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Tiger Zodiac Characteristics

Updated on November 25, 2010

Tiger Zodiac Personality Traits

Born under the sign of courage, Tiger people are adventurous, energetic, rebellious and independent. In the East, Tiger symbolizes daring, passion and power. This fiery and fearless fighter is revered as the suitable sign that wards off three disasters of a household; fire, ghosts and thieves. Enjoy being the centre of attention, these people adore challenges and competitions. The vivacity and impulsiveness of the Tigers are contagious. When these risk takers get involved, their involvement is total. Expressive, open and direct, the quick tempered Tigers are not very good in hiding their emotion, they will speak their mind when upset. Born optimist, no matter how down the tigers will never say “Die”. However, since the Tigers are known for their impulsiveness, it is not always wise to keep following them in every step they take.

Tiger Zodiac Sign

Tiger Zodiac Sign
Tiger Zodiac Sign

The Male Tiger

Born to lead rather than to obey – his motto, he takes orders from no one. Powerful and strong, the energetic male Tigers seek attention wherever they go. He might be the bad boy that every father of a daughter fears, but he is the type of a young guy that many girl seem to fall for. He is colorful, brave, confident, daring and noble. Idealistic and generous, he tends to see things in his own way instead of the normal logical way. But many times, this idealism mixed with his reckless, bold and adventurous character may lead him to an unexpected downfall. After all, being a positive sign, he will get over it very quickly and forget all about his problems and move on to his next grand plan and challenge. Although his roller-coaster quick-temper may becomes the main problem sometimes, it usualy vanishes fast just as it comes withuot warning.

The Female Tiger

Tiger ladies are one of the most beautiful women you can find. Strong, exciting, noble and sexy, they are the dream of many young men. Always sought after by many men, the female Tiger will have numerous love affairs. She loves children and instinctly knows how to communicate or play with them. Frank and always try to be honest in her opinions of others, she does not care or know if or when she should be quiet. But don't go and taunt her, she always keeps her claws sharpend just in case she has need of them .Female Tiger is a daring dresser who love to dress and live with great style. Marylin Monroe and Megan Fox are two famous Tiger women. With her determination and talents, she often succeeds at a young age. However, Tiger women should learn to be less predatory and critical, less arrogant and bossy; she needs to learn how to master the art of seIf-control in order to have a more successfuI and smooth life.

The Tiger Child

The Tiger child can be a bundle of joy and also a holy terror at the same time. He is a cute, noisy, self-confident and energetic chatterbox and there will be no holding him back. Highly strung and very active, this kid likes romping, screaming and rough play. He may bully those who are less aggressive into submission but many people will also be drawn to him by his warm, colorful and gregarious character. This child doesn't like people who always keep secrets from him and he himseIf is poor at keeping them. Tiger child does not bottle up his emotions, therefore you should know immediately when something is bothering him. However, Tiger will remain as a Tiger, he will not be himseIf if he doesn't keep testing the limits or boundaries set for him. But the earlier he realizes who the boss is, the better for him and everyone else around.


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    • profile image


      4 years ago

      He was correct to say she only knew him.

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Attention all Tiger men, do not mess with the Chinese Zodiac when they say two tigers are a NO-NO. A friend of mine told me that his friend who is a tiger married a tiger woman and she literally bit of his private and now he has no private. A tiger man with his penis is nothing. And because of this incident, they are divorce. Tiger women are very mean.

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Tigers are BEST match with cat zodiac - other cultures. consider them as cats. (Chinese zodiac consider them as rabbit zodiac) They are a better match for the tiger because the cat is a yin to the tiger's yang. This helps create balance and harmony for the much needed tiger, who are extremist. Tigers need moderation. They are an ALL or NOTHING thing. They also belong to the same family, the feline family. This makes both of them comfortable to be around each other. This is why they are a better match then the dog's yin. They are opposite and yet alike. A PURRRECT MATCH. Maybe this is why the majority of tigers are single. Also, what one lacks the other makes up and they come from the same family. An example of a tiger and cat marriage is Victoria Beckinham - Tiger - Ex SpiceGirl and David Beckinham - Cat - World famous UK soccer player. It's there first marriage and they are still going strong. I guess that is why the rabbit zodiac follows right behind the tiger in the Chinese Zodiac, opposite attracts and likes follows likes ;-)


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