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The Spiritual Lake

Updated on August 29, 2016


He was walking inside a tunnel created by branches of huge trees which were radiating their green in all the direction and he was taking it all in along with his heavy breath. Peacocks had stopped bothering with him and were walking freely in front of him in that majestic tunnel. It was very different from what he used to see few months back; all dried up, dull and hard on eyes like the summer. May be this is what is the nature of life-everything changes! “Change is the only constant” might be one of the most popular quotes that one can find on the internet and yet people find it hard to imbibe this teaching. He promised himself to take a series of pictures of that tunnel over the time to create a beautiful picture and started thinking about what that picture would teach him.

You like to feel the kiss of your loved one on your lips, you like that warm hug from your dearest friend and you also like those waffles that you get outside the Antwerp station. How sweet is all that isn’t it? I mean who wouldn’t like to have these things in life? The problem starts when you start denying the very nature of life of change and start expecting that you should always have those sweet experiences and they shouldn’t be taken away from you. That kiss might turn into a slap on your face, that friend might go to the other part of the world and you might get fed up of the guy who is selling your favorite waffles. Resisting the change and holding on to things too tightly will create internal resistance and in turn cause stress in your system. You cannot be eternally in a state of “having had your favorite dish” or “having your loved one kiss you” or anything that you like and would want to cherish. Enjoy those experiences to the fullest when you are in that moment and don’t try to hold on to them. The very act of holding on too tightly will not let you enjoy it to the fullest.

Life is like a river whose nature is of change or flow. Nothing that is floating in the river will be at the same point over a period of time. You saw one beautiful fish at one point and you want to keep having that experience. The only thing that you do is to swim in the opposite direction and resist the change. The flow of the river is so strong that you will be stressed as you sometimes find yourself in your life when you try to swim back or be anchored to the same spot. Don’t build dams or walls in your heart, forgive the people who hurt you, loosen your grip and stop holding on too tightly. Life is change, make it a part of your life.


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    • profile image

      Prashant . . . 16 months ago

      Nicely written Rohit, your insticts showing the new aspects towards life.

    • profile image

      Rohit Jadhav 16 months ago

      Very Nice Man...

      Keep it up

    • profile image

      Hemant Chordiya 16 months ago