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The UFO Agenda: What is Their Purpose?

Updated on August 30, 2017

The UFO Agenda: What is Their Purpose?

This article focuses upon UFOs and USOs [Unidentified Submerged Objects]. It asks the question, from where do they come from? Are they from space? Or are they closer to home? In other words, from this Earth but inter-dimensional? These are the intriguing questions that the article focuses on.

That these objects exist is of no doubt, for they have been witnessed in every corner of the world - both at night and in daylight. The other question has to be, what is their agenda? Are they here for a peaceful reason? In order to relay a message to the human race? A message of peace and brotherhood? Or are they here for a more sinister purpose?

The UFO Agenda

What is Their Purpose?

What are they? Where do they come from? What do they want? Are they from other planets, other star systems? Or, could they be from dimensions within this world itself? These are the questions that have haunted - and continue to haunt - modern man.

The question of UFOs and USOs [Unidentified Submerged Objects} remains unanswered. This is simply because no one has any idea as to what they are or from where, indeed, they do come from.

The question as to their existence is becoming more and more valid. Eyewitness accounts, myself included, have seen such objects, spin, flip, twirl, glide, move at unheard off speeds and morph into completely different shapes. As to their shapes? They can be circular, triangular, ball-shaped, oval-shaped, cigar-shaped, disc-shaped and even diamond-shaped.

They seem to carry around them, a force field of some kind {could this be the reason why pictures of UFOs/USOs are nearly always fuzzy}? They also seem to have the ability to appear to some, yet not to others. Could a kind of hypnosis/type heightened state of awareness be at play here?

As to where they come from, that is another question. There are some who say that even to travel from the nearest star system, - which would be Alpha Centuri - at the speed of light, it would still take light years to get to us, here on Earth. Because, as we all know, nothing can travel faster than light speed.

But people who state this are not accounting for technology that seems to be far beyond our own. The question has to be, what if these objects, whatever they are, are not traveling at the speed of light at all? What if they are using space to 'warp' - or short-cut their way here by using the power of black holes? That is not beyond the realms of possibility,

Another question that has to be pondered upon is the inter-dimensional question That is to say that what if they are already here, but within another dimension entirely? With their technology they seem to possess, they would have the capability to travel in and out of dimensions - including ours - whenever they want too.

This is an intriguing question and one that is currently being looked at by ufologists the world over. A strange phone call from an ex-Area 51 employee, to an American radio station, has thrown up more questions than answers.

Having allegedly made contact with inter-dimensional beings at some point in the past, the caller goes on to claim that soon there will be a mass wipe out of whole populations, That these 'beings' have not told the full truth about who they are. That they have misled those who made contact with them, years before and, furthermore, that they have already infiltrated large sections of the American military.

He goes on to say that the Government know about the forthcoming attacks on civilians, but that they will not do anything to stop them. That the American Government know this - also knowing of safe places that they could move people too, right now, before the so-called attack on human populations. Make of this recording what you will, but it does throw up a frightening scene.

The problem with the whole subject of UFO's/USO's is that the media especially, still treat the subject as a kind of 'side event' to finish off some of their news reports of the day. The question has to be asked, why?

When military personnel, police, doctors, pilots, members of the public all state that they have witnessed, in many cases, fleets of UFOs, gliding through our airspace, that alone should warrant more than a snippet on the national news. And it seems, to many people who have witnessed UFOs, that news agencies have been given permission to mock and ridicule the subject as much as possible.

However the fact of the matter is, that UFOs and, indeed, USOs, exist. Unless people from all over the world are suffering from some kind of mass hallucination, which is very hard to believe, evidence suggests that they do exist, and that they are already here. One theory about their agenda is that they are here to 'monitor' us, on Earth.

That although they are not allowed to interfere with human affairs, as that would be breaking some kind of 'universal law', they will continue to monitor and take note. There are many people who believe that space is teeming with life and, as such, there is a kind of 'Galactic Government' which keeps interference in check. And yet, this is a contradiction in terms, not least because of the many alleged abduction cases we have had over the years.

The Betty and Barney Hill incident, on September 19th, 1961, is a case in point. Because this was truly the first case that was reported - in reference to extra terrestrials. Extra terrestrials that not only followed and then communicated with human beings, but also abducting them as well. It was also the first case in which intrusive, mysterious examinations allegedly took place, by alien entities upon humans.

No matter what your belief is concerning UFOs/ USOs, and extra terrestrials, more people than ever are now viewing them from all over the world - both during the night and daylight hours. The following cases below, continue to puzzle and mystify those who read and investigate the whole subject of UFOs and extra terrestrials. The following famous case below, happened in Wales, in 1974.

This was a case in which an alleged UFO crashed into the side of the Berwyn Mountains, causing a sonic boom. Apparently in that same case, alien bodies were taken away to an unknown destination by the UK military. as the whole area around the mountains was cordoned off.

Then we have the Travis Walton abduction incident in 1975, in America. This was a case in which Travis Walton - who was a logger at the time - was abducted in full view of his friends. He claims that he was then subjected to horrific examinations from entities unknown. This, plus numerous other cases, continue to puzzle people the world over.

Of course there is the the Rendlesham Forest case, which occurred on the 26th December, 1980, in the United Kingdom, East Anglia. This was a famous incident in which an alleged UFO landed, in full view of British and American military personnel. This case was known as the UK's 'Roswell'.

At that particular time there was a cover-up by the UK Government, but information about this case is now slowly seeping out to the general public. This is due to the relaxation of the secret files in reference to UFO incidents in the UK specifically. Then there are the numerous cattle mutilations which, to this day, are unexplained. Could these incidents all point to UFO activity - and all point to us, the human race, as a kind of 'laboratory rat'?

As for USOs? There are many people who believe that these crafts are just UFOs that can move under water as well as fly. There was a famous case on the 14th June, 1992, within the Pacific Ocean, in which fleets of USOs or - UFOs - were witnessed flying out from the water. Hundreds of disc-shaped craft were witnessed, flying out together, for a full two minutes.

The fact that these objects exist is beyond dispute now. The questions remain though - what are they? Where do they come from? And what is their agenda? Are we being 'monitored? Or, are abductions of human beings very real? Is there a more sinister reason for examinations of people around the world, that are, quite frankly, disturbing? And, as mentioned above, what of the mysterious cattle mutilations?

What is the purpose of mutilating bulls, cows and even horses, draining them of blood in many cases - even stripping skin and muscle from their necks whilst leaving the rest of their bodies intact? And what of crop circles?

Could they be some kind of secret code or message that we need to crack in order to understand our own existence and where we stand in the grand scheme of things? Could all of these incidents point to UFO activity?

Whatever their agenda, there is a definite sinister aspect to this subject which warrants even further serious investigation. The subject should be treated with a lot more respect then it has been receiving in the past. And, It seems, that there has been a concerted effort from certain quarters within society, to debunk and ridicule the subject as much as possible.

This is especially so at the end of news reports, when incidents of UFO sightings are sometimes given a five minute slot at the end of 'more 'serious' news reports. The fact that 'X-Files' type music is often accompanied in any news report on UFOs, goes to show just how 'serious' news agencies take them.

Again, could this be the authorities at work here, trying to mock and make fun of the subject as much as they can? The more one looks at this subject seriously, the more one tends to think that this is indeed the case.

But for what reason? If, in fact these objects are real - and I believe that they are - then what possible reason could certain agencies and authorities have in trying to ridicule a subject that warrants serious investigation?

Could they be frightened of mass panic, of the social breakdown within society if they make an official announcement concerning extra terrestrials? I believe that the reason for the secrecy boils down to money.

UFOs seem to run on 'free' energy - using the Earth's electro-magnetic field. Obviously, there are certain people in authority who do not want the wider public knowing about this free energy source, because it could wipe out the transport industry overnight.

I believe that this is the main cause and reason for the whole secrecy aspect. It is also the cause to ridicule the subject, through news agencies, media, and newspapers. There is no reason to use oil as an energy source, when free energy is all around us and can be harnessed.

But this knowledge is kept from the wider public because it would ruin and decimate the oil industry, Money is the number one reason as to why UFOs continue to be ridiculed. But sooner or later, the truth will come out.

The UFO Agenda - What is Their Purpose?

Where do they come from? What do they want? Are they here for peaceful reasons, or for something more sinister? The fact that they even exist, is of no doubt now. What is in doubt is just what is their agenda for us, as a human species on this planet. And, furthermore, have world governments been covering up what would be the most profound of all news stories...the fact that we are not alone?

The Uncensored Truth About UFOs: Plus Bonus Chapters on Hostile UFOs!
The Uncensored Truth About UFOs: Plus Bonus Chapters on Hostile UFOs!

This book is 589 pages long. Written by Edward Ruppett - who was a military researcher for 'Project Blue Book'.

Ruppett always felt that he was working with one hand tied behind his back because the truth about UFOs were being hidden by the U.S Government.

So, he stepped over the line by exposing the fact that the U.S Government had purposely kept the secret of UFO's and extra terrestrials hidden from the public.

If you are interested in the whole aspect of UFOs, then this book is for you.

It is an excellent read, and will make you pause and really think about what Ruppett writes, here.

UFOs, Area 51, and Government Informants: A Report on Government Involvement in UFO Crash Retrievals
UFOs, Area 51, and Government Informants: A Report on Government Involvement in UFO Crash Retrievals

Having bought this book some time ago, I found it to be one of the most comprehensive and in-depth reads on the subject of UFOs.

Grant Cameron and Scot Crain are two of the leading lights, among UFO researchers. Backing up their book with in-depth research, through their investigations, I truly believe that they go on to show that there has been and still is a definite alien presence among us.

They also show how NASA, the CIA , the whole American military and the Government have conspired to keep the secret among themselves for years - only releasing tit-bits of information regarding UFOs, to the general public, every now and then. It also shows how these agencies have 'mixed' false information along with the 'truth', whenever they have seen fit to do so.

By reading this book, your eyes will definitely be opened to the fact that UFOs do exist, and that Government and government agencies have carried this secret with them for over 50 years. A fantastic read for all those interested in the subject of UFO conspiracy theories. This book only confirmed for me, even more, what I knew about this whole subject.


UFO Sightings


UFO Captured During The Day

A typical daylight sighting of a UFO, captured in Germany.

UFO Sightings

What to do when watching the skies for UFOs

1: Carry a camera/camcorder at all times. You just never know.

2: If you don't have a camera with you, take note of your surroundings and the time.

3: Take note of the weather and the sky

4: Be aware of distances.

5: What shape is the object?

6: How is it moving?

7: How big is the object?

8: Is the object making a noise?

9: Is the object silent?

10: Is it a single object, or more than one?

11: Did you notice the sound in the surrounding area suddenly deaden?

12: Are there any aircraft in the sky at the same time?

13: Write down as much as you can remember and then report it

14: Find out if there were other witnesses.

The UFO Agenda - What is their Purpose

Triangle-shaped UFO
Triangle-shaped UFO

If UFOs exist, and I believe they do, then just what is their purpose? Where do they come from, and what agenda do they have for themselves, and for the human race as a whole? Furthermore, who is to say that they actually come from space? What if they are actually inter-dimensional?

That is not beyond the bounds of reasonable thinking. This world of ours may consist of many dimensions, not just three, upon which exists beings and creatures that are unknown to us. I believe that there has been a huge cover-up, in reference to UFOs and USOs [Underwater Submerged Objects].

I also tend to believe that this subject is the 'smoking gun' above any other subject - other than life after death and time travel. Disclosure will come, but it will only come as more people demand to know what has been kept secret from them for so many years. Indeed, it will be people power that will see to it, that we are finally told the whole truth in regards to UFOs and USOs.

Do You Believe in UFOs?

This module is a debate on whether or not extra terrestrials are here among us right now.

Do You Believe in UFOs?

Strange Circle in Moscow Sky

The UFO Agenda - What Is Their Purpose?

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    • wleon63 profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago

      @WriterJanis2: Hello Janis. Thank you for reading and commenting. Much appreciated. Yes, they are familiar cases that most people who study Ufology know about.

    • WriterJanis2 profile image


      5 years ago

      I'm familiar with several of the cases you have mentioned here. Pinned.

    • WriterJanis2 profile image


      5 years ago

      I'm familiar with several of the cases you have mentioned here. Pinned.


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