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Haunted Florida The Stranahan House Fort Lauderdale

Updated on September 2, 2018

The Stranahan House

My husband "Larry", and I spend a lovely winter in Fort Lauderdale Florida a few years back. One lazy morning my husband picked up a local tourist magazine, and came across an article on the " Haunted Historical Stranahan House". My husband knowing my passion for the paranormal, suggested we purchase tickets to the homes "Ghost Tour". Which consists of a tour of the Stranahan House, and a water tour of "Haunted New River".

We arrived early for the tour and had time to sit near the home and take in the interesting exterior of the Stranahan House, along with the tropical setting that surrounded the home. It was dusk, and all looked a bit surreal. The tour guide gave a good presentation of the home and its history. She also spoke of the history of the home, and its paranormal background. The group was offered several compelling photographs that other visitors to the property had taken. The photos showed orbs that were captured throughout the home, as well as photos of unexplained mist anomalies in several rooms of the home. The home plainly felt very "spooky". It felt as though at any moment someone or something may pop out of any corner in any given room.

After the house tour, w were treated to a boat tour. The gentleman that conducted the boat tour gave a wonderful history lesson on Old Fort Lauderdale. He looked the part, in his old navy uniform. (I actually found an orb on one of the photos I snapped of him). Is the Stranahan home haunted, yes!

Pink Cromartie

Pink Cromartie Moss, Ivy Stranahan's sister, died due to the complication of a stillborn birth in the front Parlor of Stranahan house. AS the story goes, she was visiting her sister Ivy while having a difficult pregnancy. one day a man came to the door and asked her if she could speak with Mr. Moss's wife. Pink told the man, "I am Mrs. Moss". The gentleman claimed,"no you are not ". "I am well acquainted with Mrs. Moss!"

It was apparent that Mr. Moss was a bigamist. That evening Pink went into labor, and she and her unborn child died in the front parlor, where Ivy had provided her a bed.

Frank Stranahan, Took his own life, by weighing himself down with a heavy sewer cap, and hurling himself into the New River at the front dock of the home.

Albert Cromartie, Ivy's brother died of what was thought to be Tuberculosis, he passed away in an upstairs Guest Bedroom.

There is speculation that a young Indian child died in the doorway of the home. Who's death was reported to be heart-related?

Augustos Cromartie, Ivy's father passed away in the home of what is reported as old age. Augustus was in his late 70's when he died. His death took place in the back bedroom on the second level of the home.

Ivy Cromartie Stranahan was the last to perish in the Stranahan house. She died at the age of 90 in her master bedroom.

Frank Stranahan

Frank Stranahan was born on August 21, 1864, in the town of Vienna, Ohio. As an adult he for health reasons "Frank" relocated to Melbourne Florida in 1890, settling in Melbourne. In 1893, Stranahan decided to move on to Fort Lauderdale to manage the overland mail route from Lantana to Coconut Grove. It was Frank that established the first Fort Lauderdale post office, that soon turned into a trading post and ferry service for crossing the New River. By the year 1895, Stranahan's Trading Post was a South Florida landmark.

Stranahan also established the first banking institution in Fort Lauderdale and financed the construction of the first road from the New River to Miami. He became one of the largest landowners in the Lauderdale area. he was known to give away large portions of his land for public welfare. Which included sites for the Memorial Hospital, and Stranahan Park to be built. Well known for his extraordinary early efforts in the area, Stranahan was quick to become known as the founder of Fort Lauderdale. He died by his own hand on June 23, 1929. It was believed that Frank had become distraught over his losses in the depression. Which led to his suicide. He weighed himself down and jumped off the dock in front of his home, the Stranahan House.

Ivy Cromartie - Frank Takes A Wife

Ivy Cromartie was born on February 24, 1881, in White Springs Florida, near the "Suwannee River". She was named Ivy, her last name is that of Cromartie. Ivy traveled with her family to Broward County in a covered wagon in 1899. Ivy went on to graduate from "Lemon City High School", and soon after passed the teacher's examination. She was known to be a progressive teacher, and well liked by her peers. In 1900, when she married Mr. Stranahan, like most women of her era, she was forced to give up her teaching career, to become a housekeeper, and care for her husband. However, it was well known that Ivy went on teaching the Seminole Indian children, long after her marriage

Ivy Stranahan was a pioneer when it came to women of her era. She not only taught the Seminole Indian children, she helped them adjust to the newly-created reservation where they were relocated in Dania. History shows that Ivy worked to create income-producing jobs for Seminole women, and introduced them to the sewing machine. In addition, she was active in pushing for women's right to vote. She served as president of the state suffrage league in 1917 and lobbied in Tallahassee Florida.

Ivy Stranahan lived out her life at the shores of the New River, in the upper floors of the Stranahan House. In 1971 Ivy passed away peacefully in the Stranahan home.

Ivy Cromartie Stranahan is shown here posing with her first class of children, in 1899.

Ivy Cromartie Stranahan is shown here posing with her first class of children, in 1899 - this was before her marriage.
Ivy Cromartie Stranahan is shown here posing with her first class of children, in 1899 - this was before her marriage.

Frank and Ivy Stranahan ... Photo taken while on tour at the Stranahan home

Check out the photograph taken in one of the bedrooms at the Stranahan House

Do you see then apparition of a woman's face and the large orb in the mirror?

Look into the mirror, top left, it appears there is an apparition of a woman's face starting to take shape. Also, note the orb on the bed's footboard reflection.

When taking this photo I was alone in the room and made sure I could not see my reflection in the mirror.

Notice the apparition in the top left corner of mirror. This mirror was in one of the upstairs bedrooms

Notice face in top left corner of mirror, and the reflection of  an orb on the bed.
Notice face in top left corner of mirror, and the reflection of an orb on the bed. | Source

Here Is A Closer Look At The Apparition In The Mirror.


Photo taken with my digital camera

I cropped the area of the photo that shows the odd apparition. It shows the face a bit clearer. It appears his spirit has a bred and mustache. Mr. Stranahan wore a beard and Mustache


Did you spot the womans face in the photo...

So, were you able to see the face in the photo above? Notice the bred and mustache

See results

Large orb at ceiling above lamp


Check Out Our Cruise Guide 'Caption Sea Dog John's" beard. Bottom left - Do you see what I see?

personal photo
personal photo

I speculate that a spirit may enjoy for the River Tour" - And Caption Sea Dog John's narration of Old Fort Lauderdale.

Photo Gallery - The Stranahan House Had Orbs Galore..

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Orb right of piano keysnote orb far right upper frame of photoI got many orbs throughout the home at the ceiling levelcheck out the small orb just above the childs headthe walls show several orb's of all sizesmultiple orb'snote orb at far bottom right on picture framenote to right of rocking horse, and also above table
Orb right of piano keys
Orb right of piano keys
note orb far right upper frame of photo
note orb far right upper frame of photo
I got many orbs throughout the home at the ceiling level
I got many orbs throughout the home at the ceiling level
check out the small orb just above the childs head
check out the small orb just above the childs head
the walls show several orb's of all sizes
the walls show several orb's of all sizes
multiple orb's
multiple orb's
note orb at far bottom right on picture frame
note orb at far bottom right on picture frame
note to right of rocking horse, and also above table
note to right of rocking horse, and also above table

On The Subject of EVPs...

Do you believe the dead can speak, using the technology of a digital recorder?

See results


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    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Interesting lens-blessed by a squidoo angel. I also believe it is a man in the mirror,at least that's what I see.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      love your story connecting my lenses to yours blessings from a squid angel :)

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Fascinating stories and photos. Thank you so much for sharing all of this. I will lensroll this and feature it on Orb Pictures by Susie Lehto. You have me smiling pretty big with this lens, its awesome!

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Very detailed history on the home and its residents. Interesting photos taken of the house. Thanks for sharing.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Most interesting. Thank you.


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