.Some say that she is free from blame and she didn't support or knew what he was going to do.But ,I think ,she hold some responsibility.A killer is not only the one who pull the trigger but also who indirectly encourages a man or a woman to kill in the name of whatsoever reason is.

Jeffrey Goldberg, American journalist,called her in the a hatemonger and bad guidance :

"Geller is a hatemonger, but she didn't pull the trigger. Free speech means free speech. But she should be aware now that violent people look to her for guidance, and she should write with that in mind."67

Village Voice website remarked that she:Should Be Considered Among The "Lunatics.":

"RTF [Conservative blog Right Turn Forever] acknowledged that Breivik followed Geller and Gates of Vienna, but while those people are known to you and us as lunatics, to RTF they are "popular not only among anti-Islam activists, but amont [sic] even more moderate types concerned about the rise of radical Islam in the West." (RTF doesn't name any of the alleged "moderate types" who follow these nuts.)"68

Guller and other insane Knights who picked up their own information from trivial books and shallow articles written by biased anti-Islamic malicious writers should study history through their own eyes and pause for a moment to catch their own breath after a long time of bashing Islam and denigrating Arabs in the popular press.It is dutiful to tell the truth and not to hide it or to tell half-true facts .Islam is not horses clopping and swords cutting infidels heads and Arabs are not the three B syndrome:bombers,belly dancers, s time to stand together not on the ground Zero but on the ground of brotherhood in humanity to hinder negative images influencing policies and affecting human lives.





4. David Stannard,American Holocaust:Columbus and the conquest of the new world (Oxford University Press, 1992) p:180

5.Normal Daniel,Heroes and saracens:an interpretation of the chanson de gest (Edinburgh University Press, 1984)p:70


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32. .



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47.Lamartine, Historie de la Turquie, Paris 1854, Vol. 11 pp. 276-2727

48.Annie Besant, The Life and Teachings of Muhammad, Madras 1932, p. 4

49.Edward Gibbon and Simon Ocklay, HISTORY OF THE SARACEN EMPIRE, London, 1870, p. 54.




















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    • profile image


      3 years ago

      Very valid, pithy, suntccci, and on point. WD.

    • James-wolve profile imageAUTHOR

      Tijani Achamlal 

      5 years ago from Morocco

      thanks so much for the visit.This hub was here for long time and no one tried to read it.I think because it is long lol anyway thanks for taking time out and reading it.

      Have a wonderful day there!

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      5 years ago from India

      Very nice hub. I wish everyone lived peacefully and didn't try to convert others.


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