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Understanding Life

Updated on October 8, 2015


To understand something intellectually is one thing, but to understand something intellectually is not going to transform your life.

You will remain the same.

To understand something intellectually is really to deceive yourself.

You have not understood, the mind has only pretended to have understood. This is a trick, because if you really understand it then change is bound to happen.

And the mind does not want any change.

The mind is very traditional, conventional, conformist, orthodox. The mind is never revolutionary; it is against all change.

And the change here is about total change.

Understanding and Comprehension

When you say that you understand everything, that means, you only believe that you understand. You understand the words, naturally. You can understand as far as words are concerned but you do not comprehend it.

Understanding is not the question, but comprehension. Understanding is of the head, comprehension is something deeper, of the heart. And if it is really total then it is even deeper of the being.

When you understand something, then you have to do something about it. When you comprehend something, you need not do anything about it; the very comprehension is enough to change you. If you comprehend something, it has already changed you; there is no need to do anything about your comprehensions.

An awakened one is not an intellectual, he is not a philosopher. In his presence, one has to try to comprehend him.

How does one try to comprehend?

How does one try to understand in the first place?

Understanding means listening with the head, continuously interpreting, evaluating, judging: "This is right, this is wrong. Yes, this is true, I have read about it. This must be right, because someone else has said so."

This goes on, this constant chattering inside that you call understanding. And then out of this, you create a hypothesis, and you think this is what you have heard. Comprehension cannot come this way; this is the way to prevent comprehension.

Listen silently with no inner chattering, with no inner talk without evaluating. Do not believe what is said, do not accept what is said. There is no need to be in a hurry to accept or reject. First at least listen - why be in such a hurry?

When you see a rose flower, do you accept or reject it?

When you see a beautiful sunset, do you accept or reject it?

You simply see it, and in that very seeing is a meeting.

Don't let your mind wander.

Listen silently, attuned, and then something will stir in the heart.

Truth has that quality, it stirs the heart.

Truth has the quality of being self-evident, it needs no proofs.

If what you have heard , has anything truth in it, it will be understood by your heart. But the mind has to give way. And then you will not need to change your life according to it, it will be changed of its own accord.

Wisdom and Knowledge

Wisdom is a totally different matter. Knowledge is you gather it from here and there, it is not your own. It has no authenticity, it has not grown in your being, you have not given birth to it.

But it gives you a very gratified ego to feel "I know." And the more you become settled in the idea of "I know," the less and less will you feel wonder in life. How can a man of knowledge feel wonder? Knowledge destroys wonder. And wonder is the source of wisdom, wonder is the source of all that is beautiful, and wonder is the source for the search, the real search. Wonder takes you on the adventure to know the mysteries of life.

The knowledgeable person already knows - knows nothing, but thinks that he already knows. He has not reached anywhere, he has not known anything. He is a computer, his mind is simply programmed. Maybe he has been to the biggest education centers of the world and he has accumulated much information, but that information is destroying his sensitivity to feel the mystery of the flowers, the birds, the trees, the sunlight and the moon, because he knows all the answers.

How can he see the beauty of the moon? He already knows everything about the moon. A few windows are to be left open for poetic experiences, so some sun, some wind and some rain can come from real existence.

You cannot be thrilled by life if you are too full of knowledge.

There are millions of people who are living like this. Miracles are happening all around but they can't see anything, they are blind with their knowledge.

Drop your knowledge. Knowledge is worthless, wonder is precious. Regain the wonder that you had when you were a child - and the kingdom of God belongs only to those who are able to become children again.

Welcome to the Inner World...

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    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      I love Jesus, that's when I started to understand life, when I gave my life to Christ.