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The Word is...

Updated on January 6, 2014

The Ripple Effect

"Do not despise these small beginnings..." Zechariah 4:10

Recently, I was inspired by the words of a sermon detailing the importance of taking the first step toward a bigger goal. The key to being able to do so involves having a word to focus on throughout the duration of a set timeline. While the sermon pertained to something that God wants us to learn in order to develop a more meaningful spiritual life, it can certainly include the approach taken in every other aspect of life as well - including personal relationships, work, and civic duties. By focusing in on how to do something different or become more involved than we've ever done before, we become inspired, we grow, and we see results. By meeting our goals, we foster change in ourselves while touching every person and situation that intersects our lives. And while it can be overwhelming at times in knowing how difficult it might be to see the end-result come to pass, or that each step to take is a struggle, success lies in taking a step forward.

It's a Test

"He that is faithful with little things is faithful with big things also..." Luke 16:10

Problem-solving is a human mentality that drives us to new heights every day. Without inquiring minds seeking solutions to common and unusual dilemmas, progress would never exist. The very fact that theologies evolve, inventions have improved with time, and people continue to increase knowledge proves that everything moves forward. To think that anything has the power to start with WORDS is both profound and logical - because, after all, it took God's spoken word to set the world in motion, and there's no doubt that nothing starts or stops an emotion quicker than written OR spoken words. With such power at our disposal, we have the ability to be the change we desire. But it has to start small, like building blocks, or else we may fail to see the lessons to be had in the process, and instead get hung up with the lure (or worry) of the future. So by focusing on each moment at hand, conquering our mini-goals to the best of our abilities (versus rushing through haphazardly), we face less work in the long-run while building our authenticity and trustworthiness with others at the same time.

A Word about Words

To paraphrase Mahatma Gandhi's motivational thoughts on words - our thoughts become words, words become behavior, behavior becomes habits, habits become values, and values become our destiny.

You can therefore apply a word to any situation in life, and work toward the bigger picture. Taken a step further (and to engage spiritual seeking skills), you can even match Bible verses or praise and worship songs to that word, so that they remind and motivate you to stay in the moment, especially when you face your biggest obstacles. Some examples of words, in both the secular and non-secular worlds include topics such as:

  • faith
  • health
  • wealth
  • hope
  • strength
  • understanding
  • trust
  • persistence
  • peace

Indeed, the list can go on and on. By prayerfully considering other words that may press on your heart (as dictated by the Holy Spirit), you can come up with the theme that makes the most sense for your own life in the here and now, then begin finding ways to learn more about how to incorporate that word (or words) into your existence.

Author's Note:

My word is "faithfulness." With it, I have incorporated Bible verses from Luke 16:10, Lamentations 3:22-23, and 2 Samuel 22:26, as well as the songs "Faithful" by Greg Sykes and Joel Auge, the old hymn "Great is Thy Faithfulness," and Hillsong's songs "From the Inside Out" and "Stronger." Not only will these tools remind me of God's faithfulness to me, but also how my faithfulness to God will reap results. That's a win-win situation in my book!


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