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The Sun of Righteousness - The Light of God

Updated on January 2, 2015

In the Last Days The Sun of Righteousness Will Rise

The promise is from Malachi 4:2 which states that "the sun of righteousness shall rise with healing in his wings." This has been grossly distorted and high jacked by religious fundamentalists who make out it refers to a false prophet. In fact it refers to the truth and the outpouring of the Spirit that is happening globally,

The reality of spiritual power is far different to that of religious teachings. It refers to the Spirit of light and truth promised for the last days. It is part of Mount Zion, the mountain of God, deemed to be established in the top of the mountains so that the truth can flood out over the world. The Internet allows people everywhere to hear and see what God wants them to know at the end. Others are also taking up the cause

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The Truth Will Set you Free

Spiritual outpouring will release you from religious lies

We all know these words. They are real and imply that only through truth will the things of this world release their grip. That involves disease, addictions, depression, sorrow, pain, wars and conflicts. There is nothing that won't be fixed when God moves to change the world order, and that is happening now.

Crime is one of the huge problems people face either as victims or as perpetrators. The rush for money often overrides any thought of another's welfare. Drug pushers and smugglers are well aware that what they doing costs lives. Pedophiles are also aware of the danger they cause and the heartbreak for their victims. Thieves and murderers are almost grouped together as their confusion drives them to rob others either of their hard gotten gains or of their lives.

This is the world of 666 and he is the murderer of millions through the religion and the ways he pushed onto everyone when he invented the prophet, Jesus Christ. He established the Catholic Church in 325 AD and used that image as its mainstay. He introduced the conspiracy that hides the truth and the real God. Revelation 13:13-18 identifies him clearly and notes that he also control commerce and industry. So people hunger for the money and his ways as they turn again to the Church for forgiveness and supposedly a ride into heaven on their death.

These are the lies that run the world today and when they go then the cleansing will take place.

Or that he established the Catholic Church in 325 AD?

Did you know that Constantine is 666

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Spiritual Healing

Why was it denied for so long?

Following my reincarnation and link to the Spirit it was no shock when commissioned to tear down the wall of churches and to bring back the young. That was following by two years of learning as the Spirit directed me to the truth. I was also shown the rubbish in the bible that hides it. The New Testament, for example, is a document of fiction as there never was a Jesus Christ.

The name of God, however, is Jesus as [S] is an old term for 'spirit' or 'light'. 'I-s' is 'eye of light' and it was doubled to increase potency. 'Isis' is also 'issi' and both relate to the same thing. In English [i] is also [ j[ and 'is-is' is 'j-sis' or 'jesus', The Spirit left this message in Hosea 2:16 that at the end 'thou shalt call me Issi' and then no more 'ba-al' which is an old term for 'bull'. The man on the cross was the bull of antiquity, This is explained in depth in my other lenses.

It is in this name that healing occurs and it is also how people refer often to God. When they are clear in their heads about who they are asking for help then healing can occur. Sent often to people who required healing or who were asking for God to send someone the power was always there to engage for their benefit.

The power of God is invoked through the name of Jesus. It is not, however, in Jesus Christ which is the name given to the false prophet, Constantine stole God's name for it and that is why it stayed around.

The Children of God

Children of God are called the children of Israel

The people chosen as the spiritual of Israel are the ones to be saved in the end. They were seeded with Spirit at the start of the day of the Lord. Since then they have been sent into the world to be tried and tested. Those who have grown in spirit are they for whom the restored earth will be their place for evermore.

Everyone is back in their bodies at this time which is why there is overpopulation and the numbers are in the billions. The Spirit said this would happen and it would be a sign that the end is near. At this time it was also promised that the mountain of the house of God would be established in the top of the mountains. It is called Mt. Zion and it is a new teaching. It is meant to remove the false prophets so that people see God in a clear light.

There are promises for this day that include the Sun of Righteousness. Isaiah 58:8-9 states that the light shall break as at the morning and everyone's health will be speedily restored. That is also happening now for those of the Spirit who are called the Children of God or those of the House of Israel. It is promised that when you call God will answer and the yoke shall be taken off they neck and you will be set free.

Zion is the new teaching that will take away the false gods and prophets that have cause chaos and suffering throughout the day of the lord.

That will rise up at the end of the day

Who or What is the Sun of Righteousness?

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© 2013 norma-holt

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