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Understanding Color- Brighten Up Your Life

Updated on August 21, 2011

(This is a reprint of an article I wrote back in 2005 for a spiritual website. I thought I'd share it with you...)

This is going to be an interesting topic to cover because there are no set rules on what is the truth behind color. This idea is strictly based on our perceptions. I sat and thought on where to begin with this topic and I felt I might need to organize this article based on ROYGBIV. Roy G Biv is the basic abbreviations that describe the various colors in the rainbow. Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet are what we all can relate too, however, there are tens of thousands of shades that can be found in each color palate.

And I believe we can only see 1,000- of them.

Many cultures celebrate and make use of certain colors to symbolize their struggles, strength and ideas. Not all colors mean the same to everyone, and it seems that each country or society adopt certain colors to represent who they are. It is very interesting when we see the how different the west and east view color. Asians surround themselves in a sea of Red, and the Irish do the same in their sea of green. But in America, that green means only one thing, money. But in Ireland it represents their land as it does for many other societies.

Another example of our perception can be shown how we celebrate life and death. In the west, death is symbolized by the color, black, yet in many eastern societies the color is white. This goes the same for marriage. In India a wedding dress is red and in Greece it’s yellow. But in America it’s white. I could go on and on, with many examples of their difference, but first let us understand why we need to examine how color plays a part in our choices. We must understand these principles are universal. These traditions using color dates back to times before you and I were born. Nevertheless we still connect these colors with a certain customs. Christmas, St. Patrick’s, Day. Valentines’ Day, Fourth of July, and including Halloween are all associated with specific colors.

But why does color play such an important role in our lives? Color seems to connect to our chakras, representing our traditions and cultures and livelihood. Visually, color can represent how we think and feel about ourselves. Also in understanding the psychology of color, you will find you can use these secrets to enhance your personal growth as well as your life.

Color can reflect many moods and can change a condition or keep a group under control. Don’t be fooled for one minute the walls in your elementary school weren’t deliberately painted blue or green. You will never find here in America a public school painted red or any derivative thereof. Color plays an important role in the way a society is run. Studies have shown that our response to color can be controlled by just having certain shades present. However, the focus should be on how we can all benefit from the use of color.

What I am going to do is give you a list of what each color represents. All colors are associated with a certain attribute. These descriptions are what have been considered beneficial to many outcomes when used properly. So my advice to you is, if you find a particular area of your life, which needs a “pick me up”, then I suggest you examine what colors are lacking in your life and begin to add them to it. The only requirement is for you to have an open mind. But you will discover there will be some improvements even without having to think about it…

This is relatively easy because it does not involve meditation or any other type of devotional practice. But to understand color, we must recognize it changes our psyche for good and for bad because of how we associate it’s previous use. Ever notice courts are all painted some funky color, which is depressing, and never makes you feel confident. But when you are home, and you have had an opportunity to change the colors surrounding you, then you feel secure and confident. Why do you think advertisers pick and choose specific colors to sell their detergents?

Now if you find, you are ill, and can’t think straight, and your situation is becoming more than you can handle (I know it sounds crazy) you need to paint your home and change your wardrobe with the corresponding colors on this list. Not only will you improve your outlook, but also, you can and will immediately begin to adopt a new attitude and perhaps bring new hope into your life quicker than anticipated. This is also beneficial when one feels change is near and is uncertain of what the future will bring. Color can also help when trying to change the behavior of a child or a health condition.

For example if you know of a child who is bouncing off the walls, then perhaps changing his room to a calming a shade of blue or indigo, to help bring calmness. However, depending on the school of thought, some colors share the same attributes, like the wedding dresses. There is no right or wrong in choosing, just follow your heart. This society is very good at attributing many things with color, and depending on which ones it is, some are treated favorably, and some are disregarded.

Contrary to belief, there are no negative colors, and there aren’t any colors better than another. This is a myth. Each of them brings certain feelings, principles, ideas, mindsets, etc, to the forefront in their own unique manner. I believe it is a kind of spiritual or subconscious osmosis, which takes place when the brain reacts to seeing certain colors.

So if you are wise, control your destiny, and your life thru color. You can heal many things, just by possessing the ones you lack. Ever wondered why the happiest and the most outgoing people are usually more flamboyant, confident to wear bright colors, or known to have possessed something that is unusual in color?

This can be recognized by them opening themselves up to embrace the feelings and confidence exhibited by their color usage, and no matter what the opinion is of others, this quality will never change for those individuals. If you like pale pastel colors, you can at times be known to be a hermit or a recluse. Playing it safe is what is suggested by the color choice. However there is much more information written on the subject, that will explain color in much more ostentatious details.

Nevertheless this knowledge is crucial and certainly necessary if you feel you need motivation or healing. Color can help us get well, or it can impede our healing if we are not in sync with healing colors. Why do you think hospital gowns, funeral parlors and nursing homes have three different color schemes? Because they there for us to be calm. Usually you will find a light blue. Along with green, which is also for healing and often, you may see a shade of salmon or pink, but not necessarily your typical pink, but a combination of a several shades creating a sort of salmon/melon color. These colors are often found in nursing homes and hospices.

But I wonder why prisons use orange, black and white for their inmates? How does that benefit them? Maybe once we discover the many attributes of color, we can make this a natural way to heal our lives. Now let’s get to the uses of color:

The Color Palate

This list contains some colors not mention in the rainbow as we know it, but somehow, we tend to use some of these shades and combinations in many areas of our lives. If we see the total picture and the benefit of what colors have to offer, we can then narrow down what is needed for change. Hope this helps.


We associate white with many things angelic. They also represent Elemental spirits, Angels, Gods of wisdom, divination and prophecy. Purification and cleaning on all levels, contact with higher self and spiritual helpers, aura-healing, truth seeking, consecration, spiritual enlightenment, protection against negativity, breaking curses, exorcism, meditation, divination, inspiration, and clairvoyance. White can be used as substitute for any other color that’s not available.


We associate Yellow with the element air, trade, business, travel, knowledge, vitality, change for the better, progress, contacts, communication, and legal issues. It is often used to boost and promote Confidence, joy, cheerfulness, aid in learning, improving knowledge, for mental clarity, concentration, speaking, writing and visualization.


This color is often associated with solar and masculine energy. It is used to promote one to have an Abundant of self-confidence, creativity, perfection, financial riches, success with investments, luxury, worldly power, and in assistance when trying to overcome bad habits or addictions.


This color is often associated with good luck and good fortune. It is said it improves one’s Charm, increases the level of kindness, encouragement, stimulation, optimism, success in the area of work, known to be associated with abundance, prosperity, celebrations, achieving business goals, successful investments, and favorable outcomes and especially in all legal matters.

Copper or bronze

Best used for studying, uncrossing negative conditions, great for taking test, change and piety. This color is used mainly for security, authority and for releasing one’s fears.


This color represents the element fire, all spirits that represent love, passion, sexuality and war. Courage, will-power, determination, speed, assertiveness, aggression, masculinity, independence, physical strength, sports, competition, conflicts, health, healing, attraction, potency and fertility.


This color has been associated with hidden Magnetism, attracts speed and enhances results. It has also been associated with defining one’s Life purpose and life path.


The typical color that represents Love in it’s purest form, softness and tenderness, romance, caring, nurturing, youthfulness, peace, friendship, femininity, emotional love, and emotional healing. It has been used to symbolize love and passion, devotion, positive relationships, friendship, career promotions, luck and success in negotiations.


This color represents the element earth and the element water. We can understand why it is associated with everything in Nature, fertility and Motherhood. Representing Nature, fertility, growth, rejuvenation, recovery, healing, harvest, abundance, prosperity, money, plants and animals.


This color is said to be beneficial for Change, intellectual and intuitive insights, inventions, originality, renewal, brotherhood, and humanity.


This color represents the elemental water and elemental air. It is also represents the spirits of the sea and sky, truth and wisdom. It’s best used for achieving Peace and tranquility, calmness, truth, wisdom, justice, counsel, guidance, understanding and patience, sincerity, devotion, healing, femininity, prophetic dreams, protection during sleep, astral projection, harmony, balance and peace in the home,


This color is considered the choice of emperors. It represents all benevolent spirits, angels, divinations and prophecies. It has been associated with psychic abilities, divination, and protection from negativity. It has been used to ward against black magic, reversing curses, psychic healing, increasing psychic power, inspiration, meditation, spirituality, spiritual power, loyalty and honor,


Elemental earth, stability, grounding, conservation, protection of household, family and pets, healing animals, finding lost objects, buildings, material increase, to make relationships solid, to increase decisiveness and concentration, to attract help in financial crisis.


This color has been used for Neutralizing negative influences, putting a halt to ill actions, reducing tension and stress. It has been associated with clairvoyance, telekinetsis and telepathy. It is also excellent in reducing confusion and makes way for clear path and a clear mind.


Often this color is associated with the Moon, female energy, cycles, rebirth, reincarnation, healing of hormonal imbalances, emotional stability, neutralizing negativity, reflecting, intuition, dreams, psychic abilities and psychic workings.


This color represents the element earth, and the Underworld. Repel and banish evil and negativity, protection, breaking free from bad habits and addictions, deep meditation, opens up deep unconscious levels.

No reason to be unhappy. Add a color to your life. Experiment and see if you can finally enjoy the rainbow…Good luck sunshine!


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