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The Veritas (Part 1)

Updated on June 29, 2020

There is no such a thing as accident. Things happen for a reason. A human being is a combination of soul and body. But when the ratio of spirituality to flesh somehow turns unbalanced and the former is overwhelmed, the pact gets blatantly violated and catastrophes strike subsequently, one way or another. The coronavirus is only one of the many possible ways Nature could have retaliated for what we have done to the environments and the way we've lived.

Perhaps it's high time we took a break from our ignorance,sat back and contemplated on the very question “Who are we?”.

A little insight into the universe

For those who don't believe God exists, the reason must be that they haven't seen him or have no idea what he looks like. Too bad there is no way to convince them except to ask, 'Do you believe the universe exists? If you do, could you please tell me what the universe looks like?' We can be assured that whatever pictures they present are not even part of the universe, because when you say something is part of something else, that something else has to be a whole with a range, or extent, however big it might be.

As a matter of fact, the universe is not even a physical entity, it doesn’t have a shape, a form or a range, neither does it have a center, It’s not like anything we have known before, it’s not even something we can describe or quantify with numbers, coordinates, time and space, or anything else. So every concept we are so profoundly familiar with, such as big or small, far or near, high or low, long or short, fast or slow, early or late, part or whole, in or out, here or there, one or all, good or bad, young or old, you or me, doesn't not apply to the universe, which is absolutely intangible. You can say how many drops of water there are in the Pacific Ocean. Statistically, you can even label each drop with a number, but you'd be lunatic to start thinking how many planets or stars there are in the universe. You can stand in the seaside holding a little water in your hands and say, 'This is part of the Pacific Ocean.' Yet it would be unreasonable to say that the Earth is one of all the planets in the universe, or that the Galaxy is part of the universe. It's even more unreasonable to say that the Earth, or the Sun, is the center of the universe, because whatever has a center has to have a range first. Anybody with a little knowledge of geometry would agree!

In this sense, no tangible objects in the universe literally mean anything, since none of them could be tracked down as part from a whole either by time and space, or by numbers, and thus, should be regarded as a fiduciary object, which, scientifically speaking, means the universe can only be deemed as a sheer spiritual entity. How tangible could it be when you are not able to conjure up the image of it? And if we should name this planet the Earth, shouldn't we at least have the decency to admit that every other celestial body is equally entitled to a name? Is that even remotely feasible? Obviously, the universe as we know it, is a fictitious entity created through our imagination,an awful mistake prompted by our self-consciousness, the origin of all our selfishness, bias and ignorance.

The universe as it should be

Most importantly, what we need to discern is that in this intangible universe, there is no distance whatsoever to be covered, how can you prove one point is different from the other when there are no coordinates to be bounced against for reference? Simply put, the concept of distance makes sense only within a scope. Suppose you were travelling in a space shuttle at a speed of two million light years per hour, after two million years when you finally opened the door, you would still be where and who you were before the journey began, despite what changes you had made in the physical world. You are not getting anywhere else because there is no time or space existing in this spiritual world, given that distance doesn't make sense here.

You don’t just go up to heaven or down to hell. In other words, a ghost from Africa doesn’t need to take a train or an airplane to go to Asia in order to reincarnate there, likewise, a spirit from the Mars doesn’t have to ride in any UFO so as to take the form of a human being on Earth. Every realm can easily be reached with a simple shift of thought. You are in heaven when your energy field is dominated by love, compassion and wisdom, yet you are in hell simply because you are possessed by hatred, evil and stupidity. Theoretically, this is what the intangible world is supposed to be like.

Who are we human beings

People always say we are the creation of God. Is it true? Wouldn't you consider this statement a bit of blasphemy? Don't you think we'd be perfect if God had created us? What's with all the sufferings among human beings? Do you really believe God would create something like us, so whenever we turn to him in despair for help or guidance, he might feel great about himself?

Nonetheless, it would be a lot less far-fetched to assume that God is the one who created our souls, and that as human beings, we are simply a bunch of lost spirits trapped in a physical world that is utterly inconsistent with the true version of this universe, a physical world where veritas is by no means accessible to us. The reason we pray to God is because, deep down, we all know for certain that the Truth lies beyond everything we can see.

Since we are spirits incarcerated by our human bodies, which means every one of us is a combination of a prisoner and a prison, there's something about prisons we need to know. I wonder how many of us have watched the Shawshank Redemption, a movie. Now let's recall what Morgan Freeman said when he talked about the correctional facility, 'I tell you these walls are funny. First, you hate them, then you get used to them. Enough time passes, you got so you depend on them. That’s institutionalized.'

If this is the case, accordingly, there should be those of us who communicate with God from time to time, for their souls somehow remain mostly intact. Yet there are those who are skeptical about God and don't give that much whether he exists or not. Still, there should be those whose souls have assimilated into their shell so much that they totally reject the idea of God ever existing.

Why do we need God

With the unprecedentedly dazzling technology we are enjoying today, who needs God? But even though we are living in a time when every need of ours can be instantly gratified, are we sure the percentage of the people who’d consider themselves to be living happily is bigger than that of those from five hundred years ago? If the answer is ‘no', then what kind of use has modern science been of to us? What purpose has it ever served other than giving us this stupid illusion that we are the master of the Earth and we can just do whatever we want? Is it any wonder that the greatest philosophers, thinkers and their everlasting wisdom only came from the ancient times when their outside world was a lot more monotonous and unglamorous than ours today?

In the end, the question you should ask yourself is that when the time comes for your soul, institutionalized or not, broken or not, to be released from your body, are you sure it would be able to return to the intangible world where it belongs, instead of getting stuck here as a pathetic ghost in this material world which might very well be turning into a burning hell, a product of our earthly intelligence?

The reason we need God is all because every one of us was born with an insufficient thinking mold which irrevocably leads us to a fabricated universe that is subject to time and space, a universe where everything has a center, a shape and a form, a universe where we have to apply numbers and all the meretricious technology that is ruthlessly having our souls more institutionalized to this artificial world than ever before. We need God simply because we have to preserve the integrity of our spirit.

When our spirits are fully restored, chances are we'll be looking at every object as a transparent bubble and realize that the only thing in the whole universe that's ever in motion has never been anything other than our own intangible consciousness, as opposed to self-consciousness.


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    • Fuhua He profile imageAUTHOR

      Fuhua He 

      12 days ago from MARYLAND

      Sir. Thank you very much for your wonderful advice!

    • manatita44 profile image


      2 weeks ago from london

      Your arguments and reasoning are very logical and useful. Yet it seems too much for one Article. I do not know how useful it is to push a crowded meal into a crowded mind. Perhaps you can break this up into two parts. Welcome here.


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