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"Theory of Karma"

Updated on January 11, 2018

Michael Mastromarino became a millionaire by stealing organ tissue, bone sand other body parts from more than 1,200 corpses. About 10,000 patients had to undergo dental and hip transplant from corpses, some diseased with cancer and AIDS.

Eventually he himself DIED from LIVER CANCER that spread to his bones.


Have you ever wondered why some students stand first in class even when they don’t study, while others have really struggle to maintain their good grades in spite of studying very hard? Similarly, some people earn money very easily, while others cannot even find a job. Have you ever thought why there's a massive difference between two siblings, where one finds it easy to get things done his way, other has to make efforts to work for his right; where one is healthy, fit and fine, and the other always falls sick.

Why is it so that sometimes a person who may cheat or steal the whole life, leads a very smooth life happily, while the other person who maybe sincere and honest has to struggle whole life to achieve his goals.

Everybody is looking for an answer to this strange difference. Some may blame their fate while others may call it as God’s wish.

We may fail to understand the principles behind our lives, but there is always a reason to everything in life. Everything happens due to the result of our past deeds and that’s called as our "Karma". Karma is based on the principle of You reap, What you sow. It can be explained in terms of "cause and effects", where cause means your doing, thoughts and action and effects means the consequences of those actions. Therefore Karma is the debt you owe, or blessing that you receive based on the consequences of your own actions for this lifetime or previous lives.

If a person has done lot of bad deeds like violence and killing human beings and animals in past birth, it may take rebirth as one sense living being (eg: plants, trees, air, etc.) or and stay in that state for many years (depends on karma-deed he did in past birth).

If any person has done lots of stealing, infidelity, non-veg eating and violence in past birth then it may take rebirth as animals.
If one has done medium deeds (mixture of both good and bad) then it may take rebirth as human beings. In human birth also, depending on the quality of past karma {good or bad deeds it did in previous birth} it will be born as either a male or a female, either in a well to do or poor family, either as healthy or weak, either as beautiful or ugly, either will live happily or will struggle the whole life.

We are wholly and solely responsible for our pain or happiness. If we perform any good or bad deeds, it will affect our present life or these Karmas may get carry forwarded in the next birth. This can be explained by the theory of Karma. If we get the basic assumptions wrong then the whole theory becomes irrelevant, Baseless Hence, it is very essential that we understand this course very clearly.

Here are e.g. showing how we built our Karmas, and how we cannot escape it.

Ashok was a career orientated and ambitious individual. He found a job with a prestigious company where he was given a lot of responsibilities and scope for progressive performance. Unfortunately, this success got into his head and his pride led him to desire even more success and material comforts. He then started manipulating and deceiving people in order to gain more fame. These tactics helped him to achieve his goals and success in life. While people assumed, he deserves all this success, he was actually a fraud and was building a lot of negative Karma. In his next birth Ashok was reborn in a wealthy family. When he was a teenager, his father had to bare a massive financial loss in business and their family had to lose their home and all luxuries.

These were Ashoks bad deeds which got carried forwarded in this next birth where he was forced to repay his debt.

Similarly, if you good deeds, you will receive spiritual blessing in a good form.

A very true and prominent e.g of such Karma is that of J.D. Tata, a karma yogi at par excellence. He was a true trustee of God. He firmly believed that everything owned by the Tata Empire belonged to God and he was only a trustee in the hands of God.

As a mere trustee JRD Tata had no worries at all. As according to him everything belonged to God the worries also belonged to God. Then why should he worry on behalf of God. He really didn’t bother much about the existence of life after death. What mattered to him most in present life was do only good deeds and live life king size & tension free.

The present scion of the Tata Empire, Ratan Tata is almost in conflicting to the beliefs of JRD Tata. Ratan Tata thinks that everything owned by the Tata Empire belongs to only him. Basically, he is losing the true essence of life in this course of taking care of things as a manager. The life what was truly lived by JRD Tata is completely missing in Ratan Tata.

This is the way Karma works. JRD Tata's intentions and motives were good which allowed him to build good Karmas. He earned more blessing during difficult times also.

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Every soul manifested human form to work out its karma to remove impurities within! By itself our soul, the spirit within could not cleanse self, it needs a medium, a physical body to work out its karma.

The cycle of life starts from stage of amoeba (single cell formation), the first manifestation by our soul. Later it evolves into multi-cell formation, then in an insect life, plant life, then animal life and finally forms of human beings. Our soul has already manifested 7.3 million bodies in insect, plant and animal form before manifesting in human form for the first time. Out of a maximum of 8.4 million manifestations by our soul, it is through a chain of 1.1 million manifestations in human form for our soul to finally regain its original pure prime primordial form.

The journey of a soul from one manifestation to another is linked by principle of karma. The process of one manifestation to other is decided depending upon the residual balance of one's karma.

Journey in the human form is the most pleasant experience for our soul as it is only in human form our soul Atman finally liberates self from cycle of birth and death forever...


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