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The Stumbling Block Before God's People

Updated on February 12, 2015

The Prison of Deceit

While religions in general don't give credence to reincarnation it was something I experienced when returning to life. Between lives there is nothing but the Spirit and one feels pain or pleasure only in a physical body. The dead have no living nerves so they feel nothing and that means heaven and hell are myths that act to manipulate people into accepting religious teachings. The Pope speaks for no one but himself as Jesus Christ was an invention of Constantine who also established the Catholic Church in 325 AD and is highlighted as 666 in Revelation 13:13-18.

He built a trap that has caught many behind the wall of deceit he helped to build. But he wasn't the only beast as the first one started the wall and presented the sun as the first and chief god of worship.

Although they don't know it many of God's spiritual people are locked behind bars of iron preventing them from experiencing the fullness of their inheritance. From the time of my reincarnation until now the Spirit has worked with me to provide the knowledge and power to open the cell doors and release them from the rubbish that is preventing their escape.

It began with the many visions and input about the dark mountains, false gods, identity of 666 and the roots of all religions in sun worship.

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Reincarnation means Everyone is Back

Dead Nerves Feel Nothing

The only place one can feel is in a body. The dead have no living nerves so they feel nothing. My reincarnation proved that heaven and hell are myths designed for power and control by religious bodies that use them as weapons, Heaven is the hook in the nose to drag people in and hell is the lock on the door preventing them from leaving. In order to stay they must worship the images put before them and obey the laws that promise eternal life for strict obedience to the rules set by the organisation.

So successful have the religions been at this type of fraud that the whole world has been duped by them. They virtually control governments and law makers who have also been trapped into them. Because politicians are blinded by the brainwashing that caught them from early child hood they neither see things in a clear light or can legislate without the expectation of their religion getting in the way.

Reincarnation is one of those things that people have been successfully deafened against. The Old Testament prophecies promised that in the end all people will stand in their bodies to be judged (Daniel 12:13). That is happening now as everyone who ever lived is back and that accounts for the massive over population we are experiencing.

The First Beast of Revelation

The Son of Abraham

A beast is something that devours. It hunts for prey and immobilizes it so as to enjoy its feast. It roams far and wide and is much faster than the average animal it catches. It usually has some kind of poison or paralyzing substance to inject. Sharks are such beasts, so too are lions, tigers, snakes, even tiny little leaches and ticks. Revelation 13 claims there are 2 such beasts responsible for all of man's woes and I was sent to find them.

Through the visions and teachings given by the Spirit I found the first at the beginning of the Day of the Lord in the OT. He is the son of Abraham who was born of a concubine and his name is Ishmael. The spelling, however, has been corrupted from 'Is-mal' which literally means 'eye of light-mother god'. This infers it was the sun. When the last syllable is reversed it is 'Islam', and that was the first religion and it was born of sun worship.

The name 'Abraham' is a corruption of 'O-b-ra-m' and it means 'circle bearing power of mother'. I was shown that circle in a vision when a group were gathered on the peak of a hill and they stared towards a stone with a central hole. The sun rose behind it and the rays dispersed to form the beautiful sun star of many colors. This was the Sun Mother and the Star of Heaven, still worshiped today.

Obram sent Islam into the wilderness to become a hunter, and that means searching for prey and a killer. The missionaries of religions do this as they go out searching for converts and they snare them and bring them back to the jail built of the false gods. The Capital of Islam became Babylon and it spread world wide.

The Second Beast of Revelation 13

Constantine is 666

The identity of the second beast was shown to me in a vision when the words CONSTANTINE IS 666 stood in the air before my face. Then I was sent back to the beginning of the religion and to the start of sun worship to understand how languages developed and what the sounds mean. Individual sounds had symbols attached to them and each meant something relation to sun worship.

Told to find the origin of the cross it is the most common of all symbols except for [o] . It is in every alphabet and language and it was shown to me in the sun star above. When a holed piece of paper is held towards the early morning sun the same is seen. The perpetually moving circles of colored light have the right angled cross in the center with the arms stretched out to the edge. Here were the circle and cross as sacred signs and they were recorded on hill tops and walking trails. I learned that they indicated places where the Sun God was viewed.

The double circle and cross, as noted in the Nazda Lines of South America, is found usually associated with America rock art. In Scandinavia images of men with the circle/cross symbol as their torso is related to a world wide practice of men dying on the cross inside a circle and supposedly rising with the sun to marry it.

The wheel used by tInquisitors to torture
The wheel used by tInquisitors to torture

The Beginning of Christianity

The Image of the Beast that had the wound of a sword.

Despite what Hollywood has portrayed in movies Christianity did not start until the invention of Jesus Christ. It is noted in Revelation 13:13-18 that Constantine, the emperor with the power to do it, put up the image of the beast with the wound of a sword who lived. He then forced everyone to worship it or be killed. This has been the way the Church has conducted itself ever since. Violence, torture, murder and bullying is part of its culture and it portrays itself as the only voice of God.

His edicts ordering this have survived.

It claims to hold the keys to heaven and to have the right to send anyone who disagrees with it to hell. These are the myths taken from earlier times that have become weapons of mass destruction. Terrorists believe that by killing others they will live forever in paradise. Christians raided and murdered out entire civilizations, as with the Aztecs and some African tribes, to say nothing of Australian aborigines, North American Plains Indians, and others.

The gold captured from the Inca, who were burned alive when the doors to their houses were blocked by the Spaniards, was used by the Vatican to adorn its icons and buildings. The devastation caused in the name of Jesus Christ is continuing today as groups still fight each other, as happened in Ireland.

In recent times it has come to light from a priest in the Vatican that an early bishop, Augustine of Hippo, was requested to start another religion to support that of Constantine. He found a man named Mohammed and tutored him to be a prophet. He then encouraged kings and others associated with the Church to proclaim him as such and to spread his fame around. Now these two sides of the same coin are fighting each other and will cause massive annihilation of those who are caught in the mayhem.

The Spanish Inquisition

Crimes by the Catholic Church

The Spanish Inquisition: A Historical Revision
The Spanish Inquisition: A Historical Revision

The death of thousands who did little more than refuse the lies of the church is a testimony against it. It was the Constantine who established the RCC that strengthened the wall of deceit and, therefore, the stumbling block. It was done through violence and a conspiracy.


Repercussions around the world

The Spanish Inquisition
The Spanish Inquisition

Far from serving God the Church became the devil putting people through hell and unbelievable torture. This is another look at the Inquisition, which did not only happen in Europe but had repercussions and millions of victims in new lands, such as in the Americas.


Anyone Could be Called a Witch and Die for It

The Witch-cult in Western Europe
The Witch-cult in Western Europe

The torture and hell continued in the witch hunt and inhumane trials throughout Europe. It started with strong women who were considered against the church and, therefore, an enemy to its power. It extended, however, to judges and others who sympathised with them or who were also considered enemies to its principles.


They Died so the Church could Survive

The Witch-Hunt in Early Modern Europe
The Witch-Hunt in Early Modern Europe

Women whose babies were screaming to be fed were put to death, often with their children beside them. The punishment for defying the church may also have included torture and long periods of imprisonment before being burned alive or water boarded.

Lust For Inca Gold: An Intriguing True Story of Exploration, Discovery, Murder, Espionage & Treasure
Lust For Inca Gold: An Intriguing True Story of Exploration, Discovery, Murder, Espionage & Treasure

The Church accepted the murder of the Inca under horrific circumstances to enrich itself.


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